The New York Baseball Mess

The New York Mets haven’t won the World Series since 1986.    Aside from a few seasons here and there this team has not been relevant.  Met fans  have to suffer and watch the Yankees constantly have contending teams whether they develop players or just go out and buy the best players.  The  Mets don’t do either.  Sandy Alderson is the latest guru brought in to try to fix this mess.  He brought his money ball approach from his days in Oakland.  The problem is the A’s never made it to the World Series let alone won it.  This is a jinxed franchise and won’t come out of this dark cloud until Fred Coupon and family sell.  The Mets get a well pitched almost every night but the offense is bad.  The bullpen is bad.

Ok can you see the Sandy Alderson plan.  This team has young pitching to the max.  That is clearly obvious.  Now some of that pitching is going to the pen so no one has to see Kyle Farnsworth anymore or pitchers like him.  But what has he done to improve the offense.  While the Curtis Granderson signing was applauded by most even though the Mets had to give him the extra year he is hardly the star this team needs.  Giving Chris Young that contract was ridiculous.  Because they lost out on getting Nelson Cruz at a bargain price.  But he wouldn’t have ever come to NY.  He will hit a ton of homers in Camden Yards and sign a big deal next off season.  Juan Lagares might be the best defensive centerfielder in all of baseball.  He certainly is in the top 5.  With a team built on pitching and playing half their games in that huge ballpark you would think Lagares would be the starter just for that alone.  But no and why.  Because Chris Young has to play.  Certainly Granderson has to play.  The offense on this team is better when Eric Young is in the lineup.  But let’s face it.  The offense was very poorly constructed before the season.

Ruben Tejeda is not the answer at shortstop.  He was handed the starting position 2 years ago and has done nothing with it.  They spent the off season dogging out Ike Davis and Lucas Duda and didn’t trade either of them nor did they bring in another first basemen.  So now you have to trade one and is Ike the better of the two and the one who would get the most in a trade(hopefully Austin Meadows) B ut is Lucas Duda the answer.  The lineup can’t produce runs especially in that ballpark.  David Wright is paid like he is a super star but the problem is he is not on that level and never will be.  He seems like a great person but met fans want championships.  should they give up on Travis d’Arnaud? All the scouts love him but god dam he can’t hit a lick.  No one complained when he was in the trade so to be fair no one can complain now.  In fact Daniel Murphy is the player most Met fans love to talk about.  An absolute hard worker to the max. He would play any position he is asked despite his lack of defensive skills.  But he tries real hard and he works really hard.

But the biggest problem with this team is the manager.  The lack of fundamentals on this team is extremely alarming.  That play last night against the Dodgers was just ridiculous.  Familia couldn’t figure out who to throw the ball to because both Flores and Murphy were running to the bag.  It was probably the fault of Flores.  But the mental errors and fundamentals or lack of are all at the feet of the manager.  Do the players deserve some of this blame.  Yes.  You don’t get to this level without fundamentals.  But  always go back to Bobby Valentine when he managed the Mets.  That team had fundamentals.  Bobby drilled them on it.  He beat it into them.  He made sure they practiced it and then in the game it was all natural.  Terry won’t be the manager once this team is really ready to be contenders..

But back to Alderson.  No one knows how much time Fred Coupon has given him.  No one knows who is responsible for this team not spending money.  The lack of offense and fundamentals will ultimately bring this team down.  I don’t care how good the young pitching becomes.  Sandy will ultimately take the hit.  The bullpen is still a mess and the lineup is weak.  Maybe in Oakland the masses were patient.  Not in NY.  And certainly not when the team across town wins.

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