Throw Back Logo Of The Day 3-3

We originated in the ABA for the 1967-68 season where we drew less than 200 fans per game and were 500,000 in debt.  We were sold and moved to a nearby arena where we spent 2 years.  We tried to sign Wilt Chamberlain but were unsuccessful.  We improved the 2 years we played in our new city and had a promising young roster but our city already had the most prominent NBA and College Basketball teams in the country so we were sold again.  In our new city we were very successful winning one ABA championship and making the playoffs every year.  We also averaged 8,500 fans per game.  If not for our owners several failed business ventures coupled with a losing run to be the Governor of Colorado we might have stayed around longer but payroll and other payments were being missed.  We also successfully signed high school player Moses Malone.   The league finally closed the franchise down for continued missed payroll payments.  However our city which showed it could support a professional Basketball team was in line for another team in the league to move here but the NBA/ABA merger killed that.  Alas this city wound up getting pro basketball after all when a NBA team relocated to this city where it still resides today.


1967-1968 Anaheim Amigos

amigos 1 amigos 2


1968-1969 Los Angeles Stars

la stars 68 69

1969-1970 Los Angeles Stars

la stars 69 70


1970-1975 Utah Stars


utah stars 70 71 75 76

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