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As we are approaching the Hell In The Cell PPV with the Royal Rumble on the horizon which is the official start of the road to WrestleMania the WWE looks to be in chaos.  Lack of stars and story lines are a huge issue.  Injuries to key stars are an issue and there is no help on the horizon.  Let’s Look at some of the details.


The injury to Daniel Bryan is an absolute killer.  After all he just won the big strap at WrestleMania defeating 3 wrestlers in 2 matches and with his marriage to smoking hot Brie Bella his popularity was at an all time high.  In fact he was getting the Steve Austin pops where the whole entire crowd was on his side chanting yes at the same time.  While nothing will ever be the same as the Austin/McMahon feud this one came pretty close.  Bryan has not wrestled since WrestleMania as he has had several neck surgeries.  We all know the toll the business causes on your neck but getting regularly thrown around like Bryan does certainly does not help.  Bryan is not a big man and not muscular yet he regularly was facing much bigger men.  Who knows who would have the big strap now if Bryan did not get hurt.  Who knows if he would have faced Brock Lesnar?  And more importantly who knows when Daniel Bryan will be back in the ring.  This company sure does miss him.

When the Shield split up it was obvious Roman Reigns would be the big breakout star.  Truth is all 3 were going to be big.  But Reigns was fighting the main eventers and Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins were facing the level below while working in a program with each other.  Now that Reigns has been out of action with the hernia for over a month and supposedly will be back next year this company has lost it’s 2 most popular stars from 2014.  Dean Ambrose is the third one who was off shooting a movie when Reigns got hurt.  I really think WWE wanted him to be out a bit longer to help sell the story line but probably rushed him back because he was needed.  The problem with Reigns is that we needed to see if he could work in a main event singles match on his own.  It’s no secret he is a brawler and not a technical wrestler.  It was going to take him a little bit of time to develop himself in the ring and be capable of putting on a 20 minute main event match with the likes of Randy Orton or Brock Lesnar or John Cena.  I really thought we could have seen a story line where the Authority was getting frustrated with having an absentee champion like Brock Lesnar holding the strap hostage and could have seen a scenario where they actually helped Reigns win the title from Brock only to immediately attack him and have Seth Rollins cash in the briefcase and beat Reigns to take control of the strap again.  I guess that won’t happen.  But now the story lines are weak and we are starting to see the same stuff over and over again.


Do we really know the whole back story behind the Undertaker losing the streak to Brock?  Probably not.  But that propelled Brock into the championship match and now that he has the belt it is just as we all feared.  He would show up when he wants which is never.  He is not fighting at the next PPV.  He does not even show up on WWE TV instead sending his advocate Paul Heyman.  Having Heyman talk for him is a good thing as Brock is terrible on the mic.  In this case there isn’t a bad story line.  There just isn’t one.  This whole Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose & John Cena angle is stupid too.  The heat between Rollins and Ambrose should be dragged out more.  By having them fight in the HIAC match at the next PPV will put some of that fire out.  Unless someone new gets involved I don’t see how this does not get settled.  The HIAC match is a novelty and can’t be just thrown around.  So by having 2 HIAC matches is a bad idea.  Especially when we are forced to see Orton vs Cena again.  There isn’t any legit heat between these two.  And where does the winner go from here.  Both want the strap.  In fact all 4 want the strap.  Brock does have to settle a score with Rollins so perhaps he shows up and gets involved.  Very unlikely.  Cena and Ambrose have a storyline to pick up on after the PPV and Cena still wants Rollins.  Orton and Kane are just thrown into the mix because there is no one else involved at the main event status.  Boy would the WWE love to see Reigns and Bryan back.  Or possibly CM Punk which is the one other superstar who would raise the roof once he returned.  Whatever the case may be the main event picture is a big giant boring mess.


The biggest thing going for the lower lever is that there are a lot of different superstars involved.  From The Miz and his stunt double Mizdow to Sheamus to Cesaro to Dolph Ziggler to the USO’s and Gold and Star Dust to Adam Rose to Bo Dallas to Jack Swagger to Kofi Kingston to Big E you get the picture.  There are 2 titles to fight for and three if you count the tag team straps.  Oh these guys get recycled against each other and have some pretty good matches.  There really isn’t any big story lines more just filler stuff.  Oh Bo Dallas will get into it with Mark Henry or Adam Rose with Jack Swagger for a few weeks then it will go away.  There is some funny moments.  The Miz and his stunt double are funny.  Adam Rose and his crew are always funny.  But let’s face it.  These guys can’t carry the show.

I am still trying to figure out what the deal is with Rusev.  He hasn’t lost cleanly yet.  He has beaten Mark Henry most recently and got the Big Show in the Accolade submission hold.  If he beats Show at the PPV where does he go from there?  He has the build and ring skills to have a great match with Brock but 2 rule breakers in the same match never works.  I don’t see this angle going much longer unless he will fight the Rock at Mania.

It took me a long time to mention the Wyatts.  it looks like they maybe getting a new member or just a change to their persona a bit.  It looks like they are getting stranger by the day.  I love this angle.  I always have.  They don’t need to be champions to be over.  Bray Wyatt is really over but he needs a feud that makes sense for him.  Fighting with Jericho was nice but Chris is going away again soon and it just was filler for Bray.  I say get Bray involved in the main event status along with Big E and Sheamus.  Also someone needs to be made into a super heel.


The problem with the Divas division is that the feuds are not really believable.  I don’t believe the Bellas feud.  The Naomi and Cameron feud never got me sold basically because Naomi is ten times the wrestler Cameron will ever be.  I do understand a lot of this is done for the TV show and to also push the Divas division along.  But outside of the AJ and Paige feud which is getting a bit stale now there is nothing much going on.  Problem is some Divas can wrestle and some can’t.  And the ones who can’t aren’t interesting when they get in the ring.  Outside of AJ, Paige, Natalya, Naomi, The Bellas and Alicia Fox the rest just can’t wrestle and any match they are in is a waste.  Divas are very nice to look at and the TV show is very entertaining but It really only helps along the product a little bit.

What happened to the push for Big E?  This company needs to push a couple guys to the main event level.

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