Rick Vaughn was masterful and Wild Things ride three HR’s to defeat the Outlaws 4-2.  Vaughn was dominant from the beginning holding the Outlaws scoreless for the first seven innings while Wild Things scored a run in each of the first four innings.

Clue Heyward’s sacrifice fly scoring Roger Dorn started the scoring in the bottom of the first inning.  Then Wild Things unleashed the power.  Pedro Cerrano led off the second inning with a solo HR.  Willie Maye Hayes led off the third inning with a solo HR.  Cerrano then led off the fourth with his second solo HR of the game.  While Wild Things was scoring runs Vaughn was putting up zeroes.

In the top of the eighth inning, the Outlaws broke through.  Luke Harper tripled in Sami Zayn plating the first run and Drew McIntyre’s groundout scored the second run.  But that was as close as the Outlaws would get.  Wild Thing skipper Lou Brown opted to have Vaughn close out the game instead of using his closer.  Meanwhile, Dolph Ziggler settled down and kept the Wild Things at four runs for the duration of the game pitching an 8 inning complete game.  Perhaps both managers did not trust their bullpens.

When asked Lou Brown about not going to his bullpen he had this to say. “Let’s not make a story when there isn’t one.  He was facing the bottom of the order in the ninth and the Duke was ready to go if I needed him.”  However, when we asked Outlaws manager Shane McMahon he had a different opinion.  “Dolph was getting outs.  We don’t seem to have a lot of that in our bullpen.”

That’s very interesting comments made by Shane especially with the internal chaos inside of the Outlaws clubhouse.

Tomorrow’s starters are Daniel Bryan (0-1) vs Ed Harris (0-1).

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