Top Ten College Football Rankings 10-8


  1. Alabama Crimson Tide 6-0 Last Week (1) Still the best team in the country. LSU game is pivotal as always

  1. Clemson Tigers 5-0 Last Week (2) Plays first game since the almost defeat against UNC

  1. Georgia Bulldogs 5-0 Last Week (3) The Bulldogs are in a great spot and can withstand a regular-season loss.

  1. LSU Tigers 6-0 Last Week (4) LSU Plays big game vs Florida this week

  1. Ohio State Buckeyes 6-0 Last Week (5) I won’t move them up until they beat a big team or someone above them loses.

  1. Florida Gators 6-0 Last Week (9) Big jump for the Gators. But they could be on the outside if they get smoked this week vs LSU

  1. Oklahoma Sooners 5-0 Last Week (7) Big game this week vs Texas

8.  Wisconsin Badgers 5-0 Last Week (8) Ohio State game is on the horizon

  1. Notre Dame 4-1 Last Week (10) Needs to keep blowing out their opponents

  1. Penn State Nittany Lions 5-0 Last Week (UR) Haven’t beaten anyone yet. Big games are coming.


Virginia Cavaliers 4-1 Can win out and possibly play in a New Years bowl game. But lost last night.

Cincinnati Bearcats 4-1 & SMU Mustangs 6-0-With UCF already having a loss this could be the year some other team gets a crack at a big new years bowl game.

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