Throwback Logo of The Day 3-17

We used to play our home games in Wichita Kansas and were part of the San Diego Padres organization from 1987-1994 and the Kansas City Royals from 1995-2007.  We were relocated to Springdale Arkansas but stayed in the Texas League.  We also are still part of the Royals organization.  We also played in Amarillo Texas from 1939 to 1982 and Beaumont Texas from 1983-1986.  Some of our other affiliations were with the Padres, Giants, Astros, Cubs, Orioles and the old Boston Braves.


Who are we?

Beaumont Golden Gators


Amarillo Gold Sox

amarillo gold sox

Wichita Pilots


Wichita Wranglers

wranglers 4 wranglers 3 wranglers 2 wranglers 1

Do you agree or do you want to debate

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