Typical Mets

Last night was a normal night for me.  Well aside from my wife’s birthday.  So after seeing the Padres jump all over Big Sexy Bartolo Colon I got take out from my wife’s favorite restaurant.  So as we ate dinner around 8:15 and I planned the rest of my night which was to be quick since I was to wake up at 2:30 the next morning for work I figured all that would happen is the normal scurrying around.

As I put on the Mets game to check the score I hear Keith Hernandez and Gary Cohen talking about a potential trade they Mets might be making.  While they were not naming players except for Wilmer Flores I quickly checked social media to see what was going on.  Carlos Gomez to the Mets for Wilmer Flores and Zach Wheeler.  While I was upset to see Wheeler in this trade I did understand the thinking from Sandy Alderson’s side.  He is not helping us this year and seeing how Matt Harvey has not fully returned to form we are looking at 2017 the earliest and more likely 2018 before we see the real Wheeler again.

For those who are questioning why the Brewers would be going after a pitcher coming off TJS I give you this.  How often is one team right when they say we have 5 top prospect pitchers that we feel are all going to be great pitchers.  From Wheeler to Harvey to Noah Syndergaard to Steven Matz to Rafael Montero all except Montero have shown the hype was true. Jacob deGrom does not count since he was the huge surprise.  I have been saying for a month now that if I was a GM I would be looking for Montero in a deal since I felt he would be the most expendable pitcher.  The Mets have been dead on predicting all these pitchers which is extremely rare.  So I am not surprised Wheeler was in a deal.  After all he is still young, TJS has a pretty good success rate and Wheeler can be controlled contractually.

Not to discount Flores here. I think he can be a serviceable to good player if he could hit 20 homers playing second base.  But for Met fans to say I would rather wait til Brandon Nimmo can join rookie Michael Conforto(who struck out 3 times last night) and Juan Lagares are finally patrolling the outfield let me say this.  No organization is ever right on all players in their system.  It just can’t happen.  Do you want a better outfielder then package Wheeler and Nimmo.  The fact that Met fans think a power hitter is needed is also silly.  The Mets need a quality bat.  Period.

So as I came to grips with the trade I started making out lineups with Gomez leading off and if Wright comes back I said to myself this is not bad and the Mets can win with this providing these players perform.  Curtis Granderson finally moves down in the lineup to 5th providing some protection to Lucas Duda.  Travis D’Arnaud is coming back again from injury and the depth of this lineup is real good. I even had no problems with Juan Uribe playing third every day and Daniel Murphy playing second every day and Kelly Johnson and Ruben Tejada platooning short.

Then the strange events unfolded.  Only in Met land would this ever happen.  As we live in this time of social media this trade was reported as a done deal.  Everyone in the stands knew about it except for some of the players in the dugout as well as manager Terry Collins.  He never received a phone call about this.  Flores I guess was told by the fans he was traded and was even given a standing ovation by the crowd as he batted in the last of the 7th inning.  Keith Hernandez was touched by this. But both wondered why Collins still had him in the game.  He didn’t know.  To see Flores cry on the field and in the dugout was hard to watch.  Some may say when Collins finally realized what was going on he should have pulled him form the game which he didn’t do til the last inning.

So as I was hoping to go to sleep early I stayed up and wanted to see what would happen once the game was over.  Every media outlet had reported the trade as a done deal.  The Mets post game show crew was talking about the new potential Mets lineup with Gomez in it.  Collins’ press conference was classic.  He didn’t know.  There wasn’t a phone call to him to say we got a deal going on and pull Flores.  As he stated I am trying to win a ball game so what do you expect me to do.  He didn’t blame the media or Mets management.  He just said it’s an unfortunate situation.

As for Flores Collins stated he has been a Met his whole career and does not want to leave the organization.  He is a young man and these players are not robots they are human beings with emotions.  When one reporter said Jacob Wheeler instead of Zach Wheeler and apoligized for getting his Wheelers mixed up he said I wish we traded Jacob Wheeler.

Then as i slowly nodded off and woke up shortly after I hear the trade is not done and is not going to happen in Sandy Alderson’s words.  Huh.  What just happened here?  Why is this trade now off?

As I woke up at 2:30 this morning and took a shower and checked my tablet on the train I saw reportedly the Mets doctors found a problem with the hips of Gomez and nixed the trade.  Now we know the Mets doctors are always correct lol.  But this is typical Mets here.

My guess is that Alderson saw the fan reactions to this trade and made up this story to back out of it.  Not that I believe the Mets care what the fans want but I have seen more people not like this deal than like it.  Does anyone really doubt the Mets backed out of this trade because of fan reaction?  It is certainly a possibility.

As for the trade I like it now and next year.  But probably will hate it in 3 or 4 years.  You have to give up quality to get quality.  And most Met fans think like that annoying guy in your fantasy pool who wants to trade you his bottom dweller players for a top player.  Now these same fans want Yoenis Cespedes or Carlos Gonzalez or players of that level.  Are you prepared to offer more then Wheeler?  Because that is what it will take to get players of that caliber.

Do you agree or do you want to debate

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