Throwback Uniform Of The Day 11-8

Today’s throwback uniform of the day comes to us from the NBA.  In fact I wish they would use this as their uniforms now.  Who doesn’t love the Denver Nuggets’ uniforms with the Rocky Mountains on the front with the stripes running through it.  Did you know this franchise was in the old ABA league and were known as first the Denver Larks.   The Larks is the Colorado state bird.  Actually this franchise was supposed to be located in Kansas City but the then owner James Trindle could not find a suitable arena to play their home games.  The commissioner of the ABA George Mikan suggested they move the franchise to Denver.  However they never played a game as the Larks instead their first game was as the Denver Rockets.  The name was changed to the Nuggets in anticipation of the merger in 1974 which of course didn’t happen til after the 1976 season.   As a bonus logo see the Denver Rockets logo and a old logo for the Nuggets and the only logo I could find for the Denver larks.



Nuggets 1Nuggets 2

Bonus Logos

200px-Denver_rockets nuggets 3


larks 1 larks 2

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