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Before I start my blog on Wrestling I saw something yesterday that hit home for me.  I was flipping the channels and came across the show Celebrity Wife Swap.  You know the premise of the show.  I remember seeing an episode featuring Ric Flair’s and Rowdy Roddy Piper’s wives. The show aired in June of 2013.  I don’t watch this show at all but only watched because of the icons that were on it.  It was very sad to me to see Kitty Piper be scared for Ric because of his partying and always picking up the tab and buying drinks for strangers because in his words that is all I know.  Then to see Ric’s first wife Beth come to see Kitty as they are old friends and how Kitty said to Beth that she was worried about him.  Something Beth had agreed with her about Ric’s hard living ways.  Beth had told Kitty about how Ric was not always like this.  He was a better father earlier in his life to their kids.  Doing some research Wendy who was his wife in the show was not his actual wife at the time the show was taped.  He was in the process of getting a divorce from his third wife.  He was living with Wendy and her 3 children.  Wendy loved the life as well but not to the same extent.  She tried to get Roddy to pamper his wife Kitty and their children a little more.  Not to get off track here.  The show ends when both Ric and Roddy meet up with their wives and talk about the past week without each other.  We see a classic Flair comment in the car ride to the meeting.  He said “I feel sorry for you.  When Roddy and I are in the same room there is no one else there.  There could be 300 people there.”  Classic Flair comment.


The one thing I really got out of it was the love Ric and Roddy have for each other.  Roddy said he is worried about Ric’s partying and spending money and that he needs to know who are his real friends.  Roddy is more frugal with his money and was leading a more simple life.  Roddy was sick already with cancer diagnosed years ago.  But I look at the two guys.  Roddy has since passed away and Ric’s hard partying ways finally caught up with him and he was very seriously ill and is lucky to be alive.  It’s hard to believe that he has changed his ways since he just craves the spotlight.  I don’t know about you but if I saw Flair in a bar I would go up to him and buy him a drink and ask him to start to tell stories and maybe share some of my own health issues.

Anyway on to the present day.

The big news is the status of Dean Ambrose.  The social compass has stated he is leaving WWE in April.  WWE has also confirmed this to be true.  We usually don’t see stuff like this to be out so publically.  Does that mean this is not true and just a work?  Who knows.  But there is no doubting that the character of Ambrose is not working.  Some are saying Dean hates to have his interviews pre scripted and he should be given more freedom.  Would WWE let him have an open mic?  That to me opens a huge can of worms.  If this is in fact true would the WWE be better served by getting something done contractually with Dean seeing that AEW is waiting in the wings to snatch him up?  Can you imagine if Dean appeared in Wrestlemania and then 2 days later is working at a rival company.  Is this the time to let a top well known talent leave when AEW can be the new WCW?  We will find out in the coming weeks to see how he is used on WWE TV.  It’s possible they just don’t know yet.  As we saw on this past Monday’s Raw where they teased an altercation with Triple H that would ultimately lead to a Wrestlemania match and they also had Nia Jax confront him.   Looks like the machine is on the fence.

As mentioned in prior posts the state of the women’s division is in great shape.  The Becky/Charlotte segment was very good.  Becky hard selling an injury and not wanting to take more time off to heal which will lead to Charlotte getting put into the Wrestlemania match with Ronda/Becky.  To me putting Charlotte into the Wrestlemania event lets another woman challenge Asuka at the big show.  That with the newly crowned Women’s tag team champions defending on the same night let’s at least 9 women in prominent matches at Wresltemania.  I still would like to see another women’s match that night perhaps something around the suddenly gaining steam 4 Horsemen angle.  In a span of 2 days we saw 3 of the 4 members of the stable to flash the 4 fingers with Sasha doing it after match at the rumble and Becky and Bailey flashing it to each other all in the immediate presence of Ronda or Ronnie.  The women’s division is bubbling over in talent now and the Four Horsemen angle would make this division white hot.  We all are expecting Becky to beat Ronda at Wrestlemania.  At least as of right now.  But could the WWE throw us a curve and have Ronda’s friends do a run in for her to retain the title at Mania?  Think about it.  Let’s say Flair and Becky start double teaming Ronda making it basically a two on one and then Ronda gets some help to win the match.  Becky and Flair can get on the same page to take care of business then address their problems.  It kind of makes sense.  This Ronda leaving rumor can just be planted to swerve everyone.

Bottom line is how do you get Flair and Becky on the same page because right now they hate each other.  And it would be even better to me if Ric comes back to take on the JJ Dillon role and maybe wishing on a star to have Heyman head up Ronda’s crew.   As much as we want it to be the Horsemen won’t be heels.  They will be cheered.  WWE would be better off going with what the crowd wants and turn Ronda into what she should have been all along and that’s a heel.  She is still not great on the mic but now that the fans booed her last Monday at Raw just go with it and let her cut a heel promo verbally attacking the other female wrestlers and the fans.  Flair is not a heel and we know Becky is not a heel as much as WWE wanted her to be it.  Let her continue to be a poor man’s Stone Cold Steve Austin.  With that if this angle comes into light in the next few weeks then let someone else other than Sasha and Bailey win the tag team belts.  Maybe the Riott Squad.  What is most interesting to me is that the leader of the squad is not representing the squad in the elimination chamber match.  Instead it’s Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan getting the spot.  Could this mean that Ruby Riott may challenge Asuka at Mania.  I mean if the Horsewoman angle is to get hot then Flair and Becky will need to move to Raw.  So let the Riott Squad go to Smackdown.  And its time for some new matchups too.   This women’s division is starting to get crowded and they will demand more TV and PPV time.

As for the men does anyone see any real juicy storylines or is it just me.  If you look at Raw what is there?  We know Seth will face Brock at Mania.  We are all hoping for Seth to take the strap as Brock is rumored to be heading back to UFC.  But would it surprise you if Vince kept the strap on him.  It wouldn’t surprise me.  What else?  Where are they going with Drew Mcintyre?  Braun Strowan?  Finn Balor?  Baron Corbin?  Lashley?  The tag team division is a bore despite a few good teams on the roster.  Are we please going to stop with this ridiculous Elias/Double J angle?  Where are we going for storylines.  This is the fault of Vince McMahon.  When you try to jam Roman Reigns down our throats for so long and not push anyone else look at the mess you have here now.  Oh I forgot.  Mojo Rawley is going to come out strong now.  Please.  This three hour show is a disaster. Now we will see Seth continue to cut great promos about facing Brock and maybe we actually see Brock on Raw 3 times before Mania.


Smackdown is a little better but not by much.  I expect Daniel Bryan to win the Elimination Chamber match but is his Wrestlemania opponent also in that match?  I don’t think AJ Styles gets another one on one match with Daniel.  Also no to Hardy and Mustafa.  That leaves Orton and Samoa Joe.  Right now there isn’t any sizzle for either one of them.  I am anxious to see where this Rowan angle goes.  Is this a prelude to Bray Wyatt returning?  R Truth is the United States Champion?  Is Rusev about to go back to being a heel?  Shane and Miz will break up and fight at Wrestlemania.  Is anyone excited about that match?  Miz is not being used right.  He is much better as a heel.  Let a more deserving tag team hold the straps and not the Uso’s or New Day or the Bar.  Unless I am in the minority I don’t see much juice in either men’s divisions.  Wrestlemania is 2 full months away.  With AEX seemingly going to pick up any disgruntled former WWE wrestler we need to see fresh angles and matchups.

Do you agree or do you want to debate

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