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Sports Plays Of The Day

Sports Plays Of The Day.

I got off to a bad start yesterday going 1-2. My figure is at minus 100 units.

I have three NFL plays for today.

Take the Vikings -2.5 vs the Green Bay Packers

Take the Eagles -5.5 at the Washington Football Team

Take the Chargers -3 at the Cincinnati Bengals

*All images are courtesy of sportslogo.net unless noted otherwise.

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The 2020 NFL season is upon us. It feels like a miracle that we are getting football this season. But with the other three major sports all playing exciting games every day it’s time for some football. I am picking six team overs and six team unders. We didn’t have an exhibition season to see how our teams were playing especially the rookies. Let’s hope we get a full season of NFL action


Kansas City Chiefs 11.5

Buffalo Bills 9

Minnesota Vikings 9

San Francisco 49ers 10.5

New York Football Giants 6.5

Houston Texans 7.5


Atlanta Falcons 7.5

Chicago Bears 8.5

Cincinnati Bengals 5.5


Washington Football Team 5.5

Los Angeles Rams 8.5

Jacksonville Jaguars 4.5

*All images are courtesy of sportslogo.net unless noted.

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