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WWE Women’s Evolution Extreme Rules. New Women’s Tag Team Champs, New Smackdown Women’s Champion


Paul Heyman is in the back with the Horsewomen as Kayla Braxton goes up to interview him. Before she can say a word Heyman grabs the microphone.

Heyman: This is going to be a glorious night. Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir will win the women’s tag team titles in a no disqualification match. The Queen of Spades Shayna Baszler will successfully defend her Raw Women’s title in a falls count anywhere match against Lacey Evans. Stephanie McMahon, we understand that where there is a Lacey Evans there will be a Tamina close by. Shayna will be ready. You can threaten to fire any of us for interfering in other matches tonight. It won’t matter. Shayna will successfully defend her title tonight. Jessamyn and Marina will win the tag team titles tonight. Becky Lynch will win her match tonight because Naomi and Ember Moon are not good enough to beat her.

Renee: Welcome to Extreme Rules. Paul Heyman is already predicting big things for the Horsewomen tonight.

Paige: We have three huge matches tonight and I am equally excited for all of them.

Renee: We want to take you to the back where Kayla Braxton is standing with the Sky Pirates and Asuka.

Kayla: I am standing here with the Sky Pirates who are in the fatal 4-way tag team match tonight for the women’s tag team titles. Kairi and Io how are you going to attack this match tonight?

Io: We are the best wrestlers in this match. We will prove that tonight.

Kayla: Kairi do you have anything to add?

Kairi: We want the Horsewomen.

Kayla: Asuka I see you staring at your briefcase. Could this be the night you cash in?

Asuka: I will be watching both matches very closely tonight.

Kayla: Good luck to all of you tonight.

Renee: Paige we have not talked about Asuka holding that briefcase. Can we see a cash in tonight?

Paige: We can. One match is a ladder match which will be physical. But the other match is a falls count anywhere match. This is going to get interesting.

We now go to Stephanie McMahon’s office where she is talking to VBB and Lacey Evans. Tamina is standing behind Stephanie. We see Stephanie giving instructions to her team but we can’t hear anything.

We see Charly Caruso in the back with Naomi.

Charly: the last few weeks have been very emotional for you. Now you have a title shot in a dangerous ladder match against Becky Lynch and your best friend Ember Moon. What is going through your mind?

Naomi: Just winning this match no matter what it takes. So many roadblocks have been thrown in my way.

Charly: Do you think Stephanie McMahon has been trying to put a wedge in between your friendship with Ember Moon.

Naomi: She is definitely afraid of what we stand for. (Ember Moon walks into the screen and Naomi and her stare at each other) Sis

Ember Moon: Sis. (Ember looks at Charly and starts to talk) Stephanie McMahon will never break up our friendship. But tonight. Tonight we are not friends. You will get the best of me.

Naomi: I wouldn’t expect any less from you. (Both walk away)

Renee: Wow did you see the intensity between those two?

Paige: The Smackdown Championship is on the line tonight. This should be a great match.


Paige: We have a fatal 4 way no DQ match with 8 people.

Renee: Literally anything can happen. Shayna Baszler has been barred from the ring.

Paige: Yeah but we have Stephanie McMahon’s tag team in this match. Does she have anything up her sleeve? We have to see.

Renee: The referee will have a hard time keeping this match under control.

The match starts just like you think it would. With chaos. The Horsewomen and the Sky Pirates are just beating each other up outside the ring. Meanwhile, Peyton Royce and Dana Brooke are squaring off in the middle of the ring. After Lana knocks Billie Kay off the apron they double team, Peyton. Dana goes for the pin but Jessamyn Duke sees this and pulls Dana out of the ring. Io looks to kick Jessamyn but she ducks and Dana takes the kick and gets knocked out. Marina Shafir and Kairi Sane now are fighting in the ring. Lana gets caught up in the crossfire and gets hit by both Marina and Kairi. Peyton Royce gets to her feet and backs up to the corner where Io is standing and she tags herself in. Io quickly goes to the outside and rolls Dana Brooke in the ring. All 8 women are now on the apron for the first time in this match. After a while of back and forth, we have Jessamyn and Lana as the legal wrestlers in the ring. Marina and Jessamyn are keeping Lana in their corner with quick tags. Jessamyn whips Lana into the corner where Peyton tags herself in reluctantly. Peyton looks around as Jessamyn charges at her. Peyton moves out of the way and Jessamyn hits the ring post. Peyton pulls her away from the ropes and goes for the pin as Billie Kay gets into the ring and helps Peyton with the cover. Marina runs into the ring and breaks up the cover. Kairi Sane runs into the ring and goes to clothesline Marina out of the ring. Lana pulls down the ropes and both Kairi and Marina fly out of the ring. Io runs into the ring and flips Lana into the ring. Dana gets into the ring and hits Io. Lana and Dana double team Io in the corner. Billie and Peyton are double-teaming Jessamyn again. Peyton and Billie give Jessamyn a sick knee from Sydney. Billie then gives her Shades Of Kay. Peyton goes to cover Jessamyn and Marina and Kairi both get in the ring to break up the count.

Renee: This match is getting out of control again.

All 8 women are in the ring fighting. Kairi goes over to help Io with VBB. She hits a running blockbuster on Lana knocking her out of the ring. Io then grabs Dana by the head and snaps her neck across the top rope. Kairi springboards over the top rope and splashes on Dana and Lana. Io then goes to the top turnbuckle. Kairi is holding down VBB on the floor. Io with an insane elbow on both members of VBB. Io appears to injure herself. In the ring, the IIconics are fighting with the Horsewomen. Billie gets speared by Marina. Kairi gets in the ring and dropkicks Marina. She falls to the mat knocking Billie out of the ring. Billie goes under the ring and finds a lead pipe. Jessamyn gives Peyton a german suplex. Then Jessamyn picks up Peyton and gives her a fireman’s takedown. She goes to give her the Ankle lock when Kairi jumps up and gives Jessamyn a head scissors takedown. Kairi turns it into an Asuka lock. Billie tries to get back on the apron when Marina kicks her off but she was able to slide the pipe to Peyton. Marina goes to pick up Peyton but she jabs her in the midsection with the pipe. Peyton gets up and hits her in the back with the pipe. Marina falls down right on top of Kairi breaking the hold. Io gets on the apron and climbs the top rope and hits a missile dropkick on Peyton. Billie Kay enters the ring and Io goes to spear Billie but she drops to the mat and Io hits the ring post hard and falls out of the ring. Kairi gets up and jumps to the top rope and gives Billie a DDT. Jessamyn now has the pipe and hits Kairi with it knocking her out. Jessamyn now sees everyone down and picks up Marina. They grab Peyton and give her a rope aided double powerbomb. Jessamyn drops a leg on Peyton. Marina is looking around to make sure no one interferes. The ref comes in and counts out Peyton and we have new tag team champions The Horsewomen.

Renee: Oh no. The Horsewomen have more gold.

Paige: This match was wild. Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir were in the right place at the right time.

Renee: There are bodies all over the place. Look at the faces of the Sky Pirates.

Paige: We have not seen the last of the Sky Pirates and the Horsewomen.


Charly Caruso is standing by with Becky Lynch

Charly: Becky you will be facing Naomi and Ember Moon tonight in a ladder match for your Smackdown Women’s Championship. How are you going to attack this match?

Becky: Stephanie McMahon likes to use all of us as pawns in her game. But I am the champion and I will do whatever I have to do to keep my belt and slap the heads off the shoulders of those two dopes I am fighting tonight.

Charly: Are you concerned about Asuka maybe cashing in her briefcase tonight?

Becky: Asuka can do whatever she wants. I will be ready.


Renee: Next we have Shayna Baszler defending her RAW Women’s Championship against Lacey Evans.

Paige: Stephanie McMahon has barred the Horsewomen from getting involved in this match.

Renee: But she has not barred any of her posse like Tamina and Rhea Ripley.

Paige: I also want to point out under the rules of this match Stephanie McMahon has also invoked the No Disqualification rules as well.

Renee: We can literally see anything happen.

Shayna starts the match off hot with a flurry of power moves and quick pin attempts.

Renee: Shayna is very aware of Tamina on the outside and wants to keep Lacey in the ring.

After 8 minutes of action with Shayna being dominant and the only times Lacey gets the advantage is when Tamina gets involved Shayna starts to get frustrated. Shayna superkicks Lacey. Tamina gets on the apron and Shayna clotheslines her off. Shayna is squaring Lacey up for a spear. Lacey staggers to her feet and Shayna gives her a massive spear. Shayna goes for the pin and Tamina pulls Lacey out of the ring. Shayna hits the ropes and hits a suicide dive on Tamina and Lacey. Shayna and Tamina start to brawl into the crowd. Lacey follows them as they make their way towards the back. Tamina throws Shayna into a brick wall headfirst. Lacey is giving Tamina instructions to beat up Shayna even more. Tamina power bombs Shayna through a table.

Renee: Lacey is going to win the title if this keeps up.

Out of nowhere Asuka superkicks Lacey.

Paige: Here come Asuka and she might cash in on Shayna.

Tamina now starts to fight with Asuka. Shayna starts to crawl back out towards the ramp with Lacey following her.

Renee: Smart move by Shayna to get out of the backstage area.

Asuka kicks Tamina in the midsection then smashes her head on a table. Rhea Ripley from behind gives Asuka a knee to her back. Then Rhea starts to roughhouse Asuka as she laid on the ground. Charlotte Flair hits Rhea in the back with a chair. As Rhea rolls around Charlotte continues to hit Rhea with the chair. Tamina staggers up and starts to go back down to ringside. Asuka goes after her and jumps on Tamina’s back sending her crashing on the ramp head first. Asuka starts to hit Tamina when Tamina grabs her throat and starts choking her. In the back we see Charlotte lock in the figure 8 on Rhea. Shayna and Lacey are now ringside.

Renee: This has erupted into a brawl.

Paige: Now it looks like we might get a one on one.

Lacey grabs a chair and jams it into Shayna’s midsection twice backing her to the ring post. Lacey goes for the woman’s right but Shayna ducks and she hits the steel post. Lacey’s hand is hurt real bad. Shayna grabs Lacey by the hair and smashes her head into the steel steps. Then she puts her hand on the steps and grabs the chair and smashes her hand on the steps. Lacey screams in pain. The referee goes to Lacey to see if she is alright.

Renee: Shayna Baszler is sadistic.

Paige: You do what you have to do to keep your title.

Shayna grabs Lacey and throws her back in the ring and gives her a twisted arm stomp. Shayna does this three times while watching Asuka and Tamina fight up the ramp. Asuka gives Tamina a knee to her jaw knocking her down. As Asuka makes her way to the ring Shayna points at her then gives Lacey Evans the Fujiwara Armbar. Lacey taps out immediately but Shayna does not let go. Finally when Asuka gets to ringside Shayna breaks the hold and stands up. She makes a gesture inviting Asuka into the ring. Asuka backs off.

Paige: Smart move by Asuka to back away.

Renee: What do you mean? When is she going to cash in that briefcase?

Paige: Asuka will cash in when the champion is at their weakest. Shayna is in complete control right now.

Renee: The doctors are checking on Lacey’s arm and hand. I think Shayna broke something.

Paige: What a match and Shayna Baszler retains her RAW Women’s Championship.


Renee: This match will be physical just by its nature.

Paige: Just a few weeks ago both these women came so close to being champions. Now they have to fight each other plus Becky Lynch to achieve their dream

Becky starts off hot in this match. She hits a high knee on Naomi knocking her to the mat. She mixes it up with Ember kicking her in the gut. Then gives her a bexploder. Naomi gets up and Becky dropkicks her out of the ring. Ember hits Becky from behind. Ember whips her into the ropes and follows up with a knee to the midsection. Ember starts to walk around the ring and looks at the ladders outside. Becky hits a dropkick to the side of her head. Then Becky gives her a shining wizard. Naomi then gets back in the ring and gives Becky a split-legged jawbreaker. Then picks Becky up and gives her a running turnbuckle bulldog. Ember now gets up. Ember and Naomi look at each other and point towards Becky and they start to double team her.

Renee: Are you surprised to see them double teaming Becky?

Paige: At some point, you have to go into business for yourself. There can’t be co-winners here.

After a few minutes of double-teaming Becky gets knocked out of the ring. Naomi and Ember start to fight with each other. Becky now grabs a ladder and puts it on the apron. Naomi comes over and Becky snaps the ladder up into her face. Becky gets into the ring and clotheslines Ember. Becky lays the ladder in the corner and throws both Naomi and Ember into the ladder. Becky starts to scream. She takes the ladder and starts to set it up but Naomi stops her. Naomi picks up the ladder and hits Becky with it also clipping Ember in the head. Ember looks to be out cold. Becky is laying on the mat under the ladder. She kicks her legs straight up and kicks the ladder into Naomi’s jaw. Naomi drops the ladder. Becky lays the ladder on the mat. She opens the ladder and puts Naomi in between. Becky goes to the top rope and jumps down on the ladder squeezing Naomi. Becky appears to have inured her leg. The Ladder is bent. Becky goes to the outside to get another ladder. She slides it into the ring. Ember now gets up and dropkicks the ladder into Becky’s midsection as Becky was outside the ring. Ember lays the ladder outside the ring between the apron and the announce table. She slams Becky’s head into the steel steps. Ember grabs the steps and moves them by the ladder.

Renee: What is Ember Moon doing?

Ember body slams Becky on the stairs. Ember climbs to the top turnbuckle and is just standing there.

Paige: I don’t like the looks of this.

As Becky gets up Ember gives her an eclipse on the ladder. The ladder breaks.

Renee: Oh my god.

Paige: I am speechless.

Renee: Becky is not moving.

Ember staggers to her feet and gets excited. Naomi is now back on her feet and runs and kicks Ember baseball style and Ember smashes into the announce table. Naomi smashes Ember’s head on the announce table. Then she lays her body on the table. Naomi goes to the top turnbuckle and drops an elbow on Ember’s body breaking the table.

Renee: These women are going to kill each other.

Becky now starts to come around and she puts a ladder in the ring. She slowly starts to climb the ladder. Naomi gets up and goes to the top turnbuckle and dropkicks the ladder and it spills over. Becky’s neck snaps off the top rope. Ember Moon now starts to move and she crawls into the ring. Naomi starts to climb the ladder but Ember pulls her off by her hair. Ember climbs up and Naomi pulls her down by her hair. Naomi and Ember start brawling. Becky gets up and folds the ladder up and smashes it across the heads of both Ember and Naomi. Becky goes to the outside and gets a table. Becky sets the table up on the outside. Becky staggers to get to the apron. Naomi and Ember both superkick Becky and she falls through the table on the outside. Naomi looks at Ember and clotheslines her. Naomi picks up Ember and gives her a full nelson bomb.

Renee: Becky might be done.

Naomi goes to the outside and gets another table and another ladder. Naomi sets up the table in the ring. Then sets up a ladder. One of the ladders is clearly not under the belt. Ember starts to get up and runs towards Naomi and gives her a step up Enzugiri. Becky starts to get up on the outside. Naomi and Ember start to climb separate ladders. They punch each other as they are climbing. Naomi smashes Ember’s head on the top of the ladder. Naomi gets to the top step but pauses.

Renee: She can’t reach the title. What can she do? Is she going to jump to the other ladder?

Paige: I don’t know what she is going to do.

Naomi standing on the top of the ladder jumps and grabs Ember’s head and bulldogs her through the table.

Paige: Oh my god. How did she do that?

Renee: That was amazing.

Naomi sees Becky start to get up and she gets ready to do a crossbody from the ring. As she springs her body over the top rope Becky grabs part of the table and smashes it on Naomi’s head knocking her out.

Renee: Naomi and Ember are out. All Becky needs to do is get in the ring and climb the ladder to retain her title.

Becky drags her battered body into the ring and sets up the ladder. She climbs the ladder and grabs the belt to win the title.  Becky falls to the ground clutching her title in exhaustion.

Renee: Becky really earned that victory.

Paige: She is completely spent. This match was very physical.

We hear Asuka’s music and she comes running to the ring with a referee.

Renee: Oh no here comes Asuka with a referee.

Paige: Asuka is going to cash in while Becky is hurt and tired.

Asuka says to ring the bell. Becky can’t believe it. She looks at Asuka in disgust.

Renee: Becky Lynch can’t possibly compete in another match

Paige: This is why winning that briefcase is so important.

The bell rings and Asuka immediately rushes towards Becky and gives her a knee to her face. Asuka picks up Becky and gives her a pop-up knee strike.

Renee: Becky is out.

Asuka covers Becky and gets the pin. We have a new Smackdown Women’s Champion and it’s Asuka.

Paige: That’s how you cash in the Money In The Bank Briefcase

Renee: Becky wrestled her heart out against Ember Moon and Naomi.

Asuka celebrates in the ring.

We see Paul Heyman and the Horsewomen drinking champagne and celebrating as they are getting into a limo. Heyman is heard saying “I Can’t wait to address the WWE Universe at Evolution this week.”

Renee: I bet he can’t. Paige, I think we are all in trouble.







At this time I don’t plan on having all women’s pay per views.  Maybe I will do one or two during the year. But for now, I will have my pay per views when WWE has them in real life.

My match order for tonight:

Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch vs Bayley

Women’s Money In The Bank Match

Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch vs Shayna Baszler


Stephanie is at ringside with Tamina for this match. This was a good match. Not much bending of the rules. Becky would be the aggressor then Bayley was the aggressor. Several near pin falls for each. Stephanie ordered Tamina to give Bayley the advantage. Bayley did not seem pleased.  This was a very physical match and Bayley legit got close to winning several times. Tamina trips up Becky as she goes off the ropes and Bayley takes advantage. After giving Becky a stunner off the ropes she gets Becky in the Guillotine Choke wearing her down. Becky does not submit but was hurt.  Bayley gives Becky an exploder suplex followed by a second back suplex. Becky rolls out of the ring and Tamina picks her up and smashes her back into the ring post twice. Bayley rolls Becky into the ring and goes to the top rope and jumps off with a diving back elbow. Bayley then  locks Becky in a scissored Arm-bar.  Bayley stomps Becky’s head while she has this hold in. Becky is hurting and needs to do something big, Bayley goes to the top rope and comes down with a macho man elbow and Becky reverses it and puts Bayley in the disarmer and Bayley taps out. Becky wins the match but paid the price and she is definitely hurting as a result of this match.


MONEY IN THE BANK LADDER MATCH. PARTICIPANTS: Carmella, Charlotte Flair, Asuka, Lacey Evans, Alexa Bliss, Naomi, Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville.

Match Highlights.

  • At the beginning of the match, all the women look at Alexa Bliss and remember what she did during a Moment Of Bliss. They all get together to take her out of the match. She gets handcuffed to a gate near ringside. So she is effectively out of the match.
  • Asuka and Lacey square off several times during the match.
  • Naomi and Carmella take huge bumps a few minutes into the match and are not seen for a while.
  • Mandy and Sonya double team Charlotte. Sonya saves Mandy a couple of time when Charlotte tries to do some serious damage to her.
  • Asuka and Lacey fight on the ladders. Mandy and Sonya knock them off.
  • Naomi and Carmella get back in the match and all 7 women are going crazy with wild spots.
  • Mandy keeps directing Sonya to take out other women then tries to climb the ladder only to have another woman knock her off.
  • About 18 minutes into the match Sonya takes out Lacey Evans by throwing her over the ropes onto a ladder. Every other woman is down and Sonya climbs the ladder. Mandy gets up and pulls her down and yells at her before she starts to climb the ladder. Sonya pulls her down and they start fighting.  As they are heading towards the ropes Naomi using a ladder knocks them both out of the ring. Carmella then kicks the ladder into Naomi’s ribs knocking her out of the ring. Carmella starts to climb the ladder but Asuka jumps from the turnbuckle and dropkicks the ladder and Carmella goes crashing down to the mat. Asuka grabs a ladder and climbs up and wins the Money In The Bank Match


RAW WOMEN’S CHAMPION Becky Lynch vs Shayna Baszler

Paul Heyman comes out with Shayna Baszler. Becky limps out to the ring obviously hurting from a physical match with Bayley. Baszler goes on the attack immediately. Backing Becky into the corner with punches and kicks to Becky’s midsection. Baszler arm drags Becky to the match and goes for the twisted arm stomp. Baszler had Becky well scouted and wants to eliminate the Disarmher from the match by damaging her arm. Baszler with a Fujiwara armbar then is on the mat really trying to break her arm. Becky is hurt but won’t tap out. Baszler is working Becky all over and puts her in a stretch muffler. Becky still won’t tap out.  Becky finally gets some offense in kicking Baszler in the gut several times. Becky throws Baszler into the ropes and gives her a high knee to the jaw. Becky tried to put her in the disarmher but her arm is too damaged. Baszler gains the advantage again. Whips Becky into the ropes and gives Becky a fireman’s carry takedown.  Baszler drops a leg across Becky’s chest and goes for the pin but Becky kicks out. Baszler puts Becky in the Cross arm breaker submission hold and Becky just will not tap out.  Heyman is screaming from the outside for Becky to tap out saying Baszler is going to break your arm. Becky gets to the ropes after a while of being in that hold. Baszler puts Becky in a Kirifuda Driver into a submission hold but again Becky does not give up. Baszler stands Becky up and goes for a suplex but Becky reverses and rolls up Baszler and gets a 2 and a half count. Baszler kicks out. Baszler is now getting frustrated yelling at Becky to just lose already. The fans are screaming Becky’s name and she is trying to feed off the crowd. Becky tries to kick Baszler but she catches her leg.  Than Becky gives her an Enzugiri. She puts Baszler in the corner and using the ropes to spring her body kicks Baszler in the side several times. This could be Becky’s last chance here as the damage her body has taken tonight has worn her down. Becky does manager to ger Baszler into a Cross arm breaker.  Becky gets up and whips Baszler off the ropes and gives her a dropkick. Picks up Baszler and gives her a pump handle side slam. Becky goes off the top rope and leg drops Baszler and puts her in the disarmher. Heyman gets on the ring apron in front of Becky and Baszler gets up and drives a knee into her back. Baszler picks up Becky and throws her into the corner past the turnbuckle and Becky’s shoulder slams into the ring post. Baszler then puts Becky in the ring and again does a twisted arm stomp twice. Baszler then puts Becky in the Fujiwara armbar and Becky passes out from the pain and the ref calls for the bell and Baszler wins the belt.




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Wrestlemania Card & Potential Matches


The show of shows is fast approaching and the entire card still has not been released yet.  Depending on how much you follow the online posts it’s all over the place.  Are they going to have 17 matches?  Is Vince concerned the show will be longer than last year?  Are they going to not have every title defended?  What day is today?  What month are we in?  My god it never stops.  So let’s look at what we have confirmed as of Sunday March 24th.  I will also start to make my predictions and thoughts on the announced matches.


  1. From what I have read it still is scheduled to be the Triple Threat Match for the Raw Women’s Championship. Ronda Rousey vs Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair.  I have made my opinions known about this match in several blogs.  This angle has been drawn out way too long.  Ronda vs Charlotte was always the plan for this event.  Becky got hot and had to be added to the match.  She has in my opinion cooled down.  Let’s not forget that if Nia Jax could control these hands Becky would have fought Ronda at Survivor Series and not Charlotte and things might have been different.    I love the Ronda heel turn.  She should have always been the bad ass character.  I do understand why she wasn’t when she first got into the WWE.  I couldn’t stand to see her smiling at the crowd.  The Man is cooling off now.  I have grown tired of this is my moment crap.  She is not on the level of Ronda and Charlotte.  And that is not a slap in the face to her either.  What I really want is to see the Horsewomen angle in this match.  However they want to do it I really don’t care.  Maybe have Bayley and Sasha take out Ronda.  Maybe Ronda’s team comes out and lays out both Becky and Charlotte.  But that probably leads to Ronda retaining the title.  I do not expect to see Ronda take the fall.  Becky would probably win by pinning Charlotte.  Somehow we need to get Charlotte and Becky on the same page to start the angle.  Shayna Baszler is rumored to be getting brought up to the main roster.  Maybe that is a sign of what is to come.  I also think Ronda is not going anywhere.  Maybe she takes a month or two off.  But FOX wants her on Smackdown.


  1. Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship. Seth took the ball from Roman Reigns and ran with it as best as he could.  Brock is never on TV.  That title is never defended.  It’s hard to sell the match when one half is not around.  If not for the brilliance of Paul Heyman on the mic this would be a waste of time.  Everyone expects and wants Seth to take the strap from Brock.  For just that reason I don’t think it happens.  Call me crazy.  Even with Daniel Cormier saying he wants to do a run in.  Ehh not sure how I feel about that.  It would be right along with what FOX supposedly wants.


  1. Triple H vs Batista. We knew this was coming since the Smackdown 1000 celebration.  Batista using Ric Flair to get this match was a good strategy.  The promos have been good leading up to this match.  I wish Batista was making a full time comeback.  This match will be physical.  But I expect Triple H to win.


  1. Shane McMahon vs The Miz. Another match we knew was coming since the Saudi Arabia PPV.  It was a matter of how they get this match set up.  I was not into this match at the beginning.  But after seeing the split at Fastlane and how Shane attacked The Miz in front of his father, and then Shane’s promo on Smackdown Live I started to get into it.  But I am now totally hooked after The Miz cut the best promo of his career.  Miz is so good on the mic.  Look for the Miz to win with his father getting involved.


  1. AJ Styles vs Randy Orton. This match was thrown together so how they got heat was going to be important.  There were little teases in interviews back stage before Orton RKO’s Elias for no reason.  AJ hit Orton with the phenomenal forearm right after setting this up.  But the promo on Smackdown Live between AJ and RKO was magic.  Everything that said was 100 percent true which has made the heat between the two seem real.  These are two great workers who deserve to have a match at the show of shows.  This should be a great match and I give the win to Orton.


  1. Samoa Joe vs Rey Mysterio for the United States Title. We knew Joe was going to have a match on this card.  I was hoping for a match against Andrade but both are heels.  I could live with this match but it looks like Mysterio’s kid is going to be involved in some way.    I hate that.  Joe is not losing the strap.


  1. Kurt Angle Vs Baron Corbin. Angle’s Retirement Match.  There isn’t a sole on Earth who wants Baron Corbin in this match.  And now Vince knows it.  There is only one person who should be facing Angle and that is John Cena.  Please Vince make the right choice.  The only choice and put Cena in this match.  Angle will beat whoever he faces.


  1. Andre The Giant Battle Royal. This match is irrelevant and no one cares who wins as it does nothing for the winner.  It just gets all the talent on the card.  This match will be on the kickoff show.


  1. Buddy Murphy vs Tony Nese Cruiserweight Title match. Who cares.  Another match that will be on the kickoff show.


  1. We know Asuka is defending her Smackdown Live Women’s title. We don’t know who it will be against.  There is a fatal 4-way match on SD Live between Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, Naomi and Carmella where the winner faces Asuka.  Let’s see.  They are teasing the breakup of Mandy and Sonya which makes sense if they are not going to be in the tag team title picture.  Carmella I think will have other plans.  Naomi has not been seen on TV for a month now.  To have the best match and one we haven’t seen before is Asuka vs Naomi.  So I am hoping for that.  Mandy or Sonya winning only makes sense if both are in that match.  I do also feel that Lacey Evans gets added to the match and don’t be surprised if she wins the strap.  WWE has really screwed up Asuka during this very insignificant reign.  And she did get Becky to tap out at Royal Rumble and it feels like she is getting punished for that.


  1. Daniel Bryan will be defending his title against Kofi Kingston. Kofi will be in this match.  It’s just a matter of when he officially becomes part of the match.  My guess is Kofi puts his career on the line in a match on SD Live this week against I don’t know who.  Hopefully it’s not Daniel Bryan.  I really feel this match will be the best one on the card and I expect Kofi to win.


  1. Boss/Hug vs Nattie & Beth Phoenix vs Nia Jax & Tamina vs The IIconics for the women’s tag team titles. This should be announced this week.  I can see Nia and Tamina winning the belts.  If the IIconics were to win they need to switch to Raw as there are no tag teams on SD Live.  Part of me also feels they are setting up a Phoenix vs Nia match so maybe Boss/Hug retains.  I am going with the IIconics.  The Women’s tag team division is screwed up anyway.  It’s like oh let’s give the women’s division a tag team championship because they don’t have one.  And the Riott Squad has not been seen since the Elimination chamber.  You will need several teams to make up a legit tag team division.  Maybe they bring in 2 women from NXT for this match.  At this point who knows.


  1. Uso’s vs The Hardy Boys for the SD Live Tag team titles. They have teased this and it has to happen.  Despite the talk of cutting both tag team titles off the card.  This is too good a match to ignore.  Hopefully it gets made official this week.  Now as for who wins.  I say the Uso’s.  I don’t buy that they are going to leave the company.


  1. Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre. Drew issued the challenge last week.  Roman will accept this week on Raw.  Solid match.  Roman wins


  1. Finn Balor will be wrestling as the demon. Not sure what is going on here.  You would think Lashley for the what seems like 100th  Lio Rush will turn on Lashley costing him the title.  If these two are not facing each other then I don’t know who Balor faces as he figures to be on the card before Lashley.


  1. I haven’t heard that the women’s battle royal is still happening. It has not been announced yet.  I am thinking this match gets cut. That’s why you are seeing multi woman matches.


  1. I do expect something to happen with this whole Lexi Bliss/Carmella/R Truth story. I would love to personally see an impromptu match with Carmella and R Truth Vs Bliss and Elias.  It kind of makes sense to me in a way.  The winner of this match does not really matter.  Possibly a run in with Andrade and Zelina Vega.  Whatever gets Carmella on TV more makes me very happy.


Ok so there are some prominent names left off this card destined to be in either the Men’s battle royal or not on the card altogether.

Will the Revival defend their Raw tag team titles at Wrestlemania?  It would further showcase Ricochet and Alesiter Black.  Knowing the WWE, they will make this a 4 team schmoz match adding Bobby Roode and Chad Gable and maybe Heavy Machinery.  While I hate to see Ricochet and Black on the kickoff show that is where this match is destined to be.

Other big names such as Kevin Owens, Nakamura, Rusev, whoever loses the women’s fatal 4-way match on SD Live, Big E, Xavier and a whole bunch of Men’s mid card talent without matches.  The men will be in the battle royal.  As for the women maybe you have 6 or so not involved in some way in the card.  Does it make sense to have a women’s battle royal that will have more NXT women than main roster women in the match?

I have to give it to the Revival.  They are trying to get noticed.  In reality they are a very talented tag team.  WWE has dropped the ball with their booking of this team.  But please god I don’t want to see them face Gronk and Mojo Rawley at Wrestlemania.  This is such a Vince move too.  Would it surprise me to find out Gronk has been training for the last month to be able to appear at Wrestlemania?  Absolutely not.  Everyone thinks he is going to be working for the WWE anyway at some point now that he is retired from the NFL.

While I am at it kudos to you Lana.  For some Rusev is an after-thought and I can’t understand why.  He has great in ting ability.  If you have ever seen Total Divas or the recent “Drop The Mic” show you would know he has tremendous personality and charisma.

I have been saying for 2 months now that I feel the women need their own weekly show.  With SD Live moving to FOX there is a spot open on USA who I can’t believe would not be open to anything the WWE pitches.  There is just too much talent being wasted.  I know 2 more hours of live TV and yes the show needs to be live is a lot.  But I think it needs to happen.  Especially if Smackdown Live moves to Friday and it’s live.

What are your thoughts on the card?

Wrestling Blog 3-20

After a few weeks or really since Roman Reigns came back Monday Night Raw was getting better.  Sure not all 3 hours can be action packed.  At least not from the material the creatives at WWE have been giving us but for the most part the show should be enjoyable.  WWE took a giant step backwards with last night’s Monday Night Raw that generated zero momentum for Wrestlemania and making Vince re think one of his matches for the big card because the fans hate it.  I can honestly say I was sleeping on and off during Raw this week and I doubt that I will be during Smackdown Live.

The WWE had a golden opportunity to showcase new or returning talent this week with a few of the headliners off the card.  Instead we were force fed matchups we have seen too many times and highly anticipated matches that just flat out sucked.  I don’t even know where to start.  But it doesn’t even matter.  75 percent of this show was a huge disappointment.

We were told this past weekend of 2 major announcements for this Raw this Monday.

  1. Who is Kurt Angle going to wrestle in his last match at Wrestlemania?
  2. A Tag team match was announced between Lashley and Lio Rush against Finn Balor and a mystery partner.

Let’s start with the second one.  We have seen Balor fight Lashley for too many times now.  My god when is it going to end.  Lio Rush always gets involved and usually costs Finn the match.  But we have the specter of the mystery partner in the mix.  I actually thought long and hard about this.  There are several superstars coming back from injury that we all want to see.  There could also be some other surprises.  My last blog had a bunch of names that I thought the mystery partner could be. I had 9 names down.

Apollo Crews?  He has been on TV a lot lately and maybe getting a push.  There were other plans for him.  More on that later.  Luke Harper who recently returned to a Raw house show?  Does not really make sense because he is a heel.  Same with Bray Wyatt and who knows if the family is getting back together.  I thought maybe Kurt Angle because we were told he is working hurt and needs to have tag team matches now.  I thought the Dead Man just because if he is working Wrestlemania maybe he shows up and makes a challenge.  Besides he hasn’t wrestled on Raw since I can’t even remember.  But Taker can pretty much show up and do what he wants whenever he wants.  Maybe some NXT star getting called up.  I am not up to date with NXT so I can’t even give you a name.  The first name on my list of possibilities was Braun Stroman because he was doing nothing and he often times gets thrown into something stupid.  Plus, he has a history with Lashley.  But this would have been the most boring pick.

But the two I really wanted to see were Sami Zayn who by what you read is 100 percent healthy and ready to go.  And Johnny Gargano.  He was all ready to have a huge push with DIY until Tommaso Ciampa got hurt and this could be a good way to re-introduce him to the WWE Universe.  Another name I would have put here was Ricochet.  I knew Aleister Black was on his honeymoon but I read somewhere he was still going to be on Raw.  He wasn’t and Ricochet beat Jinder Mahal in a match that made no sense for Mahal.

So as the night gets started and this match is talked about, before Finn Balor even comes out do we really need to hear Michael Cole say this pairing is going to be monstrous.  Are you kidding me.  How do you even spoil the surprise or nightmare like that?  For me I like the anticipation of hearing the music then the Superstar comes out from the back to my happiness or dismay.  This is one of the reasons I love the Royal Rumble match so much.

So out comes Braun Stroman as the mystery partner much to the dismay of the whole WWE Universe.  The match makes no sense at all.  It is something we have seen a million times before.  Balor and Lashley need to never have another match together.  Maybe move one of them to Smackdown Live.  Stroman is destined to mess with the Saturday Night Live people at Wrestlemania further embarrassing a character who was once invincible.  WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS MATCH?

But it does appear that Balor and Lashley will have another round at Wrestlemania as we saw Stroman literally throw Lio Rush all over the yard so bad that he was spitting on himself.  I give Lio credit for taking this beating as Lashley just looked from the ramp while his “Hype Man” got destroyed.  So is this what we see at Wrestlemania?  Lio screws Lashley out of the title breaking up this partnership?  Does anyone else really want to see Lashley vs Lio Rush after Wrestlemania.  So I give this “Surprise” a F rating.

Next is the second disappointment of the night.  Who will be Kurt Angle’s opponent for his retirement match at Wrestlemania?  There is really only one man that makes 100 percent sense.  John Cena.  There are tons of history between the two.  Angle was Cena’s first opponent so it is very cool to have Cena as Angle’s last opponent.  How many times do you actually have that possibility?  Besides Cena wants to work Wrestlemania.  Let them have a 10-minute match or as long as Kurt can go.  If you saw Angel vs Chad Gable who should be a singles wrestler last night on Raw you know the tank is at zero for Kurt.  It’s sad to see this because Angle is a legend but it is time to go now.

Also this gets Cena on the card without really needing to build up the match.  The moment of the match should be bigger than the actual match.  Cena was rumored to be facing Samoa Joe.  Why waste that for Joe?  Let Joe further a storyline with someone else instead of facing Cena in a one-time match.  Anyway do we need to put Joe over by having him wrestle Cena.  Joe is already over.  I can certainly understand if Cena would be facing Lars Sullivan as this was the original plan.  As we found out last night Joe has been booked with Rey Mysterio for Wrestlemania.  John Cena is a man without a match right now.  Vince make that change right now please.

WWE leaked out a possibility of Shelton Benjamin facing Angle too.  That also makes sense but not more than Cena.  I also thought maybe the Undertaker.  It would also get him on the card.  They could have a quick match and again the moment has to be bigger than the match.  Afterwards Taker possibly breaks character and hugs Kurt. I also thought maybe Samoa Joe because of their history in TNA.  Kurt has that kind of respect that a lot of the boys would want to be in that last match.

I even had some tag-team match ideas.  I only did this because Kurt can’t carry a match anymore and needs a lot of help.  So maybe with Demon Finn against Lashley and Lio.  Or with Curt Hawkins against Corbin and Elias so Hawkins breaks his losing streak and also gets Corbin and Elias on the card.  Or with Braun against Corbin and Elias.  Same reason.  I did have as one possibility Baron Corbin.

So it is Baron Corbin.  Ugh so unreal.  No one likes that.  Let me repeat this.  NO ONE LIKES THAT.  These matches were not even interesting when they were wrestling each other just last year.  So why now.  In a true WTF moment for the WWE here comes word that Vince is looking to change the match because the fan reaction has been very negative.  Uh you think Vince.  Jeez WWE and Vince.  You had 2 spots where you could have struck gold.  Instead what did you get.  If I could give this a F- or lower, I would.

As for the rest of the show what a gigantic clusterfuck it was.  There was legitimately one thing I actually liked.  Well two and surprise both had to do with the women’s division.  So let’s start from the beginning.

The show opens with Brock Lesnar coming to the ring to say nothing as usual.  Thank god he has Paul Heyman to be his mouthpiece.  I am so tired of Lesnar.  But we know he is going to stick around because FOX wants Brock on their show.  We already knew Seth Rollins was facing Drew McIntyre in the main event in a match that we have seen how many times in the last how many months.  Talk to my man BC Amplified about that.  Drew who is now being wasted by bad booking comes out to tell Brock there won’t be much left of Rollins after tonight.  Out comes out hero Rollins with a chair to get retribution for his brothers and lays a whopping on Drew.

Rollins walks in the ring with the chair and Brock leaves.  Heyman throws in the line you’re the champ and you’re not getting paid to fight tonight.  Paul is brilliant.  Anyone who can teach the Bella Twins how to cut a promo has to be very good at his job.

Next up is the Balor/Stroman/Lashley/Rush segment.  I am not talking about that anymore.  The only mildly interesting moment from this is the continued teasing of a split between Lashley and Lio.  Oh and Stroman officially enters the Andre The Giant Battle Royal.  This is confirmation there will be a men’s battle royal.  I mean there are a lot of guys not involved in any confirmed or rumored matches.  I can’t say that about the women because there is still a lot we don’t know.

We see Ronda backstage with her husband walking into the arena.  I am not sure we have ever seen her husband on camera before.  That should have been a clue as we never see spouses walking into the arenas.  Ronda blows off the referee and security guards.  She needs to be the bad ass.


Next we have “A Moment Of Bliss” and Corey goes crazy like a teenage boy in heat.  Elias will be her guest and he announces he is the musical guest for Wrestlemania.  That takes him off the card and gets him on camera.  This will probably lead to an angle.  I liked this segment.  Alexa is one pretty woman.  “Hello I am Elias” and “Hello I am Alexis,” I loved the connection between the two.  Alexa really played this segment up.

I liked this until No Way Jose’s music hits with Otis leading the conga line.  Two things about this.  One is Heavy Machinery is now the newer version of the Bushwhackers.  Two is where is Jose.  It didn’t take a genius to figure out Elias was going to get blindsided.  Elias did and this led to a match that Elias wins the match.  Angle is over.  What’s the point?  UGH

Next up we have the Kurt Angle announcement followed by a match against Chad Gable.  Kurt just has nothing left and to have a great match he needs someone to really carry the whole match.  Corbin is not capable of that.  But I have no problems letting him wrestle every week til he retires.  I do expect or more like hope he has a tag team match next week.

Corbin comes out after the match to gloat about being picked for the Wrestlemania match.  Can we please get a camera on him once Vince replaces him?  This better happen soon.

So now we get to where something good actually happens.  Out comes Boss Hug to address the IIconics and not appearing on Smackdown Live yet.  We get the announcement that they are heading to Smackdown Live tomorrow.  There isn’t much time left to fill at Smackdown Live because of the gauntlet match and the Miz promo already announced and I am sure another Becky/Charlotte face to face.

So out comes Nattie and Beth Phoenix.  Beth has a great promo about how the dragon has awoken and she wants the tag titles with Natty and how Nia and Tamina got her going again.  Beth looks to be in great shape and she issues the challenge to Boss Hug.  Sasha downgrades Nattie and gets a slap for it.  This leads to a match between Sasha and Nattie.  Nia interrupts on the ramp and Tamina looking bad ass comes out from behind to lay out Beth, Bayley and Sasha.  So now we have a 3-way match for the tag team tiles.

Next we have another stupid Mojo Rawley promo.  Would someone just break the fucking mirror already.

Ricochet is alone tonight and beats Jinder Mahal.  Whatever.  If my heart is not into writing about Raw, it’s because the show was that bad.

Next is Ronda Rousey against Dana Brooke.  They way this has played out for Dana has been great.  And we get the backstage moment with Brooke before heading out to the ring saying I am not better than Ronda but I need to be better for 3 seconds.  Great spot.

The match lasted 19 seconds and Ronda tried to break Dana’s arm after she tapped.  Great sell by Dana.  Ronda leaves and goes to kiss her husband who is sitting ringside and security comes after to her for what reason I have no idea.  One security guard puts his hand on her and she lays him out.  Then her husband lays out another security guard.  Then her husband picks her up into the crowd and the exit the arena.  Meanwhile poor Dana is in the ring selling her kayfabe injury which is now part of the storyline.  I like the out of control Ronda.  This is what she should have been all the time.  Using her husband as a control mechanism is a good twist.  I am anxious to see where this goes from here.  Oh and I am not sold that she is leaving after Wrestlemania either.

What I don’t understand is why bury Dana Brooke when she finally got connected to the fan base.  And now she is selling an announced injury so where does this leave her?

Now we have a waste match of Baron Corbin vs Apollo Crews.  Crews wins.  If your trying to sell a Kurt Angle Vs Baron Corbin match, why is he losing to Crews on Monday Night Raw 3 weeks before Wrestlemania.  I just don’t get it.

Next up is an interview with Batista in his home office.  Batista dressed in a suit and we see ugly drapes and a red painted brick wall.  Pretty good spot for Batista.  I will give it to Batista.  He got some parts in movies until he landed a huge part in a money making franchise as Drax and off he went.

Alexa tells Braun to calm down and let he broker a peace with SNL.

Now we have the Main Event of Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre.  Drew challenges Roman for a match at Wrestlemania.  Shocker.  Who really cares.  Drew wins the match after Brock distracts Seth.   Way to build up Seth for Wrestlemania.  Seth who has lost a lot of momentum since the Royal Rumble loses for some unknown reason.

We find out after Raw goes off the air that Corbin gets involved and Dean Ambrose saves Seth.  Wrestlemania is 2 weeks ago and we need a better show than this beforehand.

As for Smackdown Live we knew of 3 segments.  The Kofi Kingston gauntlet match that was supposed to start the show but didn’t, The Miz promo in response to Shane O’Mac’s promo and the Boss Hug Connection addressing the IIconics.  And no doubt more of Charlotte and Becky too.  So that is most of the night already booked.  So I was already looking forward to the show.

The gauntlet match was advertised to open the show.  But when it didn’t I wasn’t mad because The Miz was opening the show.  Miz is so golden on the mic.  He really digged deep down to cut this promo.  He showed a lot of real emotion.  For an angle that we knew it was coming once they started to team up both the promos of Miz this week and last week Shane O’Mac, I am really excited for this match.  Hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard enough.

So Smackdown Live got off to a great start.  And now we move onto a non-title match between the Women’s tag team champions Boss Hug Connection vs the IIconics.  IIconics win by cheating putting them into the Women’s tag team match at Wrestlemania.  Yet another non-title match that the champions lose.  This happens way too much now.  All this did was make this a 4-way match and quite possibly a 5-way match.  Oh well.

Next Rey Mysterio announces his match against Samoa Joe at Wrestlemania for the US title.  And his son Dominic is there who is bigger than Rey.  You think he gets involved in the match?

Come on Smackdown.  Your losing some steam before Kofi brings the house down.

Move into the next segment.  It’s the KO Show where he will have Charlotte and Becky sitting down face to face for yet another promo for the Wrestlemania match somehow without the third person in the match Ronda Rousey.  This was a boring ridiculous segment with KO stirring the pot bigtime.  He said the one thing I think we can all say we love you KO for finally saying it.  He said I am tired of hearing you talk just fight.  That is spot on for this angle.  It is dragging now.  The fight between Charlotte and Becky was awful.  No one sold anything.  It didn’t even look real.  And they were trying to one up Ronda which neither are ever going to do.

Next we have an AJ Styles promo.  Then we have a Daniel Bryan leading right into the Kofi Kingston gauntlet match which started at 8:53 and running straight through til 10.

To beat 5 superstars is hard to do.  As Kofi wrestles Sheamus in the first match we see some of the high risk moves he is known for.  But you know that as he moves along the gauntlet he will start to slow down as fatigue will set in.  I did expect the first match to be traditional with a regular ending.  When Kofi pinned Sheamus after the SOS I was not surprised.  Now it would get much harder for Kofi.  He has to beat a fresh Cesaro which he does.  Then comes Erick Rowan who gets disqualified for using a chair.  Rowan then continues to beat up Kofi until the next opponent comes out.  Samoa Joe is next up for Kofi and he gets a roll up win.

Finally, the last man is Randy Orton.  You see the whole locker room watching on a TV cheering for Kofi to get this done.  I check the clock and there is 25 minutes left in the show.  Man that’s a long time for Kofi to have to wrestle Orton.  So Kofi rolls up Orton for the win.  I check the clock and it’s 9:52 and there is 8 minutes left in the show.  You had to know something was up.

Out comes Vince McMahon and he says Kofi has to win one more match.  His opponent is Daniel Bryan.  Well to make a long story short Kofi loses and Daniel Bryan calls him a B Plus player.  The irony is Bryan was called that in the lead up to his Wrestlemania 30 match.  Now he is on the other side.

This match is going to happen.  Vince is going to keep this up for another week at least.  Kofi and Bryan have good ring chemistry.  Smackdown Live ends with the rest of the New Day consoling Kofi.  Kudos to Big E and Xavier selling this on Wednesday saying they feel like quitting WWE.

On the whole Smackdown was a good show.  We knew a large portion of the show was booked for Kofi and the Miz.  So filling out the other 40 plus minutes was going to be very important.  If not for the awful Charlotte/Becky segment this show would have been a great show.


And of Course if Carmella would have gotten camera time.