Wrestling Blog 2-25

The Big Dog returns tonight with a major announcement expected for tomorrow during Good Morning America.  I would be beyond surprised if he is able to wrestle this soon after leaving to battle leukemia.  Maybe he will be the host of Wrestlemania.  To expect him to be on the card as a competitor would be un realistic unless he is in a tag match where he can do a couple of spots.  He did act in his cousin the Rock’s new movie so obviously he is feeling better.

Did someone say the Nature Boy has a birthday party tonight?  Who knows what we will see tonight.  Expect Becky to crash the party.  Maybe even Batista.  With Wrestlemania one more week closer it’s time the card starts to take shape.

Well that should be enough to keep Raw interested tonight.  I am curious to see where they are going with this Dean Ambrose angle.

So RIkishi is saying his sons are leaving once their contract is up in April.  Yeah well I guess this is why they won the straps 3 days after Jon Fatu was arrested for trying to fight a cop while he was drunk in Detroit.

I am anxious to see if the Fab Four from NXT are going to be in action on Raw tonight.  But hopefully  they don’t continue to bury EC3.

So now that we have Women’s tag team champions what is next for the Boss & Hug Connection.  Please don’t have them fight Trish and Lita at Wrestlemania.  The women’s product is so much better right now than the men’s product.  I would love to see 4 female matchas with a Battle Royal match as the 5th one at Wrestlemania.

Glad to see my Princess Carmella is doing better since all the nonsense went public.  I have said it before and will continue to say it every day.  All she did was make a choice based on what Corey Graves told her.  Some people would have decided a different way.  I just hope she stays away from Corey because it is not good for her career or her image to be with him.

I wasn’t digging it before but I am now really hooked on the Divas and Bella’s show on E.  I just love when I see their raw emotions on how they deal with life and other problems.  It’s by watching this show did I get confirmation that Carmella did not try to break up a marriage.  I am still blaming Corey for in my opinion not being completely honest about his situation and also getting his wife to put this out in public after what seemed like 6 private months.

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