Throwback Uniform Of The Day 11-3

In the first edition of my Throwback Uniform Of The Day I will select one of my personal favorites.  I even own one of these jersey’s.  This column will showcase an old throwback uniform form a current sports team or a uniform from a team that is no longer with us.  I happen to love the throwbacks so here goes it and please check back for more Throwback Uniforms Of The Day.

This is a MLB team that moved to a new city.  A team that had a low payroll.  This team never won the World Series and was moved to a city that previously had a team that was a laughing stock.  But this National League team was anything but a laughing stock.  They started in 1969 and moved to their new city after the 2004 season.  They won their only division in the strike shortened season of 1981 and they are from Canada.  Some of their most notable players were Gary “The Kid” Carter, Andre “The Hawk” Dawson, Tim “Rock”  Raines and” La Grande Orange” Rusty Staub himself.







The Montreal Expos


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