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NCAA Sports Plays

NCAA Sports Plays Of The Day

Since it has been seven months from my last picks I have decided to start from scratch with today’s NCAA Sports Plays. All picks are 100 units each except when noted.

On a light day in college football, I have three plays for today.

Take Notre Dame -20 at home vs Duke

Take South Florida -17 at home vs The Citadel

Take Kansas at home -6 against Coastal Carolina


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NCAA Rankings

Anther week goes by and there is some movement on the back end of the top 10.  But the top 4 remain the same.  This coming weekend has some huge matchups that will determine alot of what happens going further.


Last week # 1.  Everyone is playing in their world.  They play LSU this week.  Bama running the table ensures only one team from the SEC makes the playoffs


Last week #3.  I will bump Clemson up from 3 because of their dominance of a not vintage Florida State.  I will judge Clemson and ND by their victories of common opponents should both be undefeated by the end of the season.


Last Week #2.  Hard to drop the Irish.  The score does not indicate how dominate ND was against Navy.  It was 27-0 at half and ND could have scored at will.  Let’s not embarrass a service academy.  But ND needs some convincing wins down the stretch.


Last Week #4.  Keeping LSU at 4 for one more week despite not playing.  They play Alabama in Death Valley this coming week in for them an elimination game.


Last Week #5.  Michigan stay at # 5 this week.  The Wolverines control their own destiny.  Don’t over look Penn State while waiting for the big game against OSU in November.


Last Week #6.  Despite soundly beating a top ten team I am not moving up Georgia.  The Bulldogs also control their own destiny but have to beat upstart Kentucky in Lexington this week before dreaming of playing Alabama in the SEC championship.


Last Week Un Ranked.  WIth Texas losing Oklahoma now is back in the playoff picture.  A one loss Oklahoma team as the Big 12 champion might not get in but they need to handle their own business before entering that discussion.


Last Week #9.  I feel bad for UCF.  They still have no shot at the playoffs.  They need to get some power 5 teams on their schedule.  How Applachian State was ranked going into this week (will drop now that they lost)without a big win just a crushing loss to Penn State and no one else from the American Athletic Conference is ranked is a joke.


Last Week #7.  I am dropping them because something seems off.  And Purdue just lost their 4 game this past week.


Last Week Un Ranked.  Welcome to the top ten WIldcats.  Sorry but after Georgia beats you this coming week you will never be here again.

NCAA Rankings

After last weeks shakeup I have the same teams in the top ten just the order has changed.  Lots of football to be played but one big piece fell.  So here we are.


Last week #1.  Another dominant performance.  No other team should get a 1st place vote.


Last week #2.  Even though they were idle I see no reason to move them down.  Although you could make a case for the # 3 team to move ahead of ND.  Ohio State’s loss directly benefits the Irish more than any other team.


Last week 4. Clemson moves up to the spot vacated by OSU’s loss.  You could make the case for them being #2.


Last Week 5.  Nov 3rd LSU is playing for its potential spot in the playoffs at home vs Bama.


Last week 7.  Big jump for the Wolverines.  Setting up a winner take all game vs OSU in November.


Last week 6.  Georgia had a much needed bye week to re group.  The bulldogs play the Gators in basically an elimination game this coming week.


Last week 3.  Huge loss by the Buckeyes this week.  Could have made a case if they were undefeated and lost the game to Michigan to get into the playoffs.  Now it’s winner take all.


Last week 8.  Favorable schedule down the stretch.  Probably needs a few teams to lose like ND.


Last week 9.  I really feel for them.  Cincinnatti losing yesterday hurts them.  Also this is not a vintage Navy team.  Realistically no shot at the playoffs.


Last week 10.  Elimination game this coming week against Georgia.

NCAA Football Rankings

After another week of upsets with 4 top ten teams losing and 3 of them getting booted out of the top ten here is my rankings with still lots of football to be played.


If Alabama is not your number one team then you are either a homer or a hater.  They should get every first place vote in every poll. While it’s true they have not been tested but those games are coming.  Every game they have played in has been over by half time.


Now you can say this is a homer pick and your right.  But what unbeaten team has as good a win as Michigan?  No one does right now.  Beat soundly an undefeated Stanford team and dominated Virginia Tech in Blacksburg all games Notre Dame was expected to lose.  Now how could they move up while struggling at home to beat Pittsburgh.  Check Pitt’s history.  They have a habit of beating undefeated teams.


You can flip Ohio State and ND if you want.  The Buckeyes are a team that has gone through alot.  Playing without Urban Meyer for 3 games.  Winning in TCU and Penn State sending their seasons into a tailspin.  In fact once the season plays out and if both ND and OSU are undefeated then the Buckeyes will be ranked higher.


Clemson is firmly in the 4th spot.  I won’t mover them up despite their history the last few seasons because they have not beaten anyone yet.  Bama dominated A&M even though it was at home but do you have any doubt they would have done the same thing on the road?  And Clemson benefited from a mistake call from the referee to win that game.

These are the clear cut top 4 no matter the order you put them in.  All are undefeated.  The next 6 gets tricky.

#5.  LSU has a great resume and just dominated Georgia in every phase of the game.  Their lone loss was at Florida who enters the top ten this week.  There is still more work to do here and they can’t lose another game this season and with Alabama still on the schedule and road games at Arkansas and Texas A&M their work is cut out for them.


You could drop Georgia more from 2 if you want.  But yesterday they were blown out.  The bye comes at the right time for them.  The back end of the schedule breaks nicely for them.  A game against Florida will be a great win for them and after that I expect them to run the table all the way to the SEC title game where a win is the only way they get into the playoffs.


I have the Wolverines moving up several spots this week after dismantling Wisconsin.  SInce their opening day loss at ND they have been blowing everyone out except for the game in Northwestern.  Alas there is much work to do starting with a game at Michigan State and also Penn State before they play the Buckeyes in late November.


I only have the Longhorns moving up 1 spot.  I am not sure how good Oklahoma is and they are not in my top 10.  TCU was already broken by the time Texas beat them.  I need to see more from Texas.  I give them credit for maintaining enough poise to win that Oklahoma game 2 weeks ago despite them blowing a large 4th qtr lead.  I just need to see more.


I really feel bad for UCF.  I am moving them up one spot this week despite struggling against an inferior team.  Let’s face it they need to blow everybody out and have to hope that Cincinnatti and South Florida play them with one undefeated and the other having one loss to get any kind of respect.  Still it will not be enough.  Their fan base can cry all they want.  There just isn’t any real competition for them in their conference.  I am sure they have tried to schedule a game vs a power 5 team but no one is biting yet.  The self proclaimed defending champion won’t ever know how good they are until they somehow get into a power 5 conference.  the ACC should come calling.


I have to go with the Gators here.  After losing to Kentucky they have done nothing but win.  I am not sold yet on them and the game at Georgia will be huge for both teams.  It’s an elimination game for both teams.


Sports Plays Of The Day

After an awful 1-6 day dropped me to plus 100 anchors I am back coming back strong with 11 plays today.  Which includes 5 road favorites

Let’s start with my weekly anti Rutgers pick.

Take Illinois -5 at Rutgers

I like OKlahoma State at home to win big today.  Lay the 9.5 on the Cowboys at home against Iowa State.

UMASS is terrible and this game won’t be competitive.  Even though South Florida is on the road lay the 15 at UMASS.

The Buffaloes have started hot this year.  Reverend Herm is still finding his way with his team.  Lay the 2.5 on Colorado at home against Arizona State.

I am going to take Georgia Southern at home laying the 12 against South Alabama

After a week off I am going to take Navy to rebound and beat fellow service academy rival Air Force.  Lay the 3 on the road on Navy.

Stanford was awful last week against Notre Dame and will rebound this week big time.  Lay the 3.5 on Stanford at home vs Utah.

The Bulls were embarrassed last week at home vs Army.  This is a good team that will rebound today at Central Michigan.  Lay the 7.5 on Buffalo on the road against the Chippewas.

All the signs point to a let down.  The Irish had a big home win last week against Stanford.  Playing on the road in Blacksburg for the first time.  Brian Kelly does not have a good history in big games and this is a chance for Tech to get a little redemption from the home loss to Old Dominion earlier in the year.  So I am laying the 6.5 on Notre Dame in the road at Virginia Tech

I picked the Indians to win the series so I have to come back with them today to even up the series.  Take the Indians on the road against the Astros

I like the over in the Yankees and Redsox game.  This will be a high scoring game.  David Price does not pitch well in the playoffs and even worse against the Yankees.  This game could be over by the 4th inning.  I am not sure who will win and I still like the Redsox for the series.  But at 9.  I like the over.

Sports Plays Of The Day

After going 2-0-1 on Thursday to up my total to plus 300 bulls I have 7 NCAA Football plays today.

buffalo bulls


The Black Knights took Georgia to overtime last week.  Buffalo will have better success against the triple option offense Army uses.  Lay the 7.5 on Buffalo at home vs Army.


The Longhorns have burned me plenty of times.   But they might have finally turned the corner.  Lay the 8.5 on Texas on the road against Kansas State.


This is a classic let down game.  No one gave a damn about Old Dominion football before last week where they shocked Virginia Tech.  That won’t happen this week.  Lay the 7 on East Carolina at home vs ODU



Michigan has been scoring alot of points lately.  Jim Harbaugh can’t afford to take the foot off the pedals with an early season loss. Northwestern isn’t any good and may keep this close until the Wolverines blow it open late.  Lay the 14.5 on Michigan on the road at Northwestern

new mexico

Liberty’s 2 losses were blow outs and the Lobos play better competition.  Lay the 7 on New Mexico at home vs Liberty

notre dame

The Irish are missing a key offensive player but the Cardinal is coming off an emotional road conference win where they should have lost and now are flying cross country to play another prime time game.  If ND has found a QB they could be in the playoff hunt.  Lay the 5 on the Irish at home vs Stanford


This is more of anti Rutgers pick.  It is possible they won’t win another game the rest of the year.  I am worried about the spread especially with the Hoosiers on the road.  But what the heck.  Lay the 16.5 on Indiana over the Scarlet Knights

Sports Blog 9-28

dolphins 72 dolphins

What do the 1972 Miami Dolphins do?  You know how Nick Buoniconti pops the champagne when the last undefeated team in the NFL loses.  He and his teammates actually root for it.  This will never happen but if the Dolphins are 8-0 will they root against their own franchise team?


San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs

Jimmy G what the hell are you doing?  Just go out of bounds.  Didn’t you learn anything from playing behind Tom Brady all these years?



Speaking of the 49ers what is the NFL thinking about now having the Niners in so many prime time games with Bobby Beathard’s grandson quarterbacking that team.  Can they flex those games out?


My god can it get any lower for Rutgers?  They were home dogs against Buffalo from the MAAC conference, a conference they really should be in and not where they do not belong in the Big Ten.  But Buffalo blew them off the field by halftime.


Did Notre Dame find a QB or is this fools gold again?  One can hope they won’t go undefeated only to get blown off the field in a playoff game.



Tiger Woods is back?  Tiger won his first tournament in a very long time.  So is he back?  Some will argue that until he wins a major he won’t be officially back.  But man that crowd was drawn to Tiger like no other golfer in the modern era.


david wright

Only the Mets can make this nice gesture for David Wright into something that draws attention to him.  Not only did Wright have to beg the Mets to get his day do the Mets really have to say he won’t play in a game that means something to other teams.  Way to get the attention off Wright.



I don’t know about you but the Rams offense looks scary good.  And their defense has yet to start playing


Typical Miami Hurricanes.  Blowing out the lowly North Carolina Tar Heels and strutting about with the turnover chain.  Despite getting embarrassed by LSU in a stand alone game Sunday night during Labor Day Weekend.

College Football Plays Of The Day

I have alot of picks for today.  12 in all.  Record this week is 3-1.  So here goes.


Take Wake Forest -4 at home vs Syracuse

Syracuse has no defense and Wake will shut down their offense


Take Michigan -30.5 at Rutgers

Rutgers does not belong in the Big Ten


michigan st

Take Michigan State -4.5 at home vs BYU

Sparty snaps the 2 game slide


texas a&m

Take Texas A & M at home -7 against Tennessee

The Vols won’t be able to overcome another slow start

minnesota gophers

Take Minnesota -2 at home vs Iowa

Hawkeyes have not been good this year

so miss

Take Southern Miss -16.5 at Texas San Antonio

The Golden Eagles will out class Texas San Antonio


Take Akron -10 at home vs Miami Ohio

The Zips tough early season schedule makes this an easy game to win

georgia state

Take Georgia State -10 at home vs Texas State

Just a better team than their opponents


Take UTEP at home -6 vs FIU

UTEP rolls up the offense vs FIU


Take Miami -3 at home vs FSU

The Canes are due for a win in this series


Take Stanford -6 at home vs Washington State

After getting blown out last week expect a big game from the Cardinal

notre dame 2Noth Carolina State

Take the over of 57.5

Despite the wind and the rain Notre Dame will score and will not be able to stop NC State.

Ohio State

Take Ohio State -28 at home vs Indiana

The Buckeyes will continue to roll



Sports Plays Of The Day 3-19 March Madness Edition

After going 3-5 yesterday to drop my record to 190-175-7 I will be picking all 16 games today in the NCAA.  But I will start with one NHL pick.



Take the Canucks at home vs the Blue Jackets


notre dame 2

Notre Dame -11.5 vs Northeastern

georgia state

Georgia State plus 9 against Baylor


Arizona -23.5 against Texas Southern


Butler plus 1.5 against Texas


UAB plus 14 against Iowa State


SMU -4 against UCLA


Xavier -3 against Ole Miss


VCU plus 4 against Ohio State


Cincinnati plus 1 against Purdue


Villanova -22 against Lafayette


Harvard plus 10 North Carolina


Utah plus 6.5 against Stephen F Austin


LSU plus 2 against NC State


Kentucky -34.5 against Hampton


Arkansas -7.5 against Wofford


Georgetown -8 against Eastern Washington