WOMEN’S EVOLUTION # 14 July 11th

Kayla Braxton is in the parking lot waiting for Stephanie McMahon to arrive.

Renee: Welcome to Women’s Evolution. We are looking at Kayla Braxton in the parking lot waiting for the arrival of Stephanie McMahon.

Paige: After what happened at the end of the show last week I am anxious to hear what Stephanie McMahon is going to say.

Renee: We have a big night ahead of us with Extreme Rules this coming Sunday.

Paige: First up we have friend vs friend with the winner getting a title shot against Becky Lynch for the Smackdown Women’s Championship.

Renee: Naomi and Ember Moon felt like they were screwed during their championship matches at Stomping Grounds. They demanded rematches and Stephanie McMahon announced this match last week. Naomi vs Ember Moon.


Ember Moon and Naomi both look real focused. They start the match hot by really going after each other.

Paige: This is for a title shot. Friendship goes out the window.

Ember and Naomi are exchanging punches in the middle of the ring. Naomi kicks Ember in the gut then whips her into the corner. While in the corner Naomi hits Ember with quick kicks into her chest. Naomi whips Ember into the corner and follows her in with a clothesline. She grabs Ember and gives her a running turnbuckle bulldog. Naomi goes for the pin but Ember kicks out. Naomi picks up Ember and tries for a suplex but Ember reverses it and gives Naomi a suplex. Ember picks up Naomi and gives her a fallaway slam. Then Ember gives her a shining wizard. Ember goes for the pin but Naomi kicks out.

Renee: This match has been physical.

Paige: Ember and Naomi both really want this victory.

Ember picks up Naomi and whips her into the ropes and gives her a step up Enzugiri. Ember goes to drop a leg on Naomi but she rolls out of the way. Naomi gets up and so does Ember and they stare each other down. The crowd applauds in approval. Both competitors circle each other looking for an opening. Naomi charges Ember but she picks her up for a body slam and drops her on her knee and holds her there for a few seconds. Ember goes off the ropes and gives Naomi a senton. Ember covers Naomi but she kicks out. Naomi gets to her feet and gives Ember moon a wheelbarrow stunner. Then coming out from the crowd are the Horsewomen. Shayna spears Naomi and starts smashing a forearm into her chest. Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir start to double team Naomi.

Renee: Why are the Horsewomen here? Stephanie McMahon you better be watching this.

Paige: Paul Heyman said they were going to disrupt the show.

The Horsewomen are taking turns double teaming Naomi and Ember. The referee calls for the bell. Ember Moon was clotheslined out of the ring. Ember grabs a chair and gets in the ring. She hits Marina with a chair shot over her back. She goes to hit Jessamyn but she escapes the ring. Shayna pushes Marina out of the ring and rolls out herself. The Horsewomen start laughing as they walk up the ramp. Ember goes to check on Naomi. Both Naomi and Ember are staring at the Horsewomen. The referee rules this a double disqualification.

Renee: What happens now? The winner was to face Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch at Extreme Rules.

Paige: We have to wait and see what Stephanie McMahon has to say about this.


Charly: I am standing with the Women’s TV Champion Sarah Logan and her tag team partner Liv Morgan. Last week Alexa Bliss called you out.

Sarah: Called me out? Alexa did what she always does. She likes to start trouble.

Charly: But you seemed to be upset at your friend Liv Morgan after Alexa won by DQ last week.

Liv: That was nothing. I don’t need to help Sarah beat Alexa.

Sarah: Yes I was upset at the time. But when I saw the replay in the back I know what really happened. Liv and I talked it out and it is behind us.

Charly: So all is good in the Riott Squad?

Liv: We are best friends. I am very proud of Sarah’s accomplishments.

Charly: (looking at Liv)When will we see you back in the ring? Or when will we see the Riott Squad on the ring as a tag team? The Tag team division is getting hot.

Sarah: It’s getting very hot. I have a commitment to defend this title every week. Which brings me to tonight. I am issuing an open challenge to anyone who wants a shot at this title.

Charly: That’s big news. Are you sure you know what you are doing?

Sarah: I want to be a fighting champion.

Charly: Alexa Bliss feels she deserves a rematch after last week.

Liv: Why? She caused the DQ. It was clear to everyone who saw the match.

Sarah: All she has to do is answer the challenge.

Charly: Sarah what would happen in Liv Morgan answers the challenge. Everyone wants to be the champion. We just saw two good friends in the ring facing off for a title shot.

Sarah: If Liv wants a title shot all she needs to do is ask me or answer the challenge.

Charly: Are you prepared to wrestle your friend Liv?

Sarah: I want the best for her so (Looking at Liv) if she wants a title shot all she has to do is ask me. (Sarah walks away)

Charly: Liv don’t you want a title shot?

Liv: I won’t fight my best friend.

Charly: Don’t you want to get back into the ring? Do you feel you are waiting for Sarah to lose the belt so you can be a tag team again?

Liv: Charly I don’t appreciate you trying to start and problems between Sarah and I.


Stephanie McMahon’s limo pulls into the back. Kayla runs up to Stephanie.

Kayla: Stephanie can I get your reaction to what happened tonight during the Naomi and Ember Moon match?

Stephanie: What do you mean?

Kayla: The Horsewomen attacked both Naomi and Ember Moon and the referee ruled the match a no contest. (Stephanie gets angry) Based on what happened last week and tonight what will your reaction be?

Stephanie: I am ending this tonight.

Renee: Stephanie McMahon is not happy right now.

Paige: Stephanie needs to get control of Paul Heyman and the Horsewomen.

Renee: Next up we have Carmella taking on Natalya.

Paige: Both have been in a slump as of late.


Carmella wins this match is 6 minutes with the code of silence.


Kayla: Naomi. Ember. What is your reaction to the Horsewomen interfering in your match tonight?

Naomi: Our reaction? Our reaction?

Ember: What do you think our reaction will be?

Kayla: Obviously your upset.

Naomi: Sister we are beyond upset. Horsewomen you want to stick your nose in our business. We will handle you later. But Stephanie McMahon has no control over this show.

Ember: As far as I am concerned this is all Stephanie McMahon’s fault.

Naomi: Let’s go find her sister.

Renee: Things are about to get explosive tonight.

Paige: It’s time for the Women’s Tag Team Title match.


Dana Brooke starts the match against Peyton Royce. Not more than two minutes into the match the Horsewomen come out and attack both teams. Then out comes the Sky Pirates and Asuka and there is a brawl in the ring.

Renee: Oh my god this is chaos. It looks like a war zone.

Paige: I can’t even keep up with who is fighting who.

The brawl is inside the ring, outside the ring and spilling into the crowd.

Then we hear Stephanie McMahon’s voice screaming

Stephanie: Enough. Enough.

Stephanie is on the ramp and she has 20 security guards running towards the ring to break up the brawl. Finally, order is restored. Stephanie enters the ring accompanied by Tamina and VBB. The IIconics are outside the ring. The Sky Pirates and Asuka were on the ramp and the Horsewomen are outside the ring on another side. There are security guards all over the place.

Stephanie: I have something to say and all of you better listen. (Heyman grabs a microphone and starts to walk into the ring)

Heyman: Now you listen up. You are not fit to run this show.

Stephanie: I should have you thrown out of my building. (Heyman and Stephanie are face to face yelling at each other)

Heyman: You have no control of this show. I told you what would happen if you didn’t give me what I want.

Stephanie: All you have done since you got here is do what you want. You wreck matches and attack all the women in that locker room. And I have had enough of it.

Heyman: What’s the matter. Did Daddy threaten to take away your toy from you? Your just not cut out to be anything more than Triple H’s chew toy. (Stephanie smacks Heyman across the mouth. Heyman touches his lip to see a little bit of blood) The billion dollar princess has some fight in her. Now I see why Triple H married you. (Stephanie winds up to smack Heyman again) Stephanie, I would think twice about hitting me again.

Stephanie: Why is that?

Heyman: Because I am willing to let that first one go if you give me what I want. The next time you slap me I will have Shayna Baszler break your arm. Or maybe when Ronda Rousey comes back she will break your arm again. Do you remember Wrestlemania 34? Yeah I bet you do.

Stephanie: Are you looking for a fight? Are you looking for a war with me? (Heyman smiles and shakes his head yes) Since all of you want to fight so bad at Extreme Rules there will ba a tag team title match between VBB, The IIconics, The Horsewomen and The Sky Pirates. No disqualification.

Heyman: Is that all you have?

Stephanie: No. In regards to the Queen of the Ring. There will be a 6 man tag team match tonight. It will be all three Horsewomen against Asuka and the Sky Pirates. If the Horsewomen win the match Shayna Baszler will advance to the second round of the Queen Of The Ring tournament. If Asuka and the Sky Pirates win then Io Shirai advances.

Heyman: (Smiling) We accept.

Stephanie: Oh that match starts now.

Renee: Wow Stephanie made some big decisions.

Paige: Yeah but what will she do about the Naomi/Ember Moon situation?


Renee: The rivalry between these women has been heating up the last few weeks.

Paige: Both teams want the tag team titles. Shayna is the Raw Women’s Champion and Asuka has that Money In The Bank Briefcase.

Renee: Stephanie McMahon has now added more stakes to this rivalry.

The match starts off great. Frequent tags and several pinfall attempts. Both teams know each other so well. After 8 minutes the match starts to get hot. Asuka is in the ring with Marina and she gives her a running kick to the face. Asuka goes off the ropes and she is tripped up by Shayna. Io runs around the ring and climbs up the stairs and hits Shayna with a missle dropkick sending her crashing through the ring barrier. Jessamyn comes over and gives Io a forearm to the side of the head. Kairi Sane runs along the apron and hops to the top turnbuckle and drops an elbow on the head of Jessamyn.

Renee: Wow this match has certainly got out of control.

Paige: These 6 women need to be inside of a cage.

Marina hits the ropes and does a suicide dive out of the ring crashing into Kairi Sane. Marina enters the ring and charges at Asuka and Asuka gives her a spear. Asuka gets a two count. Asuka picks up Marina and whips her into the corner. Asuka charges at Marina to give her a high knee strike. Marina pulls the ref in the way and Asuka knocks the ref out of the ring. Asuka looks at the ref fall out of the ring when Marina using the ropes lifts her body up getting Asuka into a head scissors takedown. Asuka rolls out of the head scissors and locks the Asuka lock on Marina. Marina is tapping out but the ref is knocked out.

Renee: Come on Marina is tapping out.

Paige: There is no referee in the ring.

Jessamyn makes her way into the ring and starts to stomp on Asuka. Jessamyn picks up Asuka and they start to brawl. Marina gets up and they start to double team Asuka. Double Suplex followed by a double powerbomb. Kairi starts to climb into the ring but Marina gives her a sliding dropkick. Shayna is still out cold on the outside. Jessamyn goes on the outside to get to Kairi. Io has managed to get to her feet but Marina does not see her. Jessamyn grabs Kairi and picks her up and drives her back into the ring post twice then powerbombs her on the table. Io from behind superkicks Jessamyn and she falls onto the table knocking Kairi off. Io looks around and goes to the top turnbuckle. Io gives Jessamyn an insane elbow off the top turnbuckle.

Renee: This is nuts

Paige: These women just don’t like each other.

Marina rolls outside and grabs the referee and rolls him back into the ring. As Marina gets back into the ring Asuka gives her a vicious knee to her head. Asuka covers Marina and gets the victory. Io Shirai advances to the second round of the Queen Of The Ring Tournament.

Paige: That was a great match.

Renee: All 6 women are down. No one is moving. We have bodies all over ringside and our table. We need some medical assistance here.

Paige: How are these women going to be ready for a match this Sunday.


Charly: The Queen of The Ring tournament continues tonight with the final match of the first round.

Stephanie: Yes the first round has been very exciting.

Charly: Are you going to reveal who the mystery opponent facing Charlotte Flair in the last match of the first round.

Stephanie: No. You are just going to have to wait for later tonight to see who it is.

Charly: Are you going to announce the second round matchups?

Stephanie: Yes I am. Next week we will have Becky Lynch facing Lacey Evans. The following week it will be Ember Moon facing Asuka and Io Shirai facing Naomi and Jessamyn Duke facing the winner of tonight’s match.

Charly: Those are some great matchups.

Stephanie: The final match will be at Summer Slam. The superstar who wins the tournament not only gets to be called the Queen Of The Ring but will get a match with a champion of her choosing. (Naomi and Ember Moon approach Stephanie)

Naomi: You finally showed your face sister.

Stephanie: Naomi I don’t know what you mean but I was just in the ring making an announcement.

Ember: It is not the announcement we were waiting for.

Stephanie: You didn’t let me finish. Shayna Baszler will defend the Raw Women’s Championship against Lacey Evans at Extreme Rules in a falls count anywhere match. You want the Horsewomen. So next week it will be the Horsewomen vs Ember Moon and Naomi and a partner of your choice.

Naomi: (Looks at Ember) Sis we can dig that. But what are you going to do about my title shot?

Ember: Or my title shot.

Stephanie: I understand what happened and I think this is the only fair thing to do. At Extreme Rules, it will be Becky Lynch vs Naomi vs Ember Moon in a ladder match.

Naomi and Ember look at each other.

Naomi: I can dig it, sister.

Ember: Is that all.

Stephanie: No. If any of the horsewomen interfere in any of the title matches they will be fired. Have a good day. (Stephanie walks away)

Renee: Stephanie just layed down the law.

Paige: Major announcements from Stephanie McMahon and a major match set for next week.



Renee: Time for Sarah Logan’s Open Challenge.

Sarah: Alexa Bliss you say you were robbed last week. Now is your chance to answer my challenge. Get your ass out here.

Zelina Vega’s music hits and here she comes.

Renee: That’s not Alexa Bliss.

Paige: When you issue an open challenge the first one to respond gets the match. Great move by Zelina.

Renee: We haven’t seen Zelina since Carmella injured her during a No Disqualification match a few weeks ago.

Zelina looks to be completely healthy and is going toe to toe with Sarah. At the 5 minute mark, Zelina gets the advantage. Zelina with a low dropkick to Sarah’s knees. Sarah goes down to her knees. Zelina goes off the ropes and hits Sarah with a running double knee strike. Vega hits the ropes again and gives Sarah a baseball slide knocking Sarah out of the ring. Liv is just standing outside looking at Sarah when Zelina gives her a Hurricanrana on the outside.

Renee: That was not called for. Liv was not getting involved.

Zelina rolls Sarah back into the ring. Zelina goes to the top rope and is waiting for Sarah to get on her feet. Zelina jumps off the top to give Sarah a cross body block. Sarah catches her and gives her a fallaway slam. Sarah goes for the cover but Zelina barely kicks out. Sarah gets up and drops a headbutt on Zelina. Sarah picks up Zelina and whips her into the ropes and gives her a running big boot. Zelina crashes outside the ring right by Liv Morgan. Sarah grans Zelina by her hair and pulls her onto the apron. Zelina grabs Sarah’s head and snaps her neck across the top rope. As Zelina lands on the outside, she sees Liv. Liv just looks at Zelina and does nothing. Zelina smacks Liv her in the face before rolling into the ring.

Renee: Why is Zelina attacking Liv?

Sarah makes it to her feet and Zelina gives her a snap DDT. Zelina goes to the top rope and hits Sarah with a Moonsault. Zelina goes for the pin but Sarah kicks out. Zelina picks up Sarah and whips her into the ropes. Sarah ducks under a clothesline and gives Zelina one of her own. Sarah picks up Zelina and gives her a butterfly suplex. Sarah is starting to feel it now. Sarah picks up Zelina and starts chopping her chest and headbutting her until she is in the corner. Sarah whips her to the opposite corner and follows up with a knee to Zelina’s face. Sarah covers Zelina but her foot is on the bottom rope. As Sarah gets up Zelina rolls out of the ring. Sarah tries to go out of the ring to get Zelina but the ref stops her. Liv is standing there and Zelina slaps her again and rolls back into the ring. Liv rolls into the ring and attacks Zelina and the ref calls for the bell for a DQ. Sarah goes over to Liv and pushes her and starts yelling at her. Sarah turns her back and Zelina dropkicks Liv into Sarah knocking both down. Zelina puts Liv in a modified Camel Clutch. Sarah is still down and looks over seeing Liv in pain but does not get up to help. The referee pulls Zelina off Liv.

Renee: I am still trying to figure out what is going on here. Did Sarah pretend to be out and not help Liv?

Paige: Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan need to talk this out. Zelina was trying to bait Liv Morgan to get involved in this match.

Renee: This is 2 weeks in a row where Liv got Sarah Logan disqualified.



Alexa: Before I bring out my guest tonight I have something to say to Sarah Logan. You owe me a rematch. You’re a pathetic excuse for a champion. You stole my open challenge idea when you should have just given me what I earned. And Zelina Vega your damn lucky you didn’t win the title tonight. That title belongs to me. Now for my guest tonight. She will be defending the Smackdown Women’s Championship against both Naomi and Ember Moon at Extreme Rules in a ladder match. Please welcome The Man Becky Lynch.

Outcomes Becky and she grabs a microphone.

Alexa: Becky let’s get right to it. What are your feelings about the match Stephanie McMahon just made?

Becky: Stephanie is a plank who has a vendetta against me. But it won’t matter I am still winning the match.

Alexa: You say a vendetta? Why do you say that?

Becky: Even a dumb blonde like you can see what is going on around here. (Alexa gets insulted)

Alexa: Uh I don’t know why you are attacking me. Maybe this is why no one likes you bitch.

Becky: You want an ass kicking? Is that it? I haven’t wrestled tonight and I could use the exercise.

Alexa: I am a serious journalist and this is a serious show. Now if you put that title on the line I would take great pleasure taking that title from you.

Becky: You would not last 2 minutes with me you dope. Alexa, do you think I am stupid? I know what you are trying to do. You do it every week. Your big ass is going to write a check you can’t cash. I have bigger fish to fry than you.

Alexa: Like Charlotte Flair?

Becky: Charlotte Flair? What does that mean?

Alexa: She wants to be champion and she said she does not care who she has to beat. Including you.

Becky: I am tired of beating her but if she wants a title shot she knows where to find me.

Alexa: I know someone else who will find you real soon.

Becky: Who is that?

We hear Lacey Evans music.

Lacey: Hi Alexa. Tell me. How have you been able to stand next to this Nasty who calls herself a man?

Alexa: I wonder the same thing myself.

Becky: Another dumb blond who thinks she can beat me. Lacey, you need to not worry about me you dope and worry about Shayna Baszler Sunday night.

Alexa: Lacey why are we standing here with this person who can barely speak English.

Lacey: Alexa I don’t know. Becky, you should be worried about what I am going to do to you next week. A true lady should be the Queen. Not a nasty like you. (Becky gets in Lacey’s face)

Becky: I am going to slap your head right off your shoulders.

Alexa: There will be no fighting on my show. (Alexa gets in Becky’s face. Alexa starts to retreat and Becky follows her)

Lacey hits Becky with a forearm to the side of her head. Becky drops to a knee. Lacey goes over to Becky to give her the Woman’s Right but Becky grabs her legs and pulls her down to the ground and they start fighting. Alexa hits Becky Lynch with the microphone stunning her. Lacey picks up Becky and holds her up. Alexa goes to slap her but Becky ducks and Lacey gets hit. Becky stares at Alexa and she runs towards the back. Becky turns around and catches a kick to the face from Lacey. Alexa Bliss comes back out. Lacey and Becky are standing over Becky laughing.


Renee: Alexa Bliss better be careful. She is making a lot of enemies.

Paige: Lacey Evans better watch out next week. She will be facing Becky Lynch.

Renee: Now it’s time for the last match of the first round of the Queen Of The Ring Tournament.

Paige: Charlotte Flair will be facing a mystery opponent.

Renee: Here comes Charlotte Flair.

Charlotte: I have been here before. I have been here before with Stephanie McMahon throwing obstacle after obstacle at me. This is the second time I am facing a mystery opponent. I had to put my career on the line in a gauntlet match to be added to the Money In The Bank Match. Stephanie is determined to keep me down and run me out of the WWE. But I am the Queen woooooo. And it is only fitting I win the first ever Queen Of The Ring tournament. I was born to be a WWE Superstar. And I will be world champion once again. Now Stephanie McMahon get out here and tell me who my opponent is wooooooo.

We hear Stephanie McMahon’s music play and she comes out to the ring.

Stephanie: Charlotte I would not be so eager to be facing this competitor. She is someone you know but you have never faced her before. She has been in both Mae Young Classics. She has held championships outside of WWE. And she was the very first NXT UK Women’s Champion. Please welcome Rhea Ripley.

Paige: Whoa

Charlotte Flair looks shocked and concerned.

Renee: I was not expecting to see her. This division is getting better and better.

Rhea gets into the ring and hugs Stephanie

Paige: Is Rhea Ripley with Stephanie McMahon

Renee: I have a very bad feeling about this.

Stephanie: Hey Charlotte I am going to enjoy sitting ringside and watching Rhea Ripley destroy you. Good luck woooooooo.

Renee: Stephanie is mocking Charlotte now.

Paige: Stephanie McMahon is joining us on commentary. Stephanie, has Rhea Ripley aligned herself with you?

Stephanie: Rhea does not need me and she can handle herself just fine. But yes we are friends.



Charlotte and Ripley are staring each other down in the ring.

Stephanie: Is this not a dream matchup?

Renee: You seem to have a vendetta against Charlotte.

Stephanie: Vendetta? Charlotte is a great competitor. And I like the competition in this division.

The match starts off with some back and forth technical wrestling.

Paige: This has been such an explosive night ending with a surprise arrival. Was this your vision for this show.

Stephanie: I want this show to be must-see TV where anything can happen and you need to tune in every week to see what is going on.

After the 8 minute mark, the match starts to pick up. Charlotte gives Ripley an exploder suplex. Then dropkicks her out of the ring. Charlotte gives her a moon sault off the turnbuckle to the outside landing on Ripley. Charlotte looks at Stephanie and starts to mouth off to her. Ripley from behind pushes Charlotte into the ring post. Ripley lays Charlotte’s arm across the steps and climbs on the ring apron and stomps on her arm. Charlotte goes down to the floor. Riley ducks in the ring to stop the referee’s count and goes back out of the ring. Ripley leaps from the steps and drops a double axe handle on Charlotte’s head. Ripley picks up Charlotte and drives her back into the ring apron. Ripley rolls Charlotte into the ring and gives her a shin breaker to both her legs.

Renee: Ripley is taking Charlotte apart limb by limb.

Ripley gives Charlotte a full nelson slam and goes for the pin. Charlotte kicks out. Ripley throws Charlotte into the ropes and goes for a clothesline but she ducks. Charlotte comes back off the ropes and clotheslines Ripley.

Paige: This could be the opening Charlotte needs.

Ripley gets up and Charlotte spears her. Charlotte goes for the cover but Ripley kicks out. Charlotte tries to pick up Ripley but she struggles due to the damage she has received. So she uses the ropes to slingshot Ripley into a powerbomb. Charlotte goes for the figure 8 but Ripley kicks her off. Charlotte picks up Ripley and gives her a backpack stunner then a superkick. Charlotte goes to the top rope for a moonsault. Ripley picks her knees up hurting Charlotte.

Renee: This match is getting really physical.

Stephanie: We offer the best on this show.

Ripley gets up and puts Charlotte in the inverted cloverleaf. Charlotte manages to get out of the hold. Ripley gives Charlotte a northern lights suplex. Ripley picks up Charlotte but gets put in a small package. Ripley kicks out at 2. Ripley gets up and drops a leg across Charlotte’s neck. Ripley picks her up and is setting her up for a soccer kick. With Charlotte up against the ropes, Ripley goes off the opposite ropes for a kick but Charlotte drops to the mat and Ripley gets her leg caught on the top rope. Charlotte gets up and kicks Ripley in the groin. Ripley goes down and Charlotte locks her in the figure 8. Ripley is too close to the ropes so after 10 seconds or so she grabs the ropes to break the hold. Charlotte picks up Ripley and lays her against the turnbuckle. Charlotte goes out of the ring and climbs the turnbuckle.

Renee: What is Charlotte looking to do.

Charlotte goes to grab Ripley. Ripley winds up picking up Charlotte and setting her up for an electric chair. Ripley walks her into the center of the ring and drops Charlotte down with the electric chair. Both struggle to get to their feet. Charlotte goes to give Ripley a kick to the face but she blocks and gives her a riptide. Ripley covers Charlotte and gets the pin. Ripley is advancing to the second round of the Queen Of The Ring Tournament.

Paige: What a match. Ripley outlasts Charlotte.

Stephanie McMahon goes into the ring to raise Ripley’s arm. Stephanie orders Ripley to give Charlotte another Rip Tide.

Renee: The match is over Stephanie. This is not right.

Stephanie tells Ripley to continue beating down Charlotte. Ripley pulls Charlotte’s body towards the ring post. Ripley using the ring post puts Charlotte in the figure 4. The referee tries to break the hold but Stephanie is holding him back. Finally, Ripley breaks the hold as Charlotte is crying in pain in the ring.

Paige: Rhea Ripley is here and she made an impact tonight.

Renee: I hope Charlotte is ok. Stephanie McMahon continues her vendetta against Charlotte Flair.





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