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So Monday Night Raw for the second week in a row was different.  But a better different.  In fact it was the best Raw they have had in some time now.  There was one thing that could have made it epic but Ronda Rousey continues to struggle with her promos and mic work.  More on that later.

WWE had 2 major story lines from last night and these stories won’t be there every week.  So they were promoted immensely and WWE cashed in as the talk was very positive about this week’s Raw.  In total there were three major stories on Raw and all are impacting Wrestlemania.

When you have the Big Dog opening the show and saying he is back and will be wrestling soon that is enough to make for a huge night.  I am shocked he is getting back in the ring so soon.  This is a great story.   No doubt about it.  To come back so quick is remarkable.  Not even Vince McMahon has the stones to have dreamed this up as a work.  I have never been a fan of Roman but much respect to you bro.  Now does Roman Reigns make his way back to the main event at Wrestlemania with Seth and Brock?

In addition will we see yet another Shield reunion?  And I was always kind of skeptical about Dean Ambrose actually leaving.  Especially when a new promotion is looking for new talent and especially talent that is already established.  Dean still wrestles every week on Raw and is getting mic time too.  Maybe the new creative team is going to make him think twice about leaving.

I know this second story was carrying the company for a while but is anybody else bored with the whole Charlotte/Ronda/Becky story?  Sure it’s great for the women to have a long running storyline this long to be capped off with the last match at Wrestlemania which I still feel it will be even though Reigns is back.  For one Ronda needed to cut the best promo of her career before laying the belt on the mat and walking off.  Instead she continuously stumbles around her promos stammering at times and not making sense.  Sometimes we tend to forget how she is still learning this business.  But Ronda has done everything the WWE has expected her to do and more.

As for Becky “The Man” I am getting tired of her already.  Well tired is a strong word.  I love the angle and it has carried Raw and Smackdown for a couple of months.  She is red hot and so over right now but she is not the second coming of Stone Cold Steve Austin.  Despite what Austin himself says.  All of her you are stealing my Wrestlemania moment comments for a few weeks now is all getting old.  Apologizing for her actions towards Triple H and Stephanie.  Austin would not have apologized for anything.  There is no need to over sell this angle which they are doing.  Perhaps it started to come together too fast and it is dragging a bit now as we slowly head towards Wrestlemania.  Yes Charlotte has to be in this match sorry everyone.  She is the best all around WWE female performer on the roster.  Also talk about not knowing and understanding what is going on here.  There shouldn’t be a soul in the world that actually believes that Becky was not going to get her way back into the match.  I also feel the Horsewomen angle needs to start at Wrestlemania or at least the Raw the day after.

The third major story was the formation of the long rumored Batista and Triple H match at Wrestlemania.  Using Ric Flair as the bait on his 70th birthday was a really good way of automatically dialing up the volume on this match real quick.  Kudos to Batista for being the heel in this match and also reportedly juggling his next movie and Wrestlemania to make appearances on Raw.  I thought this storyline was very well done.  Although I would have loved to see Ric cut a promo on his birthday but I think we will be seeing him on Raw in the coming weeks.

Now as for Smackdown they were not going to be outshined.  The contract signing between Kofi and Daniel Bryan didn’t happen as planned.  Daniel signed the contract but as Kofi was about to here comes the boss and you knew it was bad news for Kofi.  Then boom the returning KO is in the match and not Kofi.  Kofi in my opinion gets his title shot at Wrestlemania.  KO tags with Kofi against Bryan and Rowan in the main event and gets the pin.  They had a good spot with praising Kofi and the New Day really are funny entertainers.  I was skeptical of that group when it was coming out because I thought they were going to be big time preachers.  But they are so entertaining and there is no reason why one of them can’t get a run at a singles title.  Big E is funny but Xavier is super talented.  Kofi vs Bryan will be a really good Wrestlemania match.  Rumors are already swirling that Sammy Zayn comes back and screws KO.

Charlotte comes out and delivers a great promo.  She is really good on the mic and of course it runs in the family.  Her dad might be one of the top 5 ever on the mic.  She will be heading to Raw on Monday with no doubt Ronda facing off with her.  Even though Ronda and Charlotte have already had a match before I really hope we don’t see them fight in one of these 6 man tag team matches WWE loves to do before PPV’s.  Also Becky.  I want to see Becky fight Ronda when it is the first time they actually wrestle.  Since next Raw will be occurring in March might we see Becky officially added to the match roughly one month before Wrestlemania?

Smackdown also moved very fast pace.  With the reformation of the Hardy Boyz which makes alot of sense if your not going to give Matt or Jeff a singles title.  Ricochet and Aleister Black winning a tag team match two nights in a row is interesting.  Maybe they will stay teamed up for a while.  Although that match seemed like let’s get Rusev and Nakamura some TV time.  Both are not used the right way so maybe the new creative team will have some big plans for those two in the future.

R Truth channeling his inner John Cena was hysterical.  He is a very under rated wrestler and performer.  I would have loved to see him face Andrade one on one instead of a 3 way with Rey.  But doing the “you can’t see me” and the 5 knuckle shuffle ala Cena was very entertaining.

One LIners

WWE completely buries the Revival for the second straight week.  Why make them Tag Team Champions to only bury them?

Is it me or does Corey Graves hormone filled jokes just don’t see funny anymore with how his personal life is?

Awesome to see Carmella on TV this week.  More than awesome.

Can we ever see Lacey Evans wrestle one on one on TV instead of these ridiculous cat walks on Raw and Smackdown?

No Asuka again on TV.

Best week of WWE tv in a long time.  Can they do it again next week?

Why do we need to see Kurt Angle wrestle on raw every week?

Will Elias ever sing a new song?

I got to admit the Hype Man Lio Rush is very entertaining.

Do you agree or do you want to debate

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