The Streak Is Over

What the hell  happened at Wrestlemania 30.  Did the Undertaker lose and end his streak?  Was it all a dream?  This was one of the best PPV’s in a long time where we finally saw Daniel Bryan have his moment and win the championship.  Which is now over shadowed by the Streak ending.  Did Brock Lesnar end the streak or are we getting a do over on raw?  Who wants to hear Paul Heyman now.  Rumors are running wild already so let the speculation begin.   But make no mistake the Streak is over and only one man’s explanation will be accepted.  Until Taker talks all we have is speculation and rumors.   Let the games begin.
First of all none of us knows Taker, Brock, Heyman, Triple H and anybody else  and none of us has been in the locker room either.  We all are assuming or assume Taker calls his own shots and names his opponents.  We also assume that his mania matches are rehearsèd thoroughly.  We also know the Deadman has only one match in him a year.  We also know his time is running out in his career and can’t be expected to take major bumps and carry a match.  He did that last night.  But the outcome of this match just smells so bad of backstage politics.  A lot of us are wondering why Brock and not a lifer like Cena for example.  Well let’s go over all the possible scenarios.
1.  Maybe Brock was the only one willing to end the streak and career of the deadman.  Let’s think about this for a second.  Remember when Ric Flair chose HBK to end his WWE career? He did what he had to do for the sake of the business he loved.  But he sure looked uncomfortable afterwards and I am sure the whole locker room knows this.  So if Cena for example was chosen and asked would he have said no way.  I am not doing that.  To end the streak you would need a proven and accomplished star like Brock is and of course Cena is.  Look at the Deadman’s  last few opponents.   HBK, Triple H and CM Punk are all major players.  So either one would have worked. Our problem is that no one considers Brock to be a lifer cause he is not.  He has quit before when supposedly he didn’t get his way and Brock looks to me the kind of person who wants to get paid when he jobs.   He seems to work stiff in the ring.  So maybe no one but Brock wanted to end the streak.
2. Undertaker hand selected Brock Lesnar.  A few years ago there was a clip of a brief Taker and Brock dialogue at Brock’s UFC fight.   Taker said are you ready to do this.  This ight have been the seed planted by Taker and took a long time to finalize.  Taker might have been ready then but was waiting for Brock.  But had to keep the streak going all this time.  And maybe Brock needed to further his mercenary character on WWE programming.
3.  CM Punks Fault.   Wasn’t CM Punk supposed to fight Triple H at Wrestlemania before he walked out.  Maybe Taker drops the streak to Daniel Bryan as it was rumored that he wanted to work with him.  Can you imagine that moment if Bryan broke the streak.
4.  In a way to diminish Bryan’s accomplishment The authority made Taker lose to have all the talk about Wrestlemania 30 about the streak ending and not Daniel Bryan’s moment in the sun.
5.  Taker was not happy with the build up or his opponent that he ended the match on his own.  Probably not likely.  But you can see during the match he was talking to Brock and calling the shots.   Now we know he was legit injured during the match and maybe that is why this match sucked so badly and why the end was done so poorly.
As for me I will go with the idea that Taker wanted Brock to break the streak because he knows this is his last match and he has nothing left to give.  Also maybe they are good friends.  We don’t know if this is true or not.  I have to believe that Vince lets The Undertaker call his own shots.  Especially on who and how the streak ends.  We don’t have to like it but now we have to accept it.  Brock is just not a lifer so this is why he is not accepted by most.

Do you agree or do you want to debate

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