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Sports Plays Of The Day 1-11

Sports Plays Of The Day 1-11

It has been a while since I made picks so the last time I posted was back on December 16th where I went 2-3 to lower my figure to plus 34300. I am back with 12 sports plays today all 200 each.


Titans plus 9.5 at Baltimore

49ers -7 at home vs the Vikings

NCAA Basketball

2PM Games

Youngstown State -6.5 at home vs Detroit

Chattanooga -5 at home vs Samford

3PM Games

Coastal Carolina plus 4.5 at Texas Arlington

FIU plus 1.5 at Rice

4PM Games

Drake plus 1.5 at Valpo

Sam Houston State -6.5 at Central Arkansas

5PM Games

Austin Peay -2 at Jacksonville State

Tennessee State -2.5 at South East Missouri State

8PM Games

Cal Baptist plus 3.5 at Grand Canyon

Lamar -3.5 at Houston Baptist


NFL Top Ten Rankings Week 15

NFL Top Ten Rankings Week 15

1 Baltimore Ravens 12-2 LW(1) Head and shoulders the best team in the league

2 San Francisco 49ers 11-2 LW(5) Went 2-1 against three first place teams

3 Seattle Seahawks 10-3 LW(2) Heading for a week 17 showdown for the NFC West crown

4 New Orleans Saints 10-3 LW(3) Really need to get back on track

5 Green Bay Packers 10-3 LW(6) Can’t overlook Bears with big division showdown lurking

6 Kansas City Chiefs 9-4 LW(7) Looking for a potential bye

7 New England Patriots 10-3 LW(4) Something is missing but I know better than to doubt this team.

8 Buffalo Bills 9-4 LW(8) Showing the league how good they are

9 Minnesota Vikings 9-4 LW(9-4) Keeping pace with the Packers

10 Pittsburgh Steelers 8-5 LW(UR) Best coaching job of Mike Tomin’s career




1 Baltimore Ravens 10-2 LW(1) Is it time for an emotional let down in Buffalo?

2 Seattle Seahawks 10-2 LW(3) Can possibly put the dagger in the Rams today.

3 New Orleans Saints 10-2 LW(5) Still my pick for the 1 seed in the NFC

4 New England Patriots 10-2 LW(2) Pats get back on track today against the Chiefs

5 San Francisco 49ers 10-2 LW(4) After an emotional loss last week they need to get up for the Saints.

6 Green Bay Packers 9-3 LW(6) They could run the table right into a first round bye

7 Kansas City Chiefs 8-4 LW(8) Must win out for any shot at a first-round bye

8 Buffalo Bills 9-3 LW(9) Big win on Turkey day. I am picking them to win outright vs the Ravens.

9 Houston Texans 8-4 LW(10) Finally got some separation from the Colts but now the Titans stepped up.

10 Minnesota Vikings 8-4 LW(7) Vikes lack a signature win

Sports Plays 11-30

Sports Plays 11-30

After going 8-7 yesterday to raise my figure to plus 33700 I am back with 7 plays today all 200 each.


Take the Packers -6.5 at the Giants

Take the Eagles -9 at the Dolphins

Take the 49ers plus 6 at the Ravens

Take the Titans plus 2.5 at the Colts

Take the Chiefs -9.5 at home vs the Raiders

Take the Texans plus 3 at home vs the Pats

Take the Seahawks -3 at home vs the Vikings




1 Baltimore Ravens 9-2 LW(2) Are they peaking at the wrong time.

2 New England Patriots 10-1 LW(1) The offense needs to get better.

3 Seattle Seahawks 9-2 LW(3) In a dogfight for the division championship.

4 San Francisco 49ers 10-1 LW(6) Big win last week. An even bigger win could happen this week.

5 New Orleans Saints 9-2 LW(4) They need to get back to basics.

6 Green Bay Packers 8-3 LW(5) Brutal loss at San Francisco.

7 Minnesota Vikings 8-3 LW(7) I still don’t trust Kirk Cousins.

8 Kansas City Chiefs 7-4 LW(8) AFter beating the Raiders this week all would be back to normal.

9 Buffalo Bills 8-3 LW(10) Keep winning the games your supposed to win.

10 Houston Texans 7-4 LW(UR) I keep waiting for this team to take off.


NFL Top Ten Rankings Week 12

NFL Top Ten Rankings Week 12

1 New England Patriots 9-1 LW(1) I expect a big Pats performance this week.

2 Baltimore Ravens 8-2 LW(2) Huge test on the left coast.

3 Seattle Seahawks 8-2 LW(3) Staying on the heels of the Niners

4 New Orleans Saints 8-2 LW(4) Won’t get bet this week at home

5 Green Bay Packers 8-2 LW(5) Huge potential tiebreaker game this week

6 San Francisco 49ers 9-1 LW(6) Could be a must-win game to get a bye.

7 Minnesota Vikings 8-3 LW(8) Huge comeback win last week.

8 Kansas City Chiefs 7-4 LW(10) The Raiders are on their heels

9 Oakland Raiders 6-4 LW(UR) Just Win Baby

10 Buffalo Bills 7-3 LW(UR) Keep on winning the games they are supposed to win.




1 New Orleans Saints 7-1 Last Week (2) Destined to be in the Super Bowl

2 San Francisco 49ers 8-0 Last Week (3) Can really put a stranglehold in the division with a win over the Seahawks

3 New England Patriots 8-1 Last Week (1) Still on track to have the best record in the AFC

4 Baltimore Ravens 6-2 Last Week (6) Eye opening win vs the Patriots

5 Seattle Seahawks 7-2 Last Week (7) Must win in SF if they want to win the division

6 Green Bay Packers 7-2 Last Week (4)-Rodgers said it. Humble Pie.

7 Houston Texans 6-3 Last Week (9) Ready to take off in the division.

8 Kansas City Chiefs 6-3 Last Week (10) Mahomes is back but is a first-round bye gone.

9 Buffalo Bills 6-2 Last Week (UR) Just keep beating the teams your supposed to.

10 Philadelphia Eagles 5-4 Last Week (UR) My pick to win the NFC EAST





1 New England Patriots 8-0 Last Week (1) Best team in the NFL until further notice

2 New Orleans Saints 7-1 Last Week (2) Will Brees get his second ring this year?

3 San Francisco 49ers 7-0 Last Week (3) That defense is nasty.

4 Green Bay Packers 7-1 Last Week (4) Very favorable second-half schedule

5 Indianapolis Colts 5-1 Last Week (5) Played very well despite Luck’s surprise retirement.

6 Baltimore Ravens 5-2 Last Week (6) Brutal second half starts with the Patriots Sunday night.

7 Seattle Seahawks 6-2 Last Week (9) Still my pick to win the best division in the league.

8 Minnesota Vikings 6-2 Last Week (UR) I still question Kirk Cousins in a big game.

9 Houston Texans 5-3 Last Week (UR) Losing Watt hurts big time.

10 Kansas City Chiefs 5-3 Last Week (7) Let Mahomes get healthy first.



Oakland Raiders 3-4 Extremely winable second-half schedule.

Detroit Lions 3-3-1 Should have a better record.

Philadelphia Eagles 4-4 Still my pick to win the weak NFC East Division.

Sports Picks 10-27

Sports Picks 10-27

After going 10-6 yesterday to raise my figure to plus 32100 I am back with 13 plays today. 200 each.

Seahawks -6.5 at the Falcons

Colts -5.5 at home vs the Broncos

Rams -12 at home vs the Bengals

Saints -10.5 at home vs the Cardinals

Giants plus 6.5 and the over 49.5 at the Lions

49ers -5.5 at home vs the Panthers

Texans -6.5 at home vs the Raiders

Packers -4 at the Chiefs

Astros and the under 7 at the Nationals

Las Vegas Knights at home vs the Ducks

Nets -4.5 at Memphis



1 New England Patriots 7-0 Last Week (1) Best team in the NFL until further notice.

2 New Orleans Saints 6-1 Last Week (2) Bridgewater is 5-0 as a starter

3 San Francisco 49ers 6-0 Last Week (3) This team is for real.

4 Green Bay Packers 6-1 Last Week (4) Packers have a defense now. Rodgers starting to roll.

5 Indianapolis Colts 4-2 Last Week (8) I am surprised at how good this team has played.

6 Baltimore Ravens 5-2 Last Week (6) Lamar Jackson is for real.

7 Buffalo Bills 5-1 Last Week (7) This team is going to the playoffs

8 Kansas City Chiefs 5-2 Last Week (9) Need to make sure Mahomes is healthy.

9 Seattle Seahawks 5-2 Last Week (5) Rough home loss against the Ravens.

10 Carolina Panthers 4-2 Last Week (10) It will be interesting to see what happens when Newton comes back.


Oakland Raiders 3-3 Raiders are a feisty team. Outside chance of making the playoffs.

Minnesota Vikings 6-2 I think this team is playoff-bound.