Throwback Logo Of The Day

Today’s throwback logo of the day will be different.  There are some states which currently do not have a big 4 sports franchise.  This state did in fact have a professional franchise in the big 4 sports.  They had 2 although this state counts 4 as professional franchise’s with two of them being minor league teams.

The two professional teams I am talking about today both share the same name.  One was an original member of the NFL playing from 1924-1931 winning the championship in 1928.  The other was a member of the Basketball Association of America and lasted only 3 seasons 1946-1947 to 1948-1949 before folding.


Who Am I?


The Providence Steam Rollers

steam rollers nfl


NFL Version

Providence Steamroller basketball


BAA Version


Do you agree or do you want to debate

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