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We actually had two stints in the old World Hokey Association.  We were one of the original 12 teams in the WHA.  Out first stint started with the 1972-73 season and ended in the 1975-76 season.  We drew more fans than the average WHA franchise and at times drew more fans than our rival franchise in the NHL.  But we could never secure a TV deal.  In February of 1976 in the airport just as we were about to board a plane to Cincinnati it was announced the owner was folding the team ending our season.

We were given a second life when a NHL team moved to Cleveland and that team moved to my city and played under our original name with a different color uniform.  We only lasted 42 games in the 1976-77 season as the owner was unable to sell the team locally and officially folded the franchise for good on January 14th 1977.  Our NHL rivals also relocated to another state in 1993 but professional hockey has returned to the state for the 2000-2001 season as a brand new expansion team.


Who are we?


We are the Minnesota Fighting Saints


fighting saints 72-76 1 fighting saints 72-76


fighting saints 76-77

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