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We are a basketball team from the American Basketball Association where we played in 3 different states.  We were a charter member of this league and played 2 years in our first city of Houston where one of our minority partners was legendary NFL coach Bud Adams.  When our owners failed to send in the required 30,000 bond we missed the first 4 rounds of the draft and were forced to sign retreads from the Eastern Basketball Association now the Continental Basketball Association.  We were lucky to draw 500 fans on most nights.  In our second season nothing was improving and we were sold mid season to a group who was going to move us to North Carolina but assured us we would finish the season in Houston.  We spent 5 years in North Carolina.  We were sold after out first season in Carolina and the new owner poured money into our team making us better on the court.  Former ABA players Larry Brown and Doug Moe were brought in to be coaches.  The team played better and had the best record in the league in the 1972-1973 season.  We were moderately successful in our time in North Carolina with a loyal fan base but were sold after the 1973-1974 season to a group that brought us to St Louis.  With talk of the impending NBA/ABA merger it was decided a professional franchise would not survive in North Carolina which we now know is not true.

In St Louis we were successful and had many star names on and off the court.  Our players were Moses Malone, Maurice Lucas, Don Chaney, M.L. arr and Ron Boone.  Rod Thorn was one of our coaches and Bib Costas was the voice of the St Louis franchise.  We played 2 years in St Louis and were in negotiations to move the team to Utah when the ABA collapsing financially the 6 remaining franchises started negotiating a merger with the NBA.  But the NBA only took 4 of those teams with them.  The Nets, Spurs, Pacers and Nuggets were selected leaving only the Spirit and the Kentucky Colonels remaining.  The owner of the Kentucky Franchise took a 3,5 settlement to shut his team down.  The owners of St Louis struck a deal which would allow them to collect future television money from the teams that joined the NBA.  With a 1/7 share of each team this made the owners rich which according to reports out of the NY times by 2012 they had made 255 million.  The Silnas brothers sued the NBA for additional money they felt was owed to them because of the NBA League Pass and streaming video royalties.  The NBA tried several times to get them to settle for a lump sum but the Silnas; never bit.  Finally in 2014 the Silnas’ accepted the NBA’s offer of 500 million to relinquish all future monies from the NBA.  Prior to the settlement the Silnas’ were making 14.57 million a year being owners of a team that had not played one minute of basketball in 35 years.


Who are we

mavericks 1

1967-1968 Houston Mavericks

mavericks 2

1968-1969 Houston Mavericks

Cougars 70 71cougars 70 71 1


1969-1971 Carolina Cougars

cougars 3


1971-1974 Carolina Cougars


1974-1976 Spirits Of St Louis


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