Throwback Logo Of The Day 2-27

Today’s throwback logo of the day comes to us from the now defunct American Basketball Association.

In our short 5 years(1967-1972) in existence we left our original city after one season which we captured the first ever ABA championship.  Only to return to original city after one year later. We changed our name before the 1970-71 season after holding a “Name The Team” contest. However the a=name that was chosen as the winner was not used due to a local college team already using that nickname.  Like most of the ABA teams attendance would drop and soon this team was holding home games in other cities within their own state then having home games in other cities with hopes of saving the franchise.  After the 1971-1972 season we folded.  This city is one of the rare cities with professional teams in the other 3 major sports but not basketball.

Who are we?

Pittsburgh Pipers 1967-1968, Minnesota Pipers 1968-1969, Pittsburgh Pipers 1969-1970, Pittsburgh Condors 1970-1972.  See all of our logos below

Pittsburgh Pipers 1967-1968

pipers 1pipers 6pipers 5

Minnesota Pipers 1968-1969

minnesota pipers

Pittsburgh Pipers 1969-1970

pipers 2

Pittsburgh Condors 1970-1972

pipers 3 pipers 4

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