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Sports Plays Of The Day 1-11

Sports Plays Of The Day 1-11

It has been a while since I made picks so the last time I posted was back on December 16th where I went 2-3 to lower my figure to plus 34300. I am back with 12 sports plays today all 200 each.


Titans plus 9.5 at Baltimore

49ers -7 at home vs the Vikings

NCAA Basketball

2PM Games

Youngstown State -6.5 at home vs Detroit

Chattanooga -5 at home vs Samford

3PM Games

Coastal Carolina plus 4.5 at Texas Arlington

FIU plus 1.5 at Rice

4PM Games

Drake plus 1.5 at Valpo

Sam Houston State -6.5 at Central Arkansas

5PM Games

Austin Peay -2 at Jacksonville State

Tennessee State -2.5 at South East Missouri State

8PM Games

Cal Baptist plus 3.5 at Grand Canyon

Lamar -3.5 at Houston Baptist


NFL Top Ten Rankings Week 15

NFL Top Ten Rankings Week 15

1 Baltimore Ravens 12-2 LW(1) Head and shoulders the best team in the league

2 San Francisco 49ers 11-2 LW(5) Went 2-1 against three first place teams

3 Seattle Seahawks 10-3 LW(2) Heading for a week 17 showdown for the NFC West crown

4 New Orleans Saints 10-3 LW(3) Really need to get back on track

5 Green Bay Packers 10-3 LW(6) Can’t overlook Bears with big division showdown lurking

6 Kansas City Chiefs 9-4 LW(7) Looking for a potential bye

7 New England Patriots 10-3 LW(4) Something is missing but I know better than to doubt this team.

8 Buffalo Bills 9-4 LW(8) Showing the league how good they are

9 Minnesota Vikings 9-4 LW(9-4) Keeping pace with the Packers

10 Pittsburgh Steelers 8-5 LW(UR) Best coaching job of Mike Tomin’s career




1 Baltimore Ravens 10-2 LW(1) Is it time for an emotional let down in Buffalo?

2 Seattle Seahawks 10-2 LW(3) Can possibly put the dagger in the Rams today.

3 New Orleans Saints 10-2 LW(5) Still my pick for the 1 seed in the NFC

4 New England Patriots 10-2 LW(2) Pats get back on track today against the Chiefs

5 San Francisco 49ers 10-2 LW(4) After an emotional loss last week they need to get up for the Saints.

6 Green Bay Packers 9-3 LW(6) They could run the table right into a first round bye

7 Kansas City Chiefs 8-4 LW(8) Must win out for any shot at a first-round bye

8 Buffalo Bills 9-3 LW(9) Big win on Turkey day. I am picking them to win outright vs the Ravens.

9 Houston Texans 8-4 LW(10) Finally got some separation from the Colts but now the Titans stepped up.

10 Minnesota Vikings 8-4 LW(7) Vikes lack a signature win




1 Baltimore Ravens 9-2 LW(2) Are they peaking at the wrong time.

2 New England Patriots 10-1 LW(1) The offense needs to get better.

3 Seattle Seahawks 9-2 LW(3) In a dogfight for the division championship.

4 San Francisco 49ers 10-1 LW(6) Big win last week. An even bigger win could happen this week.

5 New Orleans Saints 9-2 LW(4) They need to get back to basics.

6 Green Bay Packers 8-3 LW(5) Brutal loss at San Francisco.

7 Minnesota Vikings 8-3 LW(7) I still don’t trust Kirk Cousins.

8 Kansas City Chiefs 7-4 LW(8) AFter beating the Raiders this week all would be back to normal.

9 Buffalo Bills 8-3 LW(10) Keep winning the games your supposed to win.

10 Houston Texans 7-4 LW(UR) I keep waiting for this team to take off.


NFL Top Ten Rankings Week 12

NFL Top Ten Rankings Week 12

1 New England Patriots 9-1 LW(1) I expect a big Pats performance this week.

2 Baltimore Ravens 8-2 LW(2) Huge test on the left coast.

3 Seattle Seahawks 8-2 LW(3) Staying on the heels of the Niners

4 New Orleans Saints 8-2 LW(4) Won’t get bet this week at home

5 Green Bay Packers 8-2 LW(5) Huge potential tiebreaker game this week

6 San Francisco 49ers 9-1 LW(6) Could be a must-win game to get a bye.

7 Minnesota Vikings 8-3 LW(8) Huge comeback win last week.

8 Kansas City Chiefs 7-4 LW(10) The Raiders are on their heels

9 Oakland Raiders 6-4 LW(UR) Just Win Baby

10 Buffalo Bills 7-3 LW(UR) Keep on winning the games they are supposed to win.





1 New England Patriots 8-0 Last Week (1) Best team in the NFL until further notice

2 New Orleans Saints 7-1 Last Week (2) Will Brees get his second ring this year?

3 San Francisco 49ers 7-0 Last Week (3) That defense is nasty.

4 Green Bay Packers 7-1 Last Week (4) Very favorable second-half schedule

5 Indianapolis Colts 5-1 Last Week (5) Played very well despite Luck’s surprise retirement.

6 Baltimore Ravens 5-2 Last Week (6) Brutal second half starts with the Patriots Sunday night.

7 Seattle Seahawks 6-2 Last Week (9) Still my pick to win the best division in the league.

8 Minnesota Vikings 6-2 Last Week (UR) I still question Kirk Cousins in a big game.

9 Houston Texans 5-3 Last Week (UR) Losing Watt hurts big time.

10 Kansas City Chiefs 5-3 Last Week (7) Let Mahomes get healthy first.



Oakland Raiders 3-4 Extremely winable second-half schedule.

Detroit Lions 3-3-1 Should have a better record.

Philadelphia Eagles 4-4 Still my pick to win the weak NFC East Division.



1 New England Patriots 7-0 Last Week (1) Best team in the NFL until further notice.

2 New Orleans Saints 6-1 Last Week (2) Bridgewater is 5-0 as a starter

3 San Francisco 49ers 6-0 Last Week (3) This team is for real.

4 Green Bay Packers 6-1 Last Week (4) Packers have a defense now. Rodgers starting to roll.

5 Indianapolis Colts 4-2 Last Week (8) I am surprised at how good this team has played.

6 Baltimore Ravens 5-2 Last Week (6) Lamar Jackson is for real.

7 Buffalo Bills 5-1 Last Week (7) This team is going to the playoffs

8 Kansas City Chiefs 5-2 Last Week (9) Need to make sure Mahomes is healthy.

9 Seattle Seahawks 5-2 Last Week (5) Rough home loss against the Ravens.

10 Carolina Panthers 4-2 Last Week (10) It will be interesting to see what happens when Newton comes back.


Oakland Raiders 3-3 Raiders are a feisty team. Outside chance of making the playoffs.

Minnesota Vikings 6-2 I think this team is playoff-bound.

Sports Picks 10-20

Sports Picks 10-20

After going 7-5 yesterday to raise my figure to plus 32100 I am back with 12 plays today. All 200 each.

Rame -3 at Falcons

Giants minus 3 and over 50.5 at home vs Cardinals

49ers -9.5 at Redskins

Packers -5 at home vs Raiders

Texans plus 1 and over 47 at Colts

Jaguars -4.5 at Bengals

Lions plus 1.5 at home vs Vikings

Seahawks -3 at home vs Ravens

Eagles plus 2.5 at Dallas




  1. New England Patriots 6-0 Last Week (1) With Mahomes injury Patriots roller skate to the best overall record.

  1. New Orleans Saints 5-1 Last Week (2) The Saints keep rolling with a backup quarterback.

3.  San Francisco 49ers 5-0 Last Week (4) This team gets better every week.

4.  Green Bay Packers 5-1 Last Week (3) Pack has a defense to go with Rodgers.

5.  Seattle Seahawks 5-1 Last Week (6) Russell Wilson is having an MVP season.

6.  Houston Texans 4-2 Last Week (8) WIth a win against the Colts, The Texans can run away with the division.

7.  Buffalo Bills 4-1 Last Week (7) The Bills are a real solid team. But not great.

8.  Indianapolis Colts 4-2 Last Week (9) Playing better than I expected them to.

9.  Kansas City Chiefs 5-2 Last Week (5) Holding their breath that Mahomes injury is not long term.

  1. Carolina Panthers 4-2 Last Week (10) Quarterback controversy is imminent.

Baltimore Ravens 4-2. Will open a lot of eyes with a win in Seattle this week.

Minnesota Vikings 4-2. Trap game in Detroit this week.



Sports Picks 9-22

After going 4-5 yesterday to lower my figure to plus 31700 I am back today with 11 plays all 200 each.

Take the Indians at home vs the Phillies

Take the Marlins at home vs the Nationals

Take the Dodgers at home vs the Rockies

Take the Astros at home vs the Angels

Take the Mets at the Reds

Take the Vikings at home-9  vs the Raiders

Take the Patriots at -21 home vs the Jets

Take the Cowboys at home -22 against the Dolphins

Take the Packers -7 at home vs the Broncos

Take the Cardinals at home -2 against the Panthers

Take the Giants plus 5.5 at the Bucs