The Mess Of The NY Giants

In my whole life of being a NY football Giants fan I have never seen this team play so bad.  This team is not without talent either which make this all the more frustrating.  But there is some major holes and you can blame almost any player, coach, position or anything else you want to.

Let’s start with the coach.  Tom Coughlin is a nice man.  A very tireless worker.  He knows the game.  He was taught by some of the greats of this game.  He has 2 Super Bowl titles in 5 years.  But in between those years have been alot of failures.  There have been alot of big games where this team has not showed up and got destroyed.  Carolina both in the playoffs and the last game ever at Giants Stadium to name a couple.  The theory of players play and he is not on the field so you can’t blame him.  The head coach gets the blame first.  Always.  Whether it is his fault or not.  But yesterday accepting a penalty when it would have been 4th down was foolish especially with this defense.  The challenge and losing 2 time outs well I won’t kill him but just throw out the red flag and take your chances.  You can’t lose 2 timeouts there.  I know the play should have been over turned but it wasn’t.  Tom is coaching tight right now and who can blame him.  There is really no need to discuss Perry Fewell and Kevin Gilbride.  Fewell is gone after this year.  Gilbride will probably survive if Coughlin survives.  I like Coughlin.  I wanted him here.  I never wanted him fired years ago.  But could it be time for a new voice?  I don’t know.  I don’t want some rookei coach or taking a chance on a unproven guy.  I also don’t want Cowher.  I think he is very over rated as a coach. No one has lost more home playoff games than Cowher.  So I don’t know the answer to this.

The Quarterback.  Oh Elijah.  No one should be surprised whenhe plays so badly.  He can be bad at times.  We know that.  He does try to force the ball some times.  He does throw a pass when taking the sack would be better.  But he has won 2 Super Bowls and has 2 Super Bowl MVPs.  You take the good with the bad with Eli and let it play out.  But in a season where nothing has gone right he gets the biggest blame.  I can’t even count how many INT’s he has thrown this year already.  Some were not his fault.  Even yesterday.  The first one should have been a 15 yard penalty against the Eagles for hitting in the head supposedly an automatic when it’s the QB.  The second one I am still amazed Cruz let that guy take the ball away from him.  The third one who knows what route was supposed to be run but Nicks was dogging it before he got on to the field.  As Billick said where is his urgency.  Hakeem Nicks has cost himself alot of money so far and he won’t be a Giant next year.  I know he has a dislocated finger.  If your on the field then you should have no excuses.  He sure does drop the ball alot. Rueben Randle too.  Where is the Tight End in this offense.  The running game.  Wow.  Just a joke.  I can’t even say anything about the running backs right now.  I know part of the equation is the offensive line.  They are bad too.  Injuries hurt.  We know that.  Snee, Baas etc.  Where is the depth this team used to have.

The defense is equally pathetic.  Where is this vaunted Giants pass rush.  Oh man do I see the dollar signs leaving the building for JPP.  Tuck is  just a shell of himself now.  The rest are average.  But there hasn’t been a pash rush for over a season and a quarter now.  This is what the whole Giant defense is based on.  The Linebackers were never good so to kill them would be pointless.  We know this has been a weakness for this team for a while now.  The secondary is brutal.  I know there is injuries but they can’t cover anyone.  Antrel Rolle who usually backs up everything he says has even regressed.  I will give kudos to Terrell Thomas.  I don’t care if or how bad he plays this year.  To come back from what he as come back from is a major accomplishment.

Unspecial Teams.  Can we cover punt returners? Can we kick a field goal?  Can we get good run backs? Even Weatherford has been inconsistent.

There is not one facet of this team that is working.  Jerry Reese deserves a big part of the blame here too.  When things go right we all sing his praises.  We got so used to him always making the right moves.  Well he hasn’t been right for 2 years now.  He deserves a pass and the chance to fix this mess.  Jerry left this team with no depth.  No reliable running back.  A bad offensive line to protect their franchise quarterback.  He has never effectively developed a LB core.

So how does this get fixed.  Who knows.  Right now the Giants are headed towards a high draft pick something we haven’t had in a while.  Some could suggest trading the players on free agent years for draft picks like Tuck and Nicks and their would be lenty of takers for them.  I just don’t see the Giants making any trades.  I believe Nicks is gone anyway.  But such a move would certainly be waving the white flag on the season.  But still the Giants are only 2 games out of first place which is amazing.

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

2 thoughts on “The Mess Of The NY Giants

  1. Richiiiiiiiiie

    I say let the FA’s walk. The D-Line (once a strength) is a shadow of its former self and the offensive line is…well…offensive. Build through the draft and around Eli and Cruz for the future!


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