What To Watch This Weekend

There is a lot going on this weekend in football.  With this being the last week of the regular season in college and the beginning of the stretch run in the NFL there are some big games coming up.


ncaa footballLet’s start in College.  With the top 7 teams in the playoff rankings all playing this weekend there could be one final shake up.  Especially with 5 of those teams playing in their conference championship games.  We never know what the committee is thinking when they meet and discuss the rankings.  What we are figuring out now it that if Florida State loses to Georgia Tech they are out unless other teams fall too.  So we will start right there.

fsu 2Florida State vs Georgia Tech.  Everyone is tired of FSU.  From the antics of Jameis Winston.  To the clown speeches by Jimbo Fisher to the always swirling winds of controversy surrounding this team.  Oh and their performance which has them as the only undefeated team in division 1 but no one is impressed and still say they are ripe to be upset.  Problem is this team always finds a way to win and it’s almost like they are relishing being the underdog and over looked and yes even hated.  This will be a very tough game against a team with something to prove themselves.

osu 3Ohio State vs Wisconsin.  This is the most interesting game of the weekend because with EJ Barrett out and now the Buckeyes are on their 3rd quarterback do they need to win impressively against a tough Badger team ranked 13th.  What is the committee thinking about OSU?  I have been saying if they win out and beat Wisconsin in this game they will be in the playoffs.  I am not so sure anymore.  Of course other teams ahead can fall then they would be in with a win.

tcu 2 baylor 2TCU vs Iowa State and Baylor vs Kansas State.  Oh the dilemma here with the Big 12.  TCU is ranked third and Baylor is ranked 6th despite Baylor beating TCU.  The committee is clearly stating they believe in TCU.  But does a Bears victory over 9th ranked Kansas State give them the style points it needs to pass by TCU.  That is the million dollar question.

oregon 2 arizonaOregon vs Arizona.  A Friday night delight of a game.  There is plenty of drama here.  The WIldcats have beaten Oregon twice in a row and once this year already.  Can they do it again and if they do would that be enough to turn their 7th ranking into a top 4.  Alas beating a team twice in the same year is difficult but they may have the Ducks’ number.

alabama 3 MissouriAlabama vs Missouri.  Missouri could turn this whole place upside down with a win over Alabama.  It won’t be enough to get them into the playoffs but does that completely knock out the SEC out of the playoffs assuming the rest of the top 6 win which is possible.  What would the first ever playoffs be without an SEC team?  Can it happen?


nflNow we head to the league where they play for pay.

Bears cowboys 4Cowboys at Bears.  This is a must win game for the Cowboys.  With the Eagles and Colts their next two opponents this is as must win as they come.  A loss here would be very damaging t the Cowgirls playoff hopes.

seahawks 2 Eagles 4The marquee game of the week is Seattle going to Philadelphia.  Both teams were dominant in road victories against division opponents on Turkey Day.  Seattle is rolling along now and their defense looked as good as it has all year long.  I have said it before and I will say it again.  For Mark Sanchez to win he has to play from behind.  He can’t come back from a more than 10 point lead on the Eagles.  This will be a tough one as the Legion Of Boom is sure to lay the pressure on Sanchez.

cardinals 3 ChiefsThe Chiefs travel to Arizona to play the struggling Cardinals.  The Redbirds better get back on track and fast otherwise this will be a huge collapse.  I know Carson Palmer is out for the year but no one told Bruce Arianas to tell the whole world that Drew Stanton can lead us to the Super Bowl.  He obviously can’t.  Andy needs to get his team back on track as well.

saints 3 falcons 3Saints are at home vs the Panthers and the Falcons  are traveling to Lambeau for a Monday night game.  These games are worth mentioning because does anybody want to see a division winner be under 500.  The Falcons will lose.  But the Saints win and get to one game below for the season.

browns 2 colts 3And of course the Colts go to Cleveland where we may have another Johnny Football sighting.

bills 2 BroncosBuffalo goes to Denver and it will be interesting to see how Peyton Manning handles the big pass rush of the Bills.




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