Throwback Logo of The Day 3-2

We were a member of the old World Hockey Association.  In our 5 year existence we had 4 names and played in 3 cities.  After 5 seasons we were sold twice and never played a game for the new owners and cities we were sold to.  We played in the 1972-73 season in our original city and in the 1973-1974 season, where we changed our team name, we lasted only 20 games before we were moved to a new city with a new name before finally getting sold to a west coast city.  Our original city had an established NHL team and was just awarded a new expansion NHL franchise.  Once we got to our new city on the west coast we played three seasons when attendance started to slip and were sold twice more to Florida based owners but those owners could never find a home arena for us to play in.



New York Raiders 1972-1973

1972 1973 raiders


New York Blades 1973-1974

1973 1974 blades

Jersey Knights 1973-1974

1973 1974 knights

San Diego Mariners 1974-1977

San Diego Mariners

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