Crash Davis had a two-run walk-off single giving Wonderboy a 5-4 sweep over Legendary.  This was the second straight game-winning hit for Crash in as many games.  Wonderboy won all 3 games in this series in their last at-bat.

Mike McGrevey started the game for Wonderboy and was coming off a shutout in his last start against Wild Thing.  McGrevey picked up where he left off and was firing blanks again.  Stan Ross and Bo Gentry had back to back RBI singles in the bottom of the third to give Wonderboy a 2-0 lead. Pat Corning added an RBI single in the bottom of the eighth inning giving Wonderboy a 3-0 lead.  With the way, McGrevey was dealing this game looked over.

With one out in the top of the ninth inning, Edge and Andre the Giant had back to back singles.  McGrevey was working on 17 and one-third scoreless innings when Hacksaw Jim Duggan hit a fly ball to T Rex Pennebaker in left field.  Pennebaker dropped the ball allowing Edge to score and Andre to go to third.  The streak was over but now the game was in jeopardy.  McGrevey struck out HHH but Steve Austin hit a two-run double tie the game at three.

Three unearned runs cost McGrevey the streak and the game.  The bullpens then took over and we go to the eleventh inning.  Carmen Ronzoni who pitched a scoreless tenth inning came out for the eleventh.  Andre led off the inning with a solo HR to give Legendary a 4-3 lead.

In the bottom of the inning Curt Henning “The Perfect Closer” was brought into the game to close it out.  Curt blew the save in the first game of the series so he was looking for payback.  Corning led off the inning with a walk.  Tanner Boyle tried to sacrifice Corning to second but Corning was cut down.  HBK’s error on a Davis Birch groundball sent Boyle to third while he took second.  Next up was Crash Davis and just like he did the game before he drove in the winning runs and Wonderboy had a 3 game sweep.

“What a game,” says Pop Fisher.  “The way Mike was pitching we should have never let it get to extra innings.  It was good to see Crash get the big hit.”

Michael Hayes had this to say, “We had the lead at the right time every game.  We could not close out the games which is disappointing.  We will regroup.”

Legendary will play at Brotherhood and Wonderboy plays at Girl Power

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