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Oregon plus 6 vs Utah

Central Michigan -6.5 against Miami Ohio

App State -6 against Louisianna

Baylor plus 9 against Oklahoma

UAB plus 7.5 against FAU

Memphis -9.5 against Cincinnati

LSU -6 against Georgia

Boise State -14 against Hawaii

Virginia plus 28.5 against Clemson

Wisconsin plus 16.5 against Ohio State University

Sports Plays Of The Day

Sports Plays Of The Day

My figure is at plus 34900. Here are my picks for the day. 200 each.


Northwestern -38 at home vs UMASS

Alabama Crimson Tide

Alabama -18 at Miss State

Penn State -14 at home vs Indiana

UAB -15 at home vs UTEP

Auburn Tigers

Auburn plus 3 at home vs Georgia

Ohio State -52.5 at Rutgers

Central Michigan plus 2.5 at Ball State

Virginia Tech -.5 at Georgia Tech

Minnesota Golden Gophers plus 3 at Iowa

Over 67.5 Oklahoma at Baylor


Maryland -20 at home vs Oakland

Virginia -23. at home vs Columbia

North Dakota State -4.5 at Texas A&M CC


Sports Picks 10-26

Sports Picks 10-26

After going 4-8 last Sunday to lower my figure to plus 31300 I am back with 16 plays today across 3 sports. 200 each.

Texas A & M -10.5 at hime vs Miss State

Pitt -5.5 at home vs Miami

Liberty -7.5 at Rutgers

Illinois plus 9.5 at Purdue

Minnesota -16 at home vs Maryland

Nebraska plus 2.5 at Indiana

LSU -10.5 at home vs Auburn

Virginia -3.5 at Louisville


Central Florida -10.5 at Temple

Notre Dame plus 1 at Michigan

Celtics -6 at Knicks

76ERS -4.5 at Pistons

Jazz-9.5 at home vs Kings

Astros and the over 8.5 at Nationals

Sports Picks 10-19

Sports Picks 10-19

After going 0-3 yesterday to lower my figure to plus 31700  I am back with 12 plays today. All 200 each.

Miami -18 at home vs Georgia Tech

Houston -22 at UCONN

Toledo +1 at Ball State

SMU -7.5 at home vs Temple

Take Virginia -3 at home vs Duke

Buffalo -17.5 at Akron

Minnesota -28.5 at Rutgers

UAB -16 at home vs Old Dominion

Oklahoma State -4 at home vs Baylor

Boise St -7 at BYU

Astros and the over

As of right now the over is not posted. Whatever it is I am taking it.

Top Ten College Football Rankings 10-8


  1. Alabama Crimson Tide 6-0 Last Week (1) Still the best team in the country. LSU game is pivotal as always

  1. Clemson Tigers 5-0 Last Week (2) Plays first game since the almost defeat against UNC

  1. Georgia Bulldogs 5-0 Last Week (3) The Bulldogs are in a great spot and can withstand a regular-season loss.

  1. LSU Tigers 6-0 Last Week (4) LSU Plays big game vs Florida this week

  1. Ohio State Buckeyes 6-0 Last Week (5) I won’t move them up until they beat a big team or someone above them loses.

  1. Florida Gators 6-0 Last Week (9) Big jump for the Gators. But they could be on the outside if they get smoked this week vs LSU

  1. Oklahoma Sooners 5-0 Last Week (7) Big game this week vs Texas

8.  Wisconsin Badgers 5-0 Last Week (8) Ohio State game is on the horizon

  1. Notre Dame 4-1 Last Week (10) Needs to keep blowing out their opponents

  1. Penn State Nittany Lions 5-0 Last Week (UR) Haven’t beaten anyone yet. Big games are coming.


Virginia Cavaliers 4-1 Can win out and possibly play in a New Years bowl game. But lost last night.

Cincinnati Bearcats 4-1 & SMU Mustangs 6-0-With UCF already having a loss this could be the year some other team gets a crack at a big new years bowl game.

Sports Picks 10-11

After going 4-1 on Monday night to raise my figure to plus 31100 I am back with two plays today 200 each.

Take the Nationals at the Cardinals

Take Virginia plus 3 at Miami



After the first month of the season, it is time for my top ten teams plus two bonus teams.


  1. Alabama Crimson Tide 5-0. The best team in the country

  1. Clemson Tigers 5-0. If Clemson loses a game this season they should not make the playoffs.

  1. Georgia Bulldogs 4-0. Should have lost to Notre Dame

  1. LSU Tigers 4-0. As always on a collision course with Alabama.

  1. Ohio State Buckeyes 5-0. Doing just fine post Urban Meyer

  1. Auburn Tigers 5-0. The forgotten team in the SEC WEST

  1. Oklahoma Sooners 4-0. Could they have the Heisman winner for the third straight season?

  1. Wisconsin Badgers 4-0. Can they get over the Ohio State hump this year?

  1. Florida Gators 5-0. The fun will end the next two weeks with games vs Auburn and Georgia.

  1. Notre Dame Fighting Irish 3-1. Should have beat Georgia. They can run the table and get back into the playoff talk.


These teams can’t make the playoffs but could be in the top 10 soon and play in a New Years Day Bowl Game.

Virginia Cavaliers 4-1. Weak remaining schedule in a weak ACC.

Central Florida Knights 4-1. Need to get into a power conference.

Sports Plays of The Day 4-6

After going 3-5 yesterday to drop my figure to plus 1750 mellamonies I am back with 10 plays today.  All 200 units each.  I will start with the final four.


Take Auburn plus 6 against Virginia

Michigan State Spartans

Take Sparty.  Michigan State -2.5 against Texas Tech

Take the Mets at home vs the Nationals

Take the Mariners at the Whitesox

Take the Yankees at the Orioles

Take the Redsox at the Diamondbacks

Take the Angels at home vs the Rangers

Take the Reds at the Pirates

Take the Cardinals at home vs the Padres

Take the Senators at home vs the Blue Jackets.  SYSTEM HOCKEY

Sports Plays Of The Day 3-30

After going 3-3 to hold my figure at plus 2750 mellamonies I have a whole bunch of picks today.  I got both Elite Eight Games.  I got 3 each for MLB and NBA.  In addition and I hate days like this but I got 4 system Hockey picks today.  Trust the system.  All 200 units a piece.  Let’s get started.


Take the Yankees at home vs the Orioles

Take the Indians at the Twins

Take the Cubs against the Rangers


Take the Pacers -2.5 at home vs the Magic

Take the Heat -5.5 at the Knicks

Take the Raptors -7 at the Bulls


Take Texas Tech plus 4.5 against Gonzaga

Take Purdue plus 4.5 against Virginia


System Hockey

Take the Bruins at home vs the Panthers

Take the Lightning at home vs the Capitals

Take the Canucks at home vs the Stars

Take the Kings at home vs the Blackhawks

Sports Plays Of The Day 3-28 Opening Day Sweet Sixteen Edition

Hello all and Happy Opening Day.  Yesterday I went 0-2 lowering my total to plus 2950 mellamonies.  Busy day today as I have 9 picks including all 4 Sweet Sixteen games.  200 units each


Take the Yankees at home against the Orioles

Take the Redsox on the road in Seattle

Take the Rockies on the road in Miami


Take the Florida State Seminoles plus 7 against the Gonzaga Bulldogs

Take the Purdue Boilermakers plus 1.5 against the Tennessee Volunteers

Take the Michigan Wolverines -2 against the Texas Tech Red Raiders

Take the Virginia Cavaliers -8.5 against the Oregon Ducks


Take the Raptors -11.5 at the New York Knicks


Take the Edmonton Oilers at home vs the Dallas Starsspr