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Sports Picks 10-27

Sports Picks 10-27

After going 10-6 yesterday to raise my figure to plus 32100 I am back with 13 plays today. 200 each.

Seahawks -6.5 at the Falcons

Colts -5.5 at home vs the Broncos

Rams -12 at home vs the Bengals

Saints -10.5 at home vs the Cardinals

Giants plus 6.5 and the over 49.5 at the Lions

49ers -5.5 at home vs the Panthers

Texans -6.5 at home vs the Raiders

Packers -4 at the Chiefs

Astros and the under 7 at the Nationals

Las Vegas Knights at home vs the Ducks

Nets -4.5 at Memphis

Sports Plays Of The Day 4-12

What a goof I am.  NBA playoffs start tomorrow.  So I will repost those picks tomorrow.  I went 2-4 yesterday dropping my figure to plus 2550 mellamonies.  I got 7 MLB picks and 4 NHL games.  200 units for MLB and 100 units for NHL

Take the Cubs at home vs the Angels

Take the Nationals at home vs the Pirates

Take the Yankees at home vs the Whitesox

Take the Redsox at home vs the Orioles

Take the Royals at home vs the Indians

Take the Astros at the Mariners

Take the Dodgers at home vs the Brewers

Take the Lightning at home vs the Blue Jackets

Take the Jets at home vs the Blues

Take the Islanders at home vs the Penguins

Take the Vegas Knights at the Sharks

The Race For The Stanley Cup NHL Playoffs 2019

Admittingly I am not the biggest hockey fan.  I do pick hockey games during my plays of the day but I use a system to make those picks and very rarely stray off the system.  I do like to watch the NHL Playoffs.  So here are my picks for each series and the # of games.

Take The Tampa Bay Lightning in 6 games

Take the New York slanders in 7 games

Take the St. Louis Blues in 6 games

Take the Nashville Predators in 5 games

Take the Vegas Golden Knights in 7 games

Take the Boston Bruins on 6 games

Take the Washington Capitals in 5 games

Take the Calgary Flames in 5 gamesTORONTO

Sports Plays Of The Day 4-10

After going 4-3 raising my figure to plus 1950 mellakhaleesis I am back with 6 baseball picks and 5 hockey picks.  200 units for baseball and 100 units for NHL.  Let’s get started

Take the Rays at the Whitesox

Take the Reds at home vs the Marlins

Take the A’s at the Orioles

Take the Mets at home vs the Twins

Take the Astros at home vs the Yankees

Take the Mariners at the Royals

Take the Lightning at home vs the Blue Jackets

Take the Islanders at home vs the Penguins

Take the Blues at the Jets

Take the Predators at home vs the Stars

Take the Knights at the Sharks

Sports Plays Of The Day 3-17

On a day I went 9-6 you have to be happy with that.  Forget the fact that 3 of my losses were teams winning but not covering by a combined 6 points.  Still this is positive momentum as I head into March Madness.  My figure stands at plus 1450 mella khaleesi’s.  I got 7 plays today.  The basketball plays are 300 and the hockey plays are 200.  Let’s get started.

Take the Yale Bulldogs -4.5 against the Crimson of Harvard

Take the Panthers of Georgia State -3.5 over the Mavericks of Texas Arlington

Take the Bonnies -1 over the Saint Louis Billikens

Take the Lakers -4.5 at the Knicks

All system hockey games

Take the Sabres over the Blues

Take the Ducks over the Panthers

Take the Knights over the Oilers

Sports Plays Of The Day 3-10

After going 3-2 to raise my figure to plus 950 mella is monies.  I got 3 plays today 300 units each.

Take South Florida -2.5 at home vs SMU

Take Bradley -1 at home vs Northern Iowa

Take the Flames at home vs the Golden Knights