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Sports Picks 11-10

Sports Picks 11-10

After going 13-5 yesterday to raise my figure to plus 34900 I am back with 12 playus all 200 each.


Chiefs -6 at the Titans

Packers -5.5 at home  vs the Panthers

Colts -10 at home vs the Dolphins

Vikings plus 3 at the Cowboys

Ravens -10 at the Bengals

Steeler plus 4 at home vs the Rams

Over 52 Cardinals at the Bucs

Over 44 Giants at Jets


Wake Forest -9 at home vs Columbia

Drexel -6 at home vs Abilene

Illinois State -6 at home vs Little Rock


Blues at home vs the Flyers

Sports Picks For November 10th

Sports Picks For November 10th

After going 7-4 on Sunday raising my figure to plus 33300 I am back with picks today in College Football and Basketball as well as the NBA and NHL. All 200 each


Minnesota plus 6. at home vs Penn State

Virginia -16 at home vs Georgia Tech

Louisville plus 6.5 at Miami

La Tech -5.5 at home vs North Texas

Clemson -32. at NC State

Notre Dame -8 at Duke

Hawaii -7.5 at home vs San Jose State

LSU plus 6 at Alabama


Stephen F Austin -5.5 at home vs NC Central

UCF -16.5 at home vs Prairie View

So Illinois -5.5 at home vs Delaware

GW -12.5 at home vs Howard

Providence -16 at home vs NJ Tech


Mavericks -3 at Memphis

Rockets -6.5 at Bulls


Capitals at home vs the Knights

Canadiens at home vs the Kings

Islanders at home vs the Panthers

Sports Picks 10-27

Sports Picks 10-27

After going 10-6 yesterday to raise my figure to plus 32100 I am back with 13 plays today. 200 each.

Seahawks -6.5 at the Falcons

Colts -5.5 at home vs the Broncos

Rams -12 at home vs the Bengals

Saints -10.5 at home vs the Cardinals

Giants plus 6.5 and the over 49.5 at the Lions

49ers -5.5 at home vs the Panthers

Texans -6.5 at home vs the Raiders

Packers -4 at the Chiefs

Astros and the under 7 at the Nationals

Las Vegas Knights at home vs the Ducks

Nets -4.5 at Memphis

Sports Picks 10-20

Sports Picks 10-20

After going 7-5 yesterday to raise my figure to plus 32100 I am back with 12 plays today. All 200 each.

Rame -3 at Falcons

Giants minus 3 and over 50.5 at home vs Cardinals

49ers -9.5 at Redskins

Packers -5 at home vs Raiders

Texans plus 1 and over 47 at Colts

Jaguars -4.5 at Bengals

Lions plus 1.5 at home vs Vikings

Seahawks -3 at home vs Ravens

Eagles plus 2.5 at Dallas

Sports Picks 10-19

Sports Picks 10-19

After going 0-3 yesterday to lower my figure to plus 31700  I am back with 12 plays today. All 200 each.

Miami -18 at home vs Georgia Tech

Houston -22 at UCONN

Toledo +1 at Ball State

SMU -7.5 at home vs Temple

Take Virginia -3 at home vs Duke

Buffalo -17.5 at Akron

Minnesota -28.5 at Rutgers

UAB -16 at home vs Old Dominion

Oklahoma State -4 at home vs Baylor

Boise St -7 at BYU

Astros and the over

As of right now the over is not posted. Whatever it is I am taking it.

Sports Plays Of The Day 3-27

After losing my only pick on Monday my figure dropped to plus 3350 mellamonies.  Website was down yesterday for repairs so I am back today with 3 plays for 200 units each

Take North Carolina State -4.5 at home vs Lipscomb

Take Depaul -8 at home vs Coastal Carlina

Sports Plays Of The Day

Hello all.  Busy week.  Back to work after being out on Medical.  So after Super Bowl Sunday where I went 2-2 on other bets and won my big Super Bowl Best Bet(21-31-1) my figure stands at a cool plus 1000 pesos.  I have 8 plays today with my first 3 being Best Bets

I like St Johns in the garden to won so lay the 6.5 on the Storm against Providence.

Take the College of Charleston

-4.5 at Drexel

Take FIU -1 at UTEP

Regular Bets

Take the Bucks at home -11.5 against the Magic

Take the Bobcats of Texas State -6.5 at home vs Coastal Carolina

Take ODU minus 6.5 against Middle Tennessee State

Take the Blazers of UAB -10 at home vs UNC Charlotte

Take UC Irvine -6.5 at home vs Hawaii

Sports Plays Of The Day

Sunday I went 0-2 dropping me to plus 1000 duckets and to 16-25-1 on Best Bets.  I am back with 3 plays today. All Best Bets.

Take the Nets -6 at home vs the Bulls

Take Toledo -2.5 at Miami Ohio

Take Central Michigan -2.5 at home vs Eastern Michigan

Sports Plays Of The Day

After going 8-6 and upping my total to plus 850 sunday fundays I am back with a slew of more picks.

BEST BETS after going 3-3 my numbers are 9-17-1.  So I am here with 3 more BEST BETS

I like Cal State Fullerton laying 7.5 against Monmouth

Houston Texans

I like the Texans laying 3 in Washington

I like the Panthers laying 4 in Detroit.

Now for my regular picks in the NFL

I like the over in INDY between the Titans and the Colts of 50.5

I like the Saints to continue to roll at home laying 7.5 against the defending champion Eagles

I like the Chargers to keep rolling with Bosa back at home vs the Broncos laying 7

The Raiders are destined for the first pick and a loss today helps this out.  Lay the 5.5 on the Cardinals

Lay the 2.5 on the Bears at home tonight against the Vikings

Take Incarnate Word getting 9 against Florida Atlantic

Take the Bison of North Dakota State laying 4.5 against Towson State.

Take Fordham laying 4 against Columbia

Take FIU laying 7 against Youngstown State

Sports Plays Of The Day

AFter going 4-4 including going 0-3 in BEST BETS(5-13) my figure has dropped to plus 150 pigskins I am back today.

Lay the 6.5 on the Bears at home against the Lions.  Mack is back and they will pound on Stafford all game long

Lay the 16.5 on the Chiefs at home against the Cardinals.  No one has been able to stop the Chiefs offense and neither will the Cardinals

Take the Jets laying the 7.5 at home against the Bills.  Matt Barkley is playing QB.  Nuff Said

Atlanta is playing better.  If they want to be seriosus players this year they must win today.  Lay the 5.5 on the Falcons in Cleveland.

Saints know they have to keep winning to get the top seed.  Bengals will be without AJ Green which is a huge loss.  Lay the 5.5 on the Saints in Cincinnatti.

Oakland has mailed it on and want to make sure they get the top pick.  Chargers are rolling.  Lay the 9.5 on the Bolts in Oakland.

Rams have been flirting with disaster for a few weeks now.  Maybe this loss wakes them up.  Lay the 9.5 on the Rams at home vs the Seahawks.


Jags are playing for the season today.  Fournette is back which should help out alot.  Take the Jags getting 3 on the road against the Colts

After two tough losses on the road the Pack comes home to face Brock and the FIsh.  Impossible spot for Miami today.  Lay the 10 on the Packers at home.

Dallas is floundering and you would think they would just feed Zeke.  But now they have to justify the Amari Cooper trade.  Eagles are bout to get rolling.  Lay the 7.5 on Philly tonight at home vs the Cowgirls.


On the ICE. System Hockey


Take the Panthers at home vs the Senators

Take the Sharks at home vs the Flames

College Basketball

Take UCONN at home laying 13.5 against UMKC

Take ST Mary’s at home laying 10 against Utah Valley

Take Seattle minus 9.5 at home vs Bryant

Take Army in Cameron vs Duke getting 40 points

Take the Buckeyes at home against Purdue Fort Wayne laying 17.5

Take Sparty at home against Florida Gulf Coast laying 21.5