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Sports Picks 11-24

Sports Picks 11-24

After going 13-9 yesterday to raise my figure to plus 33900 I am back today with plays. All 200 each.


Raiders -3 at the Jets

Seahawks plus 1 at Eagles

Saints -9.5 at home vs Panthers

Bills -3.5 at home vs the Broncos

Patriots -6.5 at home vs the Cowboys

Over 52 of Buccaneers vs Falcons

NCAA Basketball

Eastern Michigan -10. at home vs NC AT&T

Hartford -2 at home vs Merrimack


Coyotes at home vs the Oilers

Sports Picks 9-22

After going 4-5 yesterday to lower my figure to plus 31700 I am back today with 11 plays all 200 each.

Take the Indians at home vs the Phillies

Take the Marlins at home vs the Nationals

Take the Dodgers at home vs the Rockies

Take the Astros at home vs the Angels

Take the Mets at the Reds

Take the Vikings at home-9  vs the Raiders

Take the Patriots at -21 home vs the Jets

Take the Cowboys at home -22 against the Dolphins

Take the Packers -7 at home vs the Broncos

Take the Cardinals at home -2 against the Panthers

Take the Giants plus 5.5 at the Bucs

Sports Picks 9-12

After going 1-2 Tuesday night my figure dropped to plus 29900. I have 6 plays today. All 200 each.

Take the Marlins at home vs the Brewers

Take the Mets at home vs the Diamondbacks

Take the Whitesox at home vs the Royals

Take the Braves at the Phillies

Take the Astros at home vs the A’s

Take the Panthers at home -6.5 against the Buccaneers.


NFL Over Unders 2019

















NFL-One Question For Every Team Heading Into Training Camp




QUICK NOTE-3 of the Fab Four QB’s from the 2018 draft now play in this division. (Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Josh Allen)

BUFFALO BILLS-Have the Bills added enough around Josh Allen to be competitive?

MIAMI DOLPHINS-Does the Josh Rosen trade take them out of the Tua sweepstakes?

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS-At what point do the Pats finally bring in the successor to Tom Brady?

NEW YORK JETS-Will the dysfunction ever end with the Jets?



QUICK NOTE-Outside of the Bengals this has become an interesting division.

BALTIMORE RAVENS-Are the Ravens now sold on Lamar Jackson as their QB of the future?

CINCINNATI BENGALS-Where is this franchise heading?

CLEVELAND BROWNS-How will a first-year coach handle a team full of colorful personalities?

PITTSBURGH STEELERS-Is the circus finally over?



QUICK NOTES-Could this be the deepest division in the NFL.

HOUSTON TEXANS-Will the Texans make the next step?

INDIANAPOLIS COLTS-After a great 2018 draft can they match that this year?

JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS-Can Nick Foles get this team back in contention?

TENNESSEE TITANS-Is this it for Marcus Mariota?



QUICK NOTES-What would happen to this division if Tyreek Hill gets released by the Chiefs

DENVER BRONCOS-Is Elway any closer to getting his QB of the future?

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS-Did they replace Tyreek Hill in this draft?

LOS ANGELES CHARGERS-How will this team react after a 12 win season but getting embarrassed by the Patriots in the playoffs?

OAKLAND RAIDERS-With two first round picks next year does this put the Raiders in the Tua sweepstakes?



QUICK NOTES-Who is the best team in this division?

DALLAS COWBOYS-Is Dak the franchise quarterback the Cowboys desperately hoping he is?

NEW YORK GIANTS-What is their plan?

PHILADELPHIA EAGLES-Can Carson Wentz finally stay healthy?

WASHINGTON REDSKINS-Was Duane Haskins really the quarterback they wanted?



QUICK NOTES-Back to being the Black and Blue division.

CHICAGO BEARS-How will they recover from the missed field goal in the playoffs last year?

DETROIT LIONS-Will Matt Patricia be able to build the Patriot model in Detroit?

GREEN BAY PACKERS-Can a new coach and revamped defense get Rodgers another ring?

MINNESOTA VIKINGS-Are they contenders or pretenders?



QUICK NOTESThe division of aging and injury prone quarterbacks.

ATLANTA FALCONS-How much does Matt Ryan have left?

CAROLINA PANTHERS-Can they ever keep Cam Newton healthy?

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS-Are they over the missed call in the playoff game last year?

TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS-Does another bad season mean Winston is gone?



QUICK NOTES-Are the Rams really so much better than the rest of this division?

ARIZONA CARDINALS-Will they regret taking another QB in the top part of the draft?

LOS ANGELES RAMS-What’s next for Todd Gurley?

SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS-Is it go time now for the 49ers?

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS-Are they still good at drafting middle round players?

NFL One Liners Week 10

Bills–The Resurrection of Matt Barkley

Dolphins–Sacked by the Pack

Jets–Any other organization fires their coach off that performance.  Only a miracle saves Bowles

Patriots–Cheap organization slapped back into reality by the Titans

Bengals–Fired their defensive coach after the Saints rolled them

Browns–Baker shows the most fire of all the rookie QB’s

Ravens–Must win time to save the season

Steelers–Statement win against the Panthers and not the Bell mess is officially over.

Colts–This team could be really good in a couple of years.

Jaguars–Officially on life support

Texans–Will cement themselves as a serious contender with a win in Washington on Sunday

Titans–Suddenly this team has opened some people’s eyes.

Broncos–Defense is good enough to win games

Chargers–Keeps on staying under the radar

Chiefs–Potential Super Bowl matchup Monday night against the Rams

Raiders–Officially the worst team in the NFL

Cowboys–Shocking win in Philly.  Is Garrett on the hot seat?

Eagles–Must win game at Saints this week

Giants–G Men probably have 2 more wins in them this season

Redskins–The worst first place team in the NFL

Bears–Battle for first place in Minny on Sunday night

Lions–Looking to be a spoiler

Packers–Tough Thursday night game in Seattle

Vikings–Big game against the Bears with banged up receivers

Buccaneers-The battle for a better draft pick bowl in NY against the Giants this week

Falcons–Just when you think they turn the corner they get killed in Cleveland

Panthers–Will that beating in Pittsburgh last Thursday hurt their psyche

Saints–Rolling towards the Super Bowl.

49ers–They play hard every game.  But low on talent

Cardinals–Actually played the Chiefs well defensively

Rams–Where is the defense?

Seahawks–They are in every game

NFL One Liners Week 9

Bills—Should have completely cleaned house

Dolphins—Amazingly just out of a playoff spot

Jets—Golden boy got pounded and now he gets 2 weeks off.  Mental Break.

Patriots—The best sports franchise in the last 15 years


Bengals—Losing Green is a killer

Browns—Latest to try to stop the Chief offense

Ravens—New coach and QB

Steelers—Got pay back against the dirty birds


Colts—This team could be real good in a couple of years

Jaguars—Season is on the line this week

Texans—Is the bye coming at the wrong time?

Titans—Big win for the Titans and Mariota in Dallas.


Broncos—Brutal loss might just have cost the coach his job.

Chargers—at 6-2 flying under the radar

Chiefs—Game vs Cardinals seems like a 30 point blowout.

Raiders—Chuckie hits rock bottom


Cowboys—Even Amari can’t help them

Eagles—Time to make their move

Giants—On off week potential future QB gets arrested

Redskins—How are they 5-3


Bears—Mack comes back for big divisional games

Lions—I think the Vikings just sacked Stafford again

Packers—Another tough loss with a crucial fumble smack in the middle of it.

Vikings—Getting healthy at the right time.


Buccaneers—Fitzmagic can’t save Dirk.

Falcons—Can’t afford losses with so many teams in the NFL playoff hunt.

Panthers—Huge test in Pittsburgh

Saints—Best team in the NFL


49ers—Pounded the hapless Raiders

Cardinals—Can they stop the Chiefs?

Rams—Finally got picked off after flirting with danger the last few weeks

Seahawks—Just not good enough to make the playoffs

Sports Plays Of The Day

Another brutal Saturday saw me go 2-5 including 0-3 on Best Bets to drop me to a pathetic 1-8 on BB’s.  My figure dips to minus 150 pesos.  Back today with some more picks.

Nate Peterman is starting for the Bills.  Nuff said.  As well coached as they are and as good as defensively they will play he will make mistakes.  Lay the 10 on the Bears on the road.

It’s crazy the Saints are a home dog.  But that is what happens when you play the undefeated Rams.  This game can be for home field advantage throughout the playoffs and the Rams have been flirting with a loss for a few weeks now.  I like the Saints plus the 1.5 at home.

Had 12 got the ball last week at the end of the game against the Rams this game could have a bigger meaning.   But we will settle for a Sunday night matchup of the two best #12’s in the game.  I like the Packers plus 5.5 in New England.

Fitzmagic is back.  He is still mistake prone and next year look for a full house cleaning in TB starting with the coach and the QB.  Lay the 6 on the Panthers at home to beat the Bucs

Revenge game for the Steelers who look to out the hammer down on the divison.  Take the Steelers plus one in Baltimore.

The field in Miami is supposed to be a mess.  So that is why I am taking the under of 41 in the game between the Dolphins and the Jets.

BEST BETS.  I am 1-8 in this area and need to hit these today.

The Browns showed again why they are such a disorganized organization.  Chiefs will win this game by double digits in Cleveland so lay the 8

The Vikings were humiliated at home last week in prime time by the Saints.  So I look for a major rebound game at home today vs the Lions. Lay the 5.

On the Ice

Take the Senators at home vs Tampa Bay.

On the Hardwood

Lay the 8.5 on the Spurs at home vs the Magic.

NFL One Liners Week 8


Bills—Nate Peterman returns.

Dolphins—Brock or Tannehill.

Jets—Does 90 million buy you the right skill position players.

Patriots—No such thing as a trap game.


Bengals—Almost blew the game last week.

Browns—Most dysfunctional organization in pro sports.

Ravens—Will Flacco be the QB next year.

Steelers—Keep rolling on.


Colts—Colts have money to spend to get Luck toys.

Jaguars—Seems like last year when they man handled the Patriots.

Texans—Look who is in first place.  Watson is a winner.

Titans—Mariotta needs to play better.


Broncos—Elway is searching for his next quarterback.

Chargers—Would be a nice win in Seattle.

Chiefs—Need to shore up the defense.

Raiders—Worst team in the NFL.


Cowboys—Bold move getting Amari Cooper.

Eagles—Huge move in getting Golden Tate.

Giants—Backup QB gets arrested.  Franchise has hit rock bottom.

Redskins—Worst first place team in the NFL.


Bears—Free win this week vs the Bills?

Lions—What does trading Golden Tate mean?

Packers—When you fumble the kickoff in the last 2 minutes of the game preventing 12 from getting a chance to win the game you get traded.

Vikings—Blown out at home by the Saints is not a good sign.


Buccaneers—Is Winston done in Tampa?

Falcons—Every game is a must win now for the Falcons.

Panthers—Hard to believe they are 5-2.

Saints—A win over the Rams would cement the Saints as the best team in the  NFC.


49ers—Developing players for the future.

Cardinals—Should have traded some players for picks.

Rams—Would they still be undefeated if 12 had a chance last week?

Seahawks—If this team makes the playoffs it would be Pete Carroll’s best performance.

Sports Plays Of The Day

After an 8-3 day I improved to -300 Sunday fundays which would have been more if my Best Bet’s came in I am back with another slew of picks for today.

The Bears have lost their last two games.  Oddly both were against AFC East teams.  It won’t be 3 today.  I like the Da Bears to rebound today against the New York Darnolds.  Lay the 9 with the Bears at home.

This is a crazy pick but I love the Niners today laying 1.5 at Arizona.  For no specific reason.

I think as Luck keeps playing the offense will get better and better.  Hilton back is huge.  Oakland is in so much disarray right now. So lay the 3 on the Colts in Oakland.

I am not a big Seahawk fan.  I think Patricia has done a good job righting this ship after a bad start.  Lay the 3 on the Lions at home against the Seahawks

I admit I don’t know if any of these teams are for real.  You would think the Panthers are the bet after last week’s miracle win in Philly and they are playing at home too.  But I like the Ravens again laying 2.5 on the road in Carolina.

I like the over in this game.  It’s in NY.  The weather is ok.  The Giants just traded two starting defensive players.  The over is only 44 so it’s not too high.

BEST BETS 1-2.  I have 3 BEST BETS for today.

After two tough losses in a row I think the Bengals will break out big time at home today against the Bucs.  Lay the 3.5 on the Bengals.

You need to ride this team until they prove some team can stop them.  So the spread will be high at 9.5.  Andy Reid knows this team can’t let up with the Patriots on their heels.

Lay the 9.5 on the chiefs to beat the Broncos in Arrowhead.

This is a high over at 53.  I expect alot of points in this game.  Saints are rolling and the Vikings offense is starting to kick in.

On The Ice

Take the Canes at home against the Islanders.  Just because it’s a system pick.

On The DIamond

I want to see a game 6 but I am not confident in this pick.  Especially the way Price has been pitching.

On the Hardwood

Oh a trip to NYC is nice.  Blowing out the locals is expected.  Take the DUBS -10.5 against the Brooklyn Nets

Since I won’t know Westbrooks status before the game starts I am taking the suns plus the 12.5 in Oklahoma City.