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Instead of reviewing every inch of Raw and SD I think I will do this differently and just highlight what I liked and didn’t like before I move right into my WrestleMania segment.  As I now re read this it looks like I did review both shows just in a completely crazy order of events.

The Woman’s Division.

This is my favorite part to talk about.  As this division keeps getting hotter and the WWE is now starting to get more story lines going before Mania.  It is still not known how many matches between the pre-show and main card will showcase the women’s division but as of right now I feel there is 4 matches with the potential to be 5.

Let’s start with the hottest angle going in the WWE.  I have felt this has been dragging and getting tiresome but with Ronda Rousey’s heel turn being so bad ass it has taken this for a new turn.  This is the Ronda Rousey I wanted to see in the WWE.  She would legit wipe out any of these women except for the few who have some MMA experience.  Her promo this week was spot on and edgy and I loved it.  She has been only been speaking the truth whether you want to believe it or not.  The 3-way match with Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair is over hyped now so much that the WWE does not need to do anything more other than a brief mention of it every week.

I loved the Dana Brooke spot.  She was so honest and appealing and what she accomplished was making me who was not a fan of hers now behind her and hoping she does get a chance.  After all she was rumored to be on the chopping block once WrestleMania is over.  We make the mistake all the time by giving up on or forgetting about those who do not get TV time.  We all need to realize how hard these women are working behind the scenes and hoping to get a chance to show their skills.

As for the triple threat angle I am sure we will continue to see the same Charlotte/Becky promos throughout the next few weeks.  I don’t know if it is what Becky says or if it is her voice but some of what she says is corny and now played out.  Charlotte of course is the female face of the company and didn’t Becky and Charlotte debut the same time?  So how does Becky say it took her to get them to the main event?  No it was Ronda that took them there.  Her attempt to make fun of Ronda’s lack of a brain was straight up whack.  It’s time for this match to happen already.

I must say I do like what they are doing with the Tag Team division too.  I heard a rumor they are looking to bring back more legends to build up the tag team division.  So we have Nattie and Beth Phoenix.  Even though that match between Nattie and Nia Jax basically lasted 40 seconds before Beth stormed the ring and cleared it out it served its purpose.  The Glamazon is back and might stay a while.  I also loved the fact that Sasha and Bayley attacked Nia and Tamina when they got to the back.

You really need to follow these stories on Social Media.  The Iiconics cut a good promo just stating facts that Boss Hug has not appeared on Smackdown Live with the belts.  It’s true but let’s face it.  2 of the Smackdown Live tag teams don’t seem to be tag teams anymore.  Leaving only the Iiconics.  I am fearful they are setting up a huge 4 team match at Mania

I also love what they are doing with Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville.  If they are not going to be looking for the tag team titles, then just split them up.  Mandy’s character “God’s Greatest Creation” is really picking up steam.  I also think Sonya is a very gifted wrestler who does not need to be a valet for Mandy.  The only bad thing about this angle is that it is making Asuka’s victories look cheap.  Asuka was bad ass when she got to the main roster.  She needs to get back to that.

Good move but not significant to make Alexa Bliss as the host of WrestleMania.  If she can’t wrestle, then put her in a visible role.  She has good mic skills and looked absolutely stunning this week.

Lacey Evans only had one cat walk this week doing it on Raw and covering the face of Renee Young who looked legit mad.

Naomi and the Riott Squad were not on TV this week.  For some reason Naomi is getting buried.  She is too good of a talent to be buried.

Now for my favorite part of the Women’s division.  I have to say that I was very disappointed that my wife Carmella’s entrance and dance break was not shown on TV.  I don’t think there is another Women’s superstar that gets as much love or is as followed on Social Media as Mella.  She is indeed money.  And its time for her to have a TV match against Zelina Vega.  Please WWE make this happen.


Now for the Men’s division.  The key theme this week was promo’s.  With WrestleMania now less than 4 weeks away it’s time to get that card set.  Smackdown Live had the two best promos.  Without a doubt and Smackdown was the better show even though all of their matches were tag team matches and basically just thrown together.  WWE is going to an edgier product and it shows and it’s playing off great.

The best promo was in my opinion Randy Orton and AJ Styles.  All they did was just tell the truth about each other with a bit of comedy and edge.  We sometimes forget how good a heel Orton is and just how good his mic work really is.  The Dixie Carter reference was brilliant.  AJ bringing up all the stables Orton was in was equally funny.  These two had to cut a good promo to get interest in their WrestleMania match.  Mission accomplished.

The New Day were golden on the mic as Big E, Xavier and Kofi each had their time to shine.  They also showed some aggression by breaking up the 8-man tag team match.  We sometimes forget just how much the New Day does for this company outside of the ring.  Vince’s comment about how there isn’t anything bigger than his ego was funny as hell and also true.  This was the best Vince McMahon promo we have seen in a long time.  Kofi has to run the gauntlet next week on Smackdown Live to get his title shot.  It is guaranteed he does it.  Unless Vince wants to keep playing this game.  Kofi is being booked as the true underdog and the fans want him and expect him to win the strap.  For this reason, I am thinking we maybe get a curveball thrown at us.

I also love Shane O’Mac on the mic.  We forget just how good a heel Shane is.  I would love to see him just be the commissioner and not wrestle as much.  But there is no doubt about it Shane is good for one big spot during every big match he is in.

Last but not least we have Triple H and Bautista.  Triple H was all business in his jeans and leather jacket while Bautista came out dressed up and Hunter called him a blue nose ring model.  I must say I was a bit disappointed in this promo.  All of this you know what I want and I am not giving you what I want back and forth got a bit too much.  Hunter’s comment calling the bodyguards the Guardians of the Independent League was golden.  The ending of this promo got bad ass.

Please let’s push Elias more.  He is money and I like the aggression he showed when No Way Jose interrupted his latest performance.  Give Elias a title.

The Uso’s basically calling out the Hardy’s for a WrestleMania match has to happen and it better be a just those teams too.  I think this would be the first time these two teams have ever wrestled.  This would be a must see match.

The 8-man tag team match was ok even the ending when the New Day crashed the party and took everyone out.

I was a bit confused watching the Shield farewell speech as only Roman Reigns spoke.  No one really knows what Dean Ambrose is doing.  Eventually Roman and Dean left the ring so Seth can build his Universal title match against Brock Lssnar at WrestleMania.  Of course Paul Heyman comes out and they had a very good promo.  Then Shelton Benjamin attacks Seth which leads to a match that Seth wins.  Shelton is from Smackdown Live and it was never really explained why he was there.

Seth and Finn give respect to each other as they pass on the ramp.  Lashley awaits Finn in a title match.  I hated the ending as Lio Rush interfered and distracted Finn as Lashley took the strap back.

Ricochet and Alesiter Black continued their winning ways as a tag team by beating Bobby Roode and Chad Gable and get jumped by the Revival.  Finally, some real heat for the Raw tag team division.

They are making Braun Stroman into a joke with this angle with Saturday Night Live.  This is the WWE’s fault.  They should have given the strap when he was hot.

We heard Kurt Angle say at WrestleMania he will have his last ever match.  He beat Apollo Crews and got a nice ovation from his home town crowd.

Roman was supposed to fight Baron Corbin but Drew Mcintyre attacked him and laid him out.  Dean asked Hunter for a Falls Count anywhere match against Drew and it was granted.  This was a very good and brutal match.  They fought all over the arena and Dean took a lot of punishment.  Drew knocked him out with the Clayborn Kick and that is how Raw ended.

The tag team match of Mysterio and R Truth against Andrade and Samoa Joe was again a good match.  These 4 have good in ring chemistry.  Mysterio got the pin fall victory killing some of Samoa Joe’s momentum.

Daniel Bryan and Rowan beat KO and Mustafa Ali.  Again Ali can’t win a TV match.  Nothing spectacular about this match.


Here are the 4 announced matches for WrestleMania.

  1. Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins for the Universal Title. Everyone assumes Seth is going to win the title.  I am not so sure anymore.  It would be smart to get this title off Brock but with Fox Sports in the picture we know they are going to pull some strings for the kind of content and talent they want on their shows.  Maybe they want Brock and Ronda on Smackdown Live.  I am still going with Seth Rollins and his immediate opponents after WrestleMania will be Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns.  But I would not be surprised if Brock walks out of WrestleMania still the champion.
  2. Ronda Rousey vs Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair for the Raw Women’s Title. This match has to be a triple threat despite what some say.  This match can go in so many ways.  Ronda can lose the strap and not get pinned or tapped out.  Maybe we see the beginning of the 4 Horseman angle.  I can make you dizzy with all the possibilities of this match so I won’t list them out until we get closer to WrestleMania.  I believe Becky will win the strap but Ronda won’t be pinned.  Charlotte has lost to Becky so many times already that no one will care.  My bigger concern is how do we get them on the same page to start the Horseman angle.
  3. Triple H vs Bautista. We already know what is going to happen.  They will beat each other up all over Met Life Stadium.  Since this is a one match deal for Dave, Triple H will win this match.
  4. Shane O’Mac vs The Miz. This will be a grudge match with Shane of course doing something crazy.  You can guarantee Miz’s father getting involved in some way.  I think The Miz wins this match.

For the rest of the card let’s look at some un announced matches.  The above matches are officially announced on WWE’s website as of this morning.  I looked at last year’s card and there were 14 matches.  Three were on the kickoff show with 2 of them being the Men’s and Women’s Battle Royal and eleven were on the main card.  The WWE likes to have a few of these tripe threat matches or fatal four way matches just to get people on the card.  The main event is already a triple threat match.  I think there will be at least two more of these matches.  So let’s get right to it.

  1. AJ Styles vs Randy Orton. As I mentioned above that was a great promo.
  2. Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre. The seeds have already been planted for this one.
  3. The Uso’s vs the Hardy Boys. I believe this would be their first ever one on one match ever.
  4. Daniel Bryan vs Kofi Kingston. This is going to happen.  I have no doubt about it.
  5. Kurt Angle vs John Cena. This is Kurt Angle’s farewell match.  Putting Cena in the match accomplishes 2 things.  One is Angle wrestles someone he has a long history with and two you get Cena a match and let Samoa Joe fight someone else.
  6. Boss Hug Connection vs Nia Jax and Tamina vs Nattie and Beth Phoenix. Right now this looks like the plan.  They are also teasing the IIconics in this match so that would not surprise me if they are added to the match.  Look for Nia and Tamina to win the belts.
  7. Asuka. I originally thought this could be another multi person match but seeing that two of the other women’s matches will be of the triple threat variety this would severely water down the Women’s Battle Royal which will have lots of NTX and maybe some legends competing in.  Hopefully we see some juice put behind this match.  I had thought there could maybe be a ladder match but with the Money In The Bank PPV in May I don’t see that happening.  The Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville split looks interesting enough to build into this match and maybe Lacey Evans stops the cat walking and starts wrestling as she is rumored to be in line for a big push.
  8. Samoa Joe vs Rey Mysterio. It certainly looks like they are building towards this match.
  9. The Revival vs Ricochet and Alesiter Black. The Revival is finally getting some juice behind the tag team titles.
  10. Lashley vs Finn Balor. I am not completely sold on this idea Balor lost the belt because something bigger is in store for him.
  11. R Truth and Carmella vs Andrade and Zelina Vega. All 4 of these competitors deserve a match in my opinion.
  12. & 17. The remaining roster will be involved in the Men’s and Women’s Battle Royal.

That makes 17 matches.  WOW.  You will see four matches on the kickoff show with two being the Battle Royal matches and the other two I am not sure of.  Notice I didn’t mention the Undertaker.  I actually want to see Elias get into the intercontinental title match and win it.  There are others too like Kevin Owens and Mustafa Ali.  So as of today this is how I see it.  As we all know things can change in the WWE very quickly.

Do you agree or do you want to debate

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