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I don’t usually blog more than once a week but with Wrestlemania coming up there is a lot of things to talk about like the potential or expected card and other happenings.  I would like to say I read a lot of web pages to find out what is going on.  I do not have a source on the inside of WWE so what I blog about is based on what I read online which may or may not be true.  My opinion is based on what I see on TV and on the various social media outlets.

WWE Superstars are now regularly building their story lines by using Twitter and Instagram.  Since the WWE is heavily followed on these platforms it makes perfect sense for the company to encourage the superstars to get their angles and stories lit through social media.  One billion follows are definitely an inflated number when you realistically look at it but still I do believe that WWE has the most followers overall of any sport, entity or company.  It’s like free publicity or TV time for all the talent to get their stories told.  Plus, you have instant fan reactions all day long.

I read something today about Ronda Rousey taking time off after Wrestlemania for whatever reason it is rumored this time.  The first rumor was she wanted to start a family and if that is the case who knows when she will be back if ever.  Now there is a different reason floating around.  According to the internet she is going away for a long time after Wrestlemania because the fans turned on her.  I have said this before and I will keep saying it until everyone realizes what is really going on in my eyes.

Ronda Rousey owes absolutely nothing to the WWE, the WWE Superstars and the WWE Universe.  She has accomplished everything the WWE has wanted her to do and more.  She has made the WWE a lot of money.  She has brought a new wave of fans to the product further expanding the reach of the WWE brand.  And she has brought a new attitude and intensity to the women’s division that was never there before.  If you watch the Total Divas and Total Bellas shows you know this is true. The way the other women who are on that show talk about her confirms that.  Plus, she has a great friendship with Charlotte Flair among others.  But with that Ronda is not a WWE Superstar.  She is a MMA fighter who might not totally get what the WWE does.

The reason I say that is if she is truly mad that the fans turned on her then she totally does not get what the WWE is all about.  To be a great WWE Superstar you need the fans to react to you either positively or negatively.  The negative part obviously has to be where they don’t tune you out and ignore your segments, your promos and your matches.

Ronda came in as a face and she should have never been a face.  Although I do understand why the WWE did that.  But flipping the roster between being a heel to a face is not an un common thing.  Even the immortal Hulk Hogan was a heel and a face.  Even the two golden boys Roman Reigns and John Cena get booed like a heel while never actually being a heel character.  Okay you can certainly make the case that when The Shield made their debut they were heels working behind the scenes with Paul Heyman against Ryback who was definitely a face.  But Ronda when the fans turn on you and still are interested in your character and story line you are most definitely over.

Ronda must not really get what this business is.  It’s Sports Entertainment and this is what happens when your character is over with the fans.  Maybe she can’t separate the two.  Look at Charlotte Flair.  She is playing a heel right now but she is the female face of the company.  She is the one who talked at the Wrestlemania 36 press conference and not the other women who sat front row and only got a mention.  Sure there was meet and greets after the press conference but only the people who were there got to see that.  Flair might get booed on TV but in public she is cheered.  That is what the WWE is all about.

Now Ronda’s a heel and she should have been a heel all along.  This is what she is good at.  Things change in the WWE all the time.  Ronda was signed for a lot of reasons.  One reason was to main event Wrestlemania 35 against Charlotte Flair with Flair being the heel.  The emergence of Becky Lynch was unexpected and the WWE needed to change things on the fly.  You never know how the fans are going to react to an angle or a promo.  A lot of times it’s how that Superstar sells it.

The WWE would not allow Ronda to go on you tube and break down the walls and spill the secrets like she did without the WWE’s blessing.  You know this to be true because after she initially did it she was allowed to go on TV and continue saying the same thing.  Maybe she acted on her own the first time.  I don’t know that answer.  But she definitely has created a lot of steam for someone like Dana Brooke.  This angle Dana is in now could have saved her WWE career.  Someone like me who was not a Dana Brooke fan before but I now find myself rooting for her to succeed.  I loved how she came to the ring without a lot of makeup and just opened herself up to the world.  Dana jumped on the coat tails of Ronda’s comments and now is running on her own for at least one week.  She will have a match against Ronda on the next Monday Night Raw.  While she won’t win the match she could further develop her bond with the fans by putting on a good performance.  I must also say Ronda has put over a lot of the women already in matches.  Let’s be real.  Ronda is a real fighter who could probably legit hurt any woman on the roster very easily.

I am trying to figure out if Ronda is just selling the angle or is she just really mad that the fans who once cheered her are now turning on her.  Sometimes telling the truth is all you need to get over.  It worked for Dana Brooke.  Ronda’s last few promos have all been true.  She does not need the WWE.  If you don’t think Ronda has bank, then you are not paying attention.  She had bank before taking one cent of the WWE’s money.  Yes, Ronda was a little harsh in her promo.  Maybe she was given some freedom to speak as her weak spot has been how she delivers her promos.  Her line that the WWE pays you just enough money that you love the good life but not enough that you can walk away.  So the other women need the WWE’s money.  Ronda does not.

I don’t believe one word of her leaving after Wrestlemania.  I do think Becky wins the title by pinning Charlotte so Ronda keeps her mystique of not technically losing the match.  Maybe she does take a few weeks off.  If the reports were true that she is the highest paid female performer on the roster she has earned every bit of it.  Unlike Brock Lesnar who never shows up and never defends the title.  Ronda shows up every week.  Maybe not to house shows but she doesn’t need to.  It’s also clear to me that the influence of FOX and what they want the WWE product to be is being instilled.  Fox wants Ronda on their shows.  If Ronda is really just selling this angle and deep down inside loves this business, then she stays.

Speaking of social media furthering a story line there has been nothing but insults thrown back and forth between Carmella and Zelina Vega.  We have regularly seen Zelina interfere in her business partner Andrade’s matches but when you mess with R Truth you have to deal with Carmella who has quickly came to the aid of her tag team partner.  At Fastlane there was almost a cat fight between the two during the kickoff show.  Now Zelina has attacked Mella on Twitter.  In true Staten Island fashion Mella has fought back and I can’t wait to we see a one on one match between the two.

Nia Jax and Beth Phoenix also are trading insults on Twitter.  Nia was telling the hall of famer to stay retired and not block another talented woman from getting her chance.  The Glamazon is not having any of that and said I will see you on Monday.  I hope Beth’s return is only as a tag team.  I do not want to see a one on one match between these two at Wrestlemania.

Do you still don’t think we need a women’s weekly show?  Do you really think Carmella and Zelina want to be valets every week?  The fact that the Twitter wars are only happening between the women’s division, how do we not showcase these ladies every week.  I had asked for a two-hour show but in reality when you look at the amount of time the women got on TV during last week’s Raw and Smackdown Live an hour and a half show would be like winning the lottery.

Let’s examine the spots and the amount of time:

Monday Night Raw

Ronda/Dana segment:  8 minutes

A Moment Of Bliss: 4 minutes

Lacey Evans/Nia Jax & Tamina/Nattie & Beth Phoenix/Sasha & Bayley: 5 minutes

Smackdown Live

Asuka/Mandy Rose/Sonya Deville leading into the IIconics promo: 8 minutes

Becky Lynch/Charlotte Flair after 2 minutes of dead time where we saw yet another recap of Ronda’s promo from the night before 9 minutes.

I won’t count Carmella and Zelina as they were only relevant for 5 seconds of the tag team match.  We didn’t even see R Truth and Carmella get introduced first so no dance break and no rap from Mella as we saw last week on Smackdown Live.  Seeing Carmella is the highlight of Smackdown.  This match was later on the show which leads me to believe something ran longer than expected before hand or they wanted to make sure there was more than enough time for the New Day/Vince McMahon segment.

We won’t count Lana who was in the corner of Rusev for the 8-man tag team match.  She barely got camera time and was not involved in the match.

What is interesting to me is that they ran the Asuka vs Sonya match immediately into the IIconics promo directly into the Becky and Charlotte promo.  It’s like they said let’s bunch together the women to get them on the show so we can move on.  The Asuka vs Sonya match did nothing but further along the split of Sonya and Mandy.  In the process we saw the continued burying of the Smackdown’s Women’s Champion Asuka who is too talented of a performer to get treated like this.  Asuka has no build for her Wrestlemania match only to be a side piece to the Mandy/Sonia split.  There is no reason why that match couldn’t be 10 minutes of great wrestling with the same ending.

Now we hear rumors that Lacey could be added to that match but she did her cat walk on Raw this week and not Smackdown when she had been doing double duty for over a month now.

The Nattie vs Nia match barely got off the ground as 30 seconds in Beth jumped into the ring and hit Nia after Tamina held Nattie’s legs.  Beth clears house and my oh my what a great set up this was.  Well not really.  The second Nia and Tamina get to the back stage area, Sasha and Bayley attack them.

So here is the amount of TV time the women had during the 5 hours of Raw and Smackdown Live

Total minutes: 34

Total minutes of actual match time:3 minutes 15 seconds

That is if you consider what Nattie and Nia had an actual match.  Missing from TV all together were the Riott Squad, Mickie James and Naomi.  Carmella, Zelina and Mandy were all valets this past week.  Is Lana still hurt.  She must not be hurt because she said she should fight Asuka at Wrestlemania.  She was a valet too.  And I loved that she called out for Asuka at Wrestlemania.

The women need their own show.  I hope the WWE brass will read this.  There is so many possibilities that I am going to do their job for them and write up a program for the all Woman’s show post Wrestlemania.  I know booking another arena might be an issue for them.  So I am going to look into some of these details.  I like having projects and this is one I want to look into.

TO THE WOMEN OF THE WWE.  I would love to meet any of you during the Wrestlemania week.

Before I get to the Men’s division I want to say thank you Becky Lynch.

I read this morning of what happened yesterday when Becky jumped the rail to take a picture with a fan who was physically unable to climb the stairs to get to her.  While taking a picture with that fan another fan starting shaking and had a seizure.  Becky held her tight until she stopped shaking and even waited until she knew the fan was okay.  It is probably true that other WWE Superstars would do the same thing in Becky’s shoes but we don’t know that.  We do know that “The Man” actually did it.  Well done Rebecca Quinn well done.

The talk is that Kurt Angle is legit injured and might have to be in a tag team match for his final match at Wrestlemania.  I want to see Kurt in a one on one match.  The quality of the match is not nearly as important as seeing the moment for Kurt as he says goodbye.  John Cena should be that opponent.  We will find out on Monday night who Kurt is going to wrestle at Wrestlemania and if it will be a one on one or tag team match.  Making lists seems to be the theme of this blog today so here is another one.  I am going to list out the opponents either rumored or who I think could make sense.

One on one match:

  1. John Cena. He makes the most sense to me
  2. This would be a quick match and it gets the Taker on the card.
  3. Baron Corbin. It is rumored but I don’t like it.
  4. Samoa Joe because of their past history in TNA. I don’t like it.

In a Tag Team Match

  1. With Braun Stroman vs Baron Corbin and Elias. I would rather see EIias doing something else.  But it gets all on the card
  2. With Curt Hawkins against Corbin and Elias. Hawkins breaks his losing streak
  3. With Demon Finn Balor against Lashley and Corbin.

Also on Monday night there is a tag team match scheduled with Lashley and “The Hype Man” Lio Rush against Finn Balor and a mystery partner.  I have absolutely no idea who it is.  We know it is not Seth Rollins as he is scheduled to wrestle Drew McIntyre.  Roman Reigns won’t wrestle as he is going to continue to sell his injury he sustained against McIntyre last week on Raw.  It does not make sense for it to be Dean Ambrose or Elias and certainly not Baron Corbin.  I just checked over the Raw roster on WWE.com to see who it could be.  I came across a few names that it could be.

  1. Braun Stroman. This would be the boring choice as I do expect something bigger.  Stroman though has no real story line other than messing with the Saturday Night Live crew.
  2. Apollo Crews. Probably not.  But I mentioned him because he has been getting time on TV lately.
  3. Luke Harper. He did come back on a Raw house show but unless he gets into an angle with Lashley I don’t see it
  4. Bray Wyatt. Same here.  He would get a great pop but pairing Bray and Finn does not make sense.
  5. A new NXT superstar making their debut. I don’t watch this show so I have no idea on who it could be.
  6. Kurt Angle. Does it make sense since supposedly Kurt is injured and has to work tag team matches.
  1. The Undertaker. He doesn’t wrestle on Raw anymore so his involvement would be to set up his Wrestlemania match.  Taker can fight whoever he wants but Lashley?  I don’t see it.

So the two names I am going with are:

  1. Johnny Gargano. With Tommaso Ciampa out with an injury killing the angle that was planned for DIY if WWE wanted Gargano on the main roster this could be a good spot to re-introduce him.
  2. Sami Zayn. I am going with Zayn here.  He is cleared to wrestle and is listed on the Raw roster on WWE.com.

Over on Smackdown Live we have already been told that the Gauntlet match is opening the show.  So to refresh our memories like we really need it its Kofi Kingston against Randy Orton, Samoa Joe, Cesaro, Sheamus and Erick Rowan in a to be determined order.  If Kofi wins he gets his match against Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania for the title.  You don’t advertise this match unless Kofi either wins it or runs the gauntlet to the last guy and loses.  Either way historically this match takes up if you include commercials around an hour of TV time.  That is a lot.

Now we also were told the Miz is going to respond to Shane O’Mac.  That will be a 10-minute segment at least.  Miz is incredible on the mic and he will be given the time to further build up this match.  So what is left for the rest of the show.

You know we will have yet another 10-minute promo with Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair.  Maybe the WWE does what they always do and teams them up together against the IIconics.  Or maybe the IIconics wrestle Fire and Desire.  But if the IIconics are going to be in that championship tag team match at Wrestlememania it would be nice to see them wrestle on TV again.  Or maybe Sasha and Bayley make an appearance on Smackdown Live.  I don’t see that scenario.  Of course it is entirely possible we only have Becky and Charlotte on the show from the women’s division.  Or in typical WWE fashion they just mash up the women in one giant schmaz match just like my man BC Amplified always says.

One thing is for sure about Smackdown Live.  Whatever is announced so far makes the show lit.  What they do with the rest of the 45 minutes or so will be huge and they must end the show with a bang.  I say the Uso’s call out the Hardy Boys and make that official.  Samoa Joe will definitely be on the show and probably R Truth with Carmella because they are pushing Truth for something.  Also Andrade is a great talent and he needs to be on the show which means Zelina also is on the show as her story with Carmella continues to get told.

Wrestlemania Card.

Announced Matches:

  1. Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins
  2. Ronda Rousey vs Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair
  3. Triple H vs Batista
  4. Shane McMahon vs the Miz
  5. AJ Styles vs Randy Orton
  6. Kurt Angle vs opponent to be named on Monday Night Raw. Possibly in a tag match.
  7. Men’s Battle Royal-Haven’t heard anything about this not being on the card.
  8. Women’s Battle Royal- Haven’t heard anything about this not being on the card.

Rumored matches but not official

  1. Daniel Bryan vs Kofi Kingston. If Kofi runs the gauntlet he is in.  Whether it becomes a multi person match is anybody’s guess
  2. The Uso’s vs the Hardy Boys. This has to happen
  3. Sasha and Bayley vs Nia and Tamina vs Nattie and Beth Phoenix. Also a rumor the IIconics may be involved in this match
  4. Asuka vs Sonya Deville vs Mandy Rose. Also rumored to have Lacey Evans in this match
  5. Demon Finn Balor vs Lashley-Honestly don’t know about this one. Rumor is WWE has something big for Finn and the Demon is on posters for Wrestlemania
  6. Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre. Seeds were planted last week.
  7. Buddy Murphy defending his title against someone.
  8. Samoa Joe defending his title against John Cena. Cena could also face Angle.  But Cena will be on the card.
  9. Revival against Ricochet and Aleister Black. Possibly another team gets involved.

That’s 17 matches so far.  Last year there was a total of 14 matches with three of those on the kickoff show.  There is still a lot of names missing off this card.  Aside from the women’s Battle Royal there are 3 women’s matches potentially involving as many as 15 women.  So the battle royal will have a lot of NXT women in it.  I would love to have Carmella face Zelina but I don’t see it unless they make it a mixed tag match with R Truth and Andrade.

Who else is missing?  Dean Ambrose.  If he is really leaving, then it does not matter if he is on the card unless he is doing a run in.  If he is staying, then he is involved in something.  Kevin Owens is another big name that does not have a singles or tag team match on this card.  He did just get a title shot at Fastlane.  Same with Mustafa Ali.  But you need to have names for the battle royal which will be heavy with main roster guys.

So I was ready to post this to my website and noticed a couple of rumors that I don’t really think are possible but with two major stars in those matches it is possible the WWE might give them what they want.

We will know tomorrow about Kurt Angle’s Wrestlemania opponent(s).  But I do see that he would be open to a team Angle reunion match with Shelton Benjamin.  Not sure if it is a tag team match or in singles competition.  I am not buying this.

The second one was interesting because everyone wants to wrestle this man at Wrestlemania.  Finn Balor will be on the card as the Demon character.  That is all but confirmed.  He has said he wants to face the Undertaker.  Who wouldn’t.  I don’t see this as a possibility.  The match would be terrible.  The idea of the Phenom vs the Demon is intriguing.  As I stated above Iisted Taker as a possible partner with Finn for his match Monday night even though he does not wrestle on Raw anymore.  But if he is going to be appearing on the card then they need to start getting that set up.

The Battle Royal matches and Buddy Murphy’s match will be on the kickoff show.  That is guaranteed.  The PPV has a scheduled start time of 7PM.  So it looks like this is going to be another long night of wrestling.

How does the card look so far?

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