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Sports Plays Of The Day

Sports Plays Of The Day


Yesterday’s picks were awful. I went 2-8 to drop me back down to -800. I have 10 picks for today and I am a little concerned that I have three road favorites plus two double-digit favorites. Today has to be better than yesterday. Here are my Sports Plays of The Day.

Today’s NFL Picks

I expect a lot of points in this game. I do think Dallas wins this game also. So lay the 3.5 with Dallas and the over of 56.

The Bills are traveling cross country and should have lost last week besides blowing a big lead in that game. The Raiders do score points and I like them getting points at home. Take the Raiders plus the 3 and the over of 53.

The last of my double picks. The Giants are awful and there is history between Coach McVey and the Giants. In 2017 McVey as a rookie head coach led the Rams into NY and destroyed the Giants 51-17. McVey ran the score up to avenge his grandfather getting fired by the Giants in 1978. McVey is saying the right things this week but look for the Rams to come out hard after that brutal loss last week in Buffalo. Take the Rams -13.5 and the over of 48.5

Both teams are 0-3 and both desperately need a win to save their season. I like the over in this game. Take the over of 54

In a game that just seems too easy, I like the Seahawks who are 3-0. The Dolphins are not a pushover and Fitzmagic can strike at any time and they are at home. But Russell Wilson is in the zone right now. The NFC West is the toughest division in football. This is a game the Seahawks should win. Lay the 5.5 with the Seahawks on the road. It would not surprise me to see the Dolphins cover this game.

The Ravens were embarrassed last week against the Chiefs. The score did not indicate that but the Chiefs were in complete control. I expect a huge rebound from the Ravens today despite playing on the road. Chomp down on the 14 point spread your laying.

The Bears just might be the worst 3-0 team I have even seen. They beat the Lions which is expected. Then the Giants who lost Barkley in that game and almost came back to win. Then the Falcons collapsed once again. I do like that Nick Foles is now starting. I like the Colts on the road laying three points.

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Sports Picks 9-29

After a bad Saturday afternoon where I went 2-5 to lower my figure to plus 29500 I am back with 8 NFL plays. All 200 each.

Take the Giants -3 at home vs the Redskins

Take the Texans -5 at home vs the Panthers

Take the Chargers -14.5 at the Dolphins

Take the Chiefs -7 at the Lions

Take the Patriots -7 at the Bills

Take the Seahawks -5.5 at the Cardinals

Take the Over 46 in the Browns/Ravens game.

Take the Under 47.5 in the Cowboys/Saints game


Sports Picks 9-22

After going 4-5 yesterday to lower my figure to plus 31700 I am back today with 11 plays all 200 each.

Take the Indians at home vs the Phillies

Take the Marlins at home vs the Nationals

Take the Dodgers at home vs the Rockies

Take the Astros at home vs the Angels

Take the Mets at the Reds

Take the Vikings at home-9  vs the Raiders

Take the Patriots at -21 home vs the Jets

Take the Cowboys at home -22 against the Dolphins

Take the Packers -7 at home vs the Broncos

Take the Cardinals at home -2 against the Panthers

Take the Giants plus 5.5 at the Bucs

Sports Plays Of The Day

After a 6-5 day raised me to plus 150 golden domers I am back with another 12 plays today crossing 3 sports.  So here we go.

I am not a believer in the Dolphins.  I don’t really believe in the Bengals either but I am going with the home team today.  Lay the 6 on the Bengals at home vs the fish.

It’s dangerous when you expect nothing from a team like I do with the Jets.  But rookie QB and a bad head coach makes me pick Denver despite their flaws.  Lay the point on the Broncos at the Jets.

Raiders should have lost last week and usually the Chargers lose these kind of games early in the season but this year they are winning them.  Lay the 5 on the Bolts at home vs the Raiders

I guess you keep riding as team until they derail you.  The Rams look unstoppable this year especially on offense.  The Seahawks have no defense and their offense is shoddy at best.  Lay the 7.5 with the Rams in Seattle

Lions are just not a good team but will play tough at home vs Green Bay.  The Pack is getting points so that is what I like.  Take the Packers plus 1 in Detroit to win outright

This is a case when you expect nothing from a team and they surprise you.  That is today with the Giants.  Take the Giants getting 6.5 in Carolina to win outright.

This is a watch the fireworks pick here of the over in this game.  At 57.5 this is as high of an over as I could remember for an NFL game.  Pittsburgh plays no defense and the Falcons have so many defensive starters out they can’t stop anybody.  Oh and both teams can really score points.  Take the over of 57.5

In an odd couple of picks I am going with two hockey teams that lost last night to rebound and win tonight on the road

So take the Rangers to win at Carolina for a NY sweep

Take the Maple Leafs to win in Chicago.

I thought this series would go 5.  That was my prediction.  The Brew Crew won the first 2 games at home and now the series switches to Colorado.  I like the Rockies bats to wake up and have one of those old fashioned slug fests today in Colorado.  Take the Rockies to win at home vs the Brewers and also take the over at 9.5.

I picked the Dodgers to win this series but I felt the Braves would play better than this.  Maybe some home cooking will help them out.  I like the Dodgers to close this out tonight behind Walker Buehler in Atlanta.

Sports PLays Of The Day

After a brutal day of going 1-6 to drop my profit to 50 leprechauns I am back with 6 NFL picks and a couple of MLB picks.  Let’s start with the NFL.

Last week no one thought the Vikings would lose at home to the Bills.  This week we have the same scenario with another AFC East team.  But the Jags are coming off a bad loss and will be angry.  They will pound on the Jets golden boy QB and win this game easily.  Lay the 7.5 on the Jags over the Jets.

In two words.  C J Beathard.  Chargers two losses are against two unbeaten teams.  Lay the 10 on the bolts at home vs the Niners

This is more of a bet against Fitz Magic and the Buccaneers.  The cracks started last Monday night and continue today against a  better defense.  Khalil Mack has been dominant as a Bear.  Lay the 3 on the Bears at home vs the Bucs

Can’t see the Pats losing 3 straight and also can’t see the Dolphins go 4-0.  Only question is will the Pats cover the 6.5.  This is one of those convincing win days that we see the Pats have over the years.  Lay the 6.5 on the Patriots over the Dolphins

I like the over of 52.5.  Saints Defense has been no existent this year.  The Giants might have found something.  Yeah the Saints are different outside of the dome.  But I can see both teams score in the 30’s today.

With the Atlanta offense clicking and their defense so banged up I do see a very high scoring game here between the Falcons and the Bengals.  Take the over of 53.

Kudos for MLB for having all games start at the same time today just so the drama is kept.  We have 4 teams playing for the division.  With all 4 in the playoffs there is a little less drama.  But winning the division keeps you away from the one and done wild card game.

This would be my one sure fire lock.  The Tigers are playing out the string.  The other games are big rivalries and the Nats I feel will play hard.  Take the Brew Crew to beat the Tigers at home.

And the Cubbies will beat the Cardinals who won’t lay down and just because I want to see a one game playoff tomorrow.  Take the Cubs at home over the Cardinals

The Nats will play this one hard.  Although Scherzer should pitch today and he is not.  Very disappointing.  The Rocks have been not and win this one at home vs the Nationals

So that leaves one more team to make a second one game playoff tomorrow.  Not so fast Lee Corso

If you don’t think the Giants will go all out to derail the Dodgers from winning the division your not paying attention.  The Giants beat the Dodgers in SF.

Picks Of The Day

After yesterday’s hat trick 3-0 I am up 150 ducatis.

Here are today’s picks:


After an awful defensive performance in week 1 look for the Saints to rebound big time at home.  Saints were picked to go to the Super Bowl in some circles.  I look for a huge rebound today against the Bronws



If Denver can good QB play this year they will have a winning season.  The Raiders looked terrible on opening day.  Gruden has work to do.  I like the Denver at home here.



Jimmy  G found out the other side of the equation last week and to be fair it was on the road against  a great Vikings defense.  Can the Lions play any worse.  I like SF big here at home



In the night game.  This is a must win game for both teams.  The Giants might have to play the season trying to justify picking Barkley over Darnold.  I think the GIants are better and are getting points on the road.

NYG + 3