When It Was A Game

When I go back in time and think about what my life was like before I started playing fantasy sports particularly baseball, the game looks and feels so different to me now. The simple things I tend to forget that I loved when I was a 12 year old rabid Mets fan are all gone now and replaced with what did my fantasy players do last night. Hard core fantasy players now look at this as business and not a love of watching a game to follow your favorite team and players. I loved “The Straw”, “The Kid”, “Mex”, “Nails”, “Dr K”, “Hojo” among many others. The rare time I would watch my Mets on TV was to see if Roger McDowell would give a “Hot Foot” to a teammate or coach and if the Mets would get into trouble and start a team brawl that night. But the game has changed so much.

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