Throwback Logo Of The Day

Today’as throwback logo of the day comes to us from the South Atlantic League.  Our team name and mascot is the result of a “Name the team” contest in 1995.  We were called the Phillies in 1995 as tribute to our parent team.  From 1996-2000 we were known by our nickname until after the 2000m season when NASCAR Legend Dale Earnhardt purchased a share of the team and the name was changed to the Intimidators in honor of our owner.  We also became a member of the Chicago Whitesox organization where we remain today.  We were known as the Kannapolis Intimidators.  But as part of the Phillies organization we were known by a different city name and our locals are called the lintheads.


Who are we?


We are the Piedmont Boil Weevils

piedmint boil weevils 1 piedmint boil weevils 2

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