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AEW Dynamite 9-16


One Man’s Wrestling Opinion

I am late to the dance here but I will make this quick except for a couple of parts which we all know what they are. A lot has been said about this pay per view and the incidents surrounding it. I went 4-5 in my predictions and none of my surprises happened although one kind of did on Dynamite. Here is my review of All Out.

Tooth & Nail Match

So a few things about this match. This match is supposed to be fun since it is a gimmick match. With these matches it’s either you like it or you don’t like it. There really is no middle ground. As I stated in my preview I hated that this match was at the beginning of the feud and not an end where it should be. The only other true gimmick matches that I can remember is the Casket Match and the Buried Alive Match. Both were staples of the Undertaker and it did not always happen at the end of the feud. But the Undertaker did win the first-ever of those matches. Britt Baker did not and that’s why I give this a thumbs down. Plus the match was not very good.

If you listen to Tony Khan he said the match was moved to the main card from the pre-show because it was so good when he watched it being filmed. I don’t believe that for a second. The fan backlash for a match that had more build than a few of the main card matches getting stuck on the pre-show was very loud. Throw in the fact it was a women’s match and you got double the backlash.

Moved To Main Card

This is why this match was moved to the main card. It should have not been the first match because it got the night off to a bad start. Again Britt has been built up over the past 12 weeks and loses her first match coming back. If she was not able to get in the ring and wrestle then don’t have the match. Just say Britt is not cleared to wrestle yet. This is not to hate on Big Swole either. Additionally, this is one of the reasons the PPV went so long. Bad choice all around.

I picked Britt. Big Swole won. 0-1

Thumbs down 1

The Young Bucks vs Jurassic Express

This is a match with zero build and it is supposed to be showcasing the Young Bucks turn to a semi heal team. They are better than Jurassic and should be going over them. It’s time for the Bucks to win matches and set up the inevitable match with FTR in November. After 11 months of TV and the few months before of Pay Per Views, I have seen all the dives and acrobats that I can handle. Nothing is going to surprise me anymore.

What I hated about this match was Jungle Boy kicking out of a double superkick by the Bucks. That is not believable in any way. Especially with the size of Jungle Boy. I won’t hate on the match because it was one of the better ones on the card. I like Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus too. Cody said that he does not feel like AEW needs a mid-card title and mid-card wrestlers. In my opinion, I think he is wrong. Not everyone can be a main-eventer. You elevate to the next level by your mic work. Both or even all of these wrestlers can go in the ring but the mic work has not been great. Even from the Bucks. I don’t watch Being The Elite on youtube and I never will. That has to be shown on Dynamite.

Jungle Boy Charisma

I would like to see Jungle Boy on his own. His father Luke(rest in peace) oozed charisma and was a heartthrob. I want to see if Jungle Boy has some of that. Plus I know everyone likes him cause he is small and it’s a great story but Marko Stunt should not be a wrestler. 

I picked the Bucks and they won. 1-1

Thumbs up

The 21 Man Casino Battle Royale

I am not a big Battle Royale person. But I do love the Royal Rumble because not every wrestler comes out to the ring at the same time so we see surprises. AEW has done this with the Casino Battle Royale but it is a WWE lite version. WWE’s version lasts an hour long and does not usually have so many men in the ring like AEW does. I had picked Rusev/Miro as my surprise entrant and was off by a few days. I did pick Shawn Spears to win this or Rusev if he shows up. This match was a huge schmozz. Darby Allin takes an unnecessary bump inside of a body bag filled with tacks. Not only do I feel that Darby is not main event material but this is the reason why you can’t rely on him. He takes unnecessary chances.

I hated the ending with Jake Roberts and the bag with the snake in it. Too much outside interference. Eddie Kingston was never really eliminated. The Murderhawk wins the match and a shot at the AEW title. I have no issue with him winning but he has to beat Moxley in October. If Murderhawk does not beat Moxley then he is buried once again. AEW has big issues booking their big men. On the whole, I did not like this match. 

I picked Spears. Murderhawk won. 1-2

Thumbs down 1

Last Man Standing Match: Matt Hardy vs Sammy Guevara

This is the second gimmick match of the night and you can really add in the Battle Royale match as a gimmick one too but I won’t do that. First of all Matt Hardy was knocked unconscious by taking a ridiculous bump. I won’t rehash the details because we all know what happened. AEW dropped the ball here. That match should never have continued. Tony Khan said he passed the concussion protocol. What is the concussion protocol in the AEW? Okay, that was about a minute max of the doctor examining him by just looking at him. Shame on Tony Khan who’s father owns the Jacksonville Jaguars to think this was a proper concussion protocol. In the NFL this testing lasts much more than one minute.

So once Hardy continued the match I am sure they were told to just go home to the ending. Knowing what that ending is how in the hell do you have Hardy climb that tower. AEW and Tony Khan should be ashamed of themselves for how this was handled. This has nothing to do with the WWE and what they have done in the past.

Unconscious Matt

This is about what happened when a wrestler was unconscious for what looked like 45 seconds. I really hope Sammy and Hardy never work together again. My gut tells me that there was supposed to be more to this Sammy/Matt feud but thankfully AEW has ended it. It just seems like this feud is cursed. Matt took a legit chair shot to the head and got color the hard way in a previous segment. Maybe Sammy is careless in the ring. I have no idea where Sammy goes from here.

I had Sammy winning with Hardy coming back as one of his alter egos. Hardy won. 1-3

Thumbs down 1

AEW Women’s Title Match: Shida(c) vs Thunder Rosa

AEW likes to get their spots in when this match did not need it. This women’s division needs a lot of help and a lot more of Rosa and Serena Deeb. Was this a great match? No. Was it better than most women’s matches in AEW? Yes. Plus it had the impossible task of following the match with Hardy getting a concussion and all the drama. 

I picked Thunder Rosa. Shida won. 1-4

Thumbs up

Eight-Man Grudge Match: Dark Order Vs Natural Nightmares, Scorpio Sky and Matt Cardona

This match could have happened on Dynamite and should have. Another spot fest with no stakes or real business beforehand. All of this was for redemption for Cody who got beatdown by the Dark Order. This really dragged the card which was long as it was. We find out after the match that Dustin Rhodes will get a title shot at Brodie Lee in the next Dynamite. I thought Dustin was a tag team wrestler. Once again an illogical decision by AEW. This match put eight wrestlers on the card for a payday. Nothing special happened in this match.

I picked the Dark Order. Nightmares/Scorpio/Cordona won. 1-5

Thumbs down 1

AEW Tag Title Championship: Kenny Omega and Hangman Page(c) vs FTR

This match has had a lot of long term storytelling that did not end at the conclusion of this match. It appears AEW is going to drag this out just a little bit longer with Omega and Page. Another match that was too long and by this time of the night I started to get drained. We all knew FTR was going to win this match. Omega’s tantrum after the match quitting the Elite was a bit much. Khan threw us a swerve here and continued that swerve on Dynamite. I never saw what was so special with FTR. This was one of the matches I was most looking forward to because of the intertwining stories involved.

But the actual in-ring action is nothing I haven’t seen before. I will be repetitive with this because it’s the truth. Nothing can or will surprise me anymore by the style of these matches. But I liked it because of the storylines but not the wrestling.

I picked FTR to win and they won. 2-5

Thumbs up

Mimosa Mayhem Match: Chris Jericho vs Orange Cassidy

I am glad this feud is over. Orange Cassidy will never be a star or a main eventer no matter how hard Chris Jericho tries to get him over. Cassidy is a mid-carder at best. That’s just a fact. Now, this is the third gimmick match on the card and all three were bad. The whole concept of this match was ridiculous. Jericho lowered himself to get Cassidy over. It was obvious this match was put together for Jericho to lose by getting put into the Mimosa. This way Jericho does not take a pinfall and Cassidy gets credit for beating Jericho two out of three. This match went way too long. Jericho puts Cassidy through a table instead of putting him into the Mimosa. LOGIC GAP.

I picked Orange Cassidy and he won. 3-5

Thumbs down 1

AEW World Championship Match Jon Moxley(c) vs MJF

This was a good match but I hated the ending. Moxley wins with his banned finish the Paradigm Shift. So this is the second screwed false ending of the night. I like both competitors and MJF will be a huge star no matter where he goes. I always felt Mox was the better of the three Shield members. I guess the real business is that the Paridigm shift is really a badass finisher and he needs it to win his matches. 

I had Moxley to win and he won. 4-5

Thumbs up


You can be the biggest AEW fan and admit this was their worst PPV they have ever had. Not every event is going to be great. But let’s face it. This PPV ran just under four hours. If you throw in the pre show stuff we are talking about six hours. The Hardy botch was bad enough but Tony Khan’s decision to re start the match was inexcusable. I don’t want to hear that Tony said it was not a concussion. Just admit a mistake was made. Remember the cover up is always worse than the mistake.

AEW needed a big Dynamite to wash away this PPV.

AEW Dynamite 9-16


One Mans Wrestling Opinion

AEW is having one of their four Pay Per Views this weekend in All Out. With nine matches on the main card, this will be a very long Pay Per View. Tony Khan has promised some surprises at All Out. What I think is a surprise and what Tony Khan thinks is a surprise are two different things. But to be completely transparent I will list out what my idea of surprises would be.

Surprise # 1

Mike Tyson shows up and punches Jericho in the mush causing him to fall into the champagne and losing the match to Orange Cassidy. This will lead to the Tyson vs Jericho match as the feud ends with Orange Cassidy. Plus Jericho knows a gimmick match has to end a feud and I can’t see Jericho taking two pins from Orange Cassidy.

Surprise # 2

Brock Lesnar shows up. This would be a legit shock to me. I don’t think Brock wants to hurt his relationship with WWE. But he is a businessman and a very smart one. AEW signing Brock would go against everything they stand for and what they want to build. It could anger part of that fan base. So I don’t see it happening. But if it does what does Brock do? I say he would cost Moxley the title because he does have history with him.

Let’s say Brock has a deal with a pay per appearance and no long term commitment. If he appears at ALL OUT this would enrage Vince to throw so much money at Brock that he never goes back to AEW. If AEW was smart they would have to see this scenario a mile away. So you can’t put him in the Casino Battle Royal with him winning it.

But could he destroy Archer or Cage? Maybe. But AEW is looking to pair Cage vs Archer so that would devalue both. If he costs Moxley the title it may let the story eventually calm down or maybe Khan gets into a bidding war with Vince. Or maybe Brock shows up and sits in the front row and does nothing but collect a cool 100 grand for his appearance.

Surprise # 3

Eric Rowan shows up and gets involved in the Dark Order match. I could see Rowan helping the Dark Order win and also helping Team Cody win.

Surprise # 4

Tessa Blanchard shows up and gets involved in the Shida vs Thunder Rosa match. I can see Tessa doing a run in and beating up both during the match causing a no contest. 

Surprise # 5

Only 17 of the 21 wrestlers have been announced for the Casino Battle Royal so who knows who the last four will be. I have no idea who is available. I do expect someone we have never seen on AEW TV before to show up. I will go with Rusev/Miro. He would make alot of sense. And if he shows up I would not have him win this match. But that will depend on who they have decided to put over in the Moxley/MJF match.

The Buy-In Match: Private Party vs John Silver and Alex Reynolds

I literally have no interest in this match. It will not do any real business. It’s only happening because the fans complained that the Britt Baker/Big Swole Tooth and Nail Cinematic Match was on the Buy-In and not the main card. I am happy that four of the guys get a PPV pay check.

Winner: I don’t care

Tooth & Nail Match: Britt Baker vs Big Swole

Cinematic Matches

These cinematic matches are becoming a thing lately. WWE will run that concept into the ground. I have no problems with these kinds of matches if done correctly and if placed at the right time of a feud. The Boneyard Match between Undertaker and AJ Styles was good because WWE needed a different visual in the early stages of the pandemic. With no fans attending you can be creative. While it was the first time AJ faced Taker we never know when the DeadMan will hang up the boots. I thought that match was nicely done. I loved the Firefly Funhouse match. Bray Wyatt and John Cena did previously work together so it was a fitting end to their feud and really launching another side of the Bray Wyatt/Fiend psyche. Plus who knows how often we can get Cena in a match with his movie schedule.

Not to be undone the AEW had their first cinematic match, Stadium Stampede Match, between The Inner Circle and The Elite. This most likely replaced the War Games match that was canceled back in March. And it really was the last time we saw each stable fight with each other directly. The Inner Circle while still being a faction has broken off into separate angles. As for The Elite, who is even a part of the stable right now. I liked the match very much. There were a couple of things I would have done differently but that would be a nit pick on my part. The Swamp Match between Braun Stroman and Bray Wyatt could have been way much better and it did not signal the end of that feud. They have faced each other twice after that match.

Tooth & Nail Match

As for the Tooth And Nail match, I don’t like that this is the first match between Big Swole and Britt Baker. This match should be the end of their feud, not the beginning. Maybe it does end their feud after one match. We have to wait and see about that. But we already know that Britt is going over because no one has lost their signature cinematic match. The Stadium Stampede match does not fall into this category.

If AEW wanted to swerve us then Big Swole wins but I can’t see that because Britt Baker is getting pushed. I will admit I did not like Britt in the beginning. I hated her character and ring work,. Her ring work has gotten a little better and AEW needs more women who can actually wrestle to make everyone else look better, her character work has been on point. Plus she has grown so much on me and she is very pretty.

Winner: Dr. Britt Baker

Young Bucks vs Jurassic Express

This will be a spot fest. Zero build for this match. This is just to get the Young Bucks on the card. I like that the Bucks showed an edge on Dynamite.

Winner: The Young Bucks

Dark Order (Brodie Lee, Colt Cabana, Evil Uno, Stu Grayson) vs the Natural Nightmares, Matt Cardona, and Scorpio Sky.

This is the Cody redemption match. These are the only members of the Dark Order than mean anything. Again another tag team match and an 8 man match to boot. Expect Brandi (the Queen and the top of the food chain HAHAHA) to get involved. Maybe we even see Cody but who knows. Brodie needs to break away from the Dark Order. Again this is another match just to get these 8 guys on the pay per view. I would much rather see Brodie defend his title. 

Winner: Dark Order with interference by the arrival of Erick Rowen. This will prolong this feud a little longer.

Broken Rules Match Matt Hardy vs Sammy Guevara

The second gimmick match of the card. This is just a last man standing match but if Matt Hardy loses he will leave AEW. Clearly Hardy is not going anywhere. If he does lose then Matt Hardy would be gone but not his alter egos. That will be the hook that AEW uses to keep Hardy in the company which is so predictable. Sammy really needs a big win in a big spot and this could be it. These two have been very physical in the last two weeks and I expect to see more blood.

WInner Sammy Guevara. Matt Hardy leaves but his alter egos stay.

21 Man Casino Battle Royal Match

So we don’t know four of the wrestlers in this match and it’s a good bet that one of those four could wind up winning this match. They are teasing Darby vs Starks and Archer vs Cage. I don’t think any of them will win. Again it depends on who wins the Mox/MJF match which will determine who wins this match. The winner gets an AEW title match.  I can see a few different scenarios and that’s without knowing the four other wrestlers in the match.

Could Shawn Spears win and face Moxley or MJF and then the Horsemen reform with FTR and whoever else they pick. I can’t see Cage facing Moxley again if Mox retains. Darby just had a title shot so he is out. Starks does not deserve a title shot either. Neither does Spears. But to build the Horsemen stable it would be logical. Murder Hawk is interesting but the money mark already stooged off a program with the FTW title which will center around Cage and Archer. Could it be Eddie Kingston and one of his gang. I don’t see it plus Kingston just had a title shot against Cody. Cage won the ladder match in his debut so it could very well be someone we don’t know.

Winner: if I had to pick a winner my order would be 1. Shawn Spears, 2. One of the unnamed wrestlers. Such as Miro if he shows up. 

Mimosa Mayhem Match Chris Jericho vs Orange Cassidy

So out of nine matches on the card, three are gimmick matches. That is a very bad ratio.

This feud needs to go away. I never saw this as entertaining at any point. Jericho has lowered himself to put over Orange Cassidy who will never be a main eventer. Sorry, that’s a fact. I think Cassidy wins by Jericho falling into the Champagne. Maybe Tyson punches him and he falls into the champagne. Jericho will not eat a second pin in this match.

Winner: Orange Cassidy via Jericho falling into the Champagne

AEW World Tag Team Match Page & Omega (C) vs FTR

Okay so the build up to this match has been good. We have been teased the break up of Omega and Page for a while. It’s going to happen. Either at the PPV or on Dynamite. FTR is winning the belts too. That is happening at the PPV. Again this is way too predictable to me and maybe Khan throws a swerve. The Horsemen angle is coming with FTR as the tag team in the group. The other two I am saying will be Spears and my gut says Page but I think I am going to be wrong.  Plus we know the money match is the Young Bucks vs FTR for the titles.

Winner: FTR captures the Tag Team Belts

AEW Women’s World Championship Match Shida (C) vs Thunder Rosa

A very telling sign that AEW does not have one of their own wrestling for their title at a PPV. But it’s all about the matches. This could be a very interesting partnership with the NWA. Personally Thunder Rosa is the better wrestler and by that standard she should win. But it’s an AEW match and can you really see a wrestler who is supposedly not signed with AEW winning their belt. In the old days these matches would not have a winner or the person from that promotion would win. Or maybe Tessa Blanchard does a run in and beats down both.

Winner: Thunder Rosa is the new Women’s Champion

AEW World Championship Match Moxley(C) vs MJF

Now this one will be interesting. MJF is the future face of the company. We all know that. He has not been pinned and neither has Moxley. Something has to give. I had MJF winning this match ever since it was announced but now after this past week’s Dynamite I have changed my mind.

It’s traditional in wrestling that if the heel gets the heat on the go home show then the face wins the PPV match. That could be a swerve by Khan. Plus I already have two titles changing hands at this PPV. I don’t see a third one. Unless Shida retains. 

Winner: Moxley Retains

AEW Dynamite 9/2 Review


The AEW Dynamite Review 9/2

Santana & Ortiz vs Best Friends

Right off the bat I hate all the chances they took before the match started. I feel Santana & Ortiz are being wasted in a bad storyline like this. AEW loves tag-team matches and we get several tag-team matches every week. I would love it if they kept the tag team matches to two at the most. But AEW likes having six-man tag matches and now the eight-man tag match is happening most every week. Way too much. All these matches are huge spot fests and nothing we haven’t seen every week. So if you don’t watch the match until the end to see what business is being done, trust me you won’t miss anything.

This has nothing to do with the quality of the wrestlers. All four can go in that ring. At a PPV you can do anything you want. But on the weekly TV show, I need to see more storylines and more character building. This match had neither. All four men will be in the Battle Royal at the PPV and all four men have zero chance of winning it. Santana & Ortiz who are a heel tag team win the match in a heel way. Nothing wrong with the outcome or the way it happened.

MJF Promo

MJF is great on the mic. He reminds me so much of Roddy Piper. Wardlow is like a poor man’s “Ace” Cowboy Bob Orton. But Orton had so much more personality. I would love to see Wardlow wrestle more. We see MJF give his scared lawyer a pep talk before his match with Moxley.

Young Bucks & Jurrasic Express vs SCU & Private Party

Just want to say that I have DirecTV and they aired a Monday Night Raw commercial.

An eight-man spot fest where each team has to get in their own business. All four teams are babyfaces which makes this a very strange match. The fact that the winning team will face each other at the PPV is just a reason to get the Young Bucks in a match at All Out. The one thing I hate about all these shows is that most times the winner of the match is predictable. So I knew the Bucks were going over. I am glad to see them show an edge after the match by not shaking the hands of Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy.

Again this is not a match I care to watch because I have seen these same spots over and over in the last 11 months of AEW TV. Like the first tag team match, all four teams can go in the ring. It’s just that I am not entertained by these matches. But I liked the change in the attitude of the Bucks. I didn’t watch any of their Japan matches and I don’t watch Being The Elite. Sorry, there is only so much of my time that I can dedicate to watching Wrestling in a week so I have been told by many that there is a different side to the Bucks than what we have seen on Dynamite. I am waiting to see that come across on TV.

Jake Hager/Orange Cassidy Back Stage

I am going to talk about what in my opinion is one of the biggest problems WWE, NXT, and AEW all have in their TV Shows. The logic gaps that exist just can’t be ignored. I know this is a make-believe world and the matches are predetermined. We all know this isn’t real. And when we say these are just TV shows that’s a true statement. When I watch TV shows or movies the one thing I hate is when something happens and I say to myself “Yeah if that happened in real life that is not how it would go down.”

Some people say that AEW needs writers to fill in the logic gaps. I agree with that statement. But when you look at what WWE and NXT do they have writers and they still have logic gaps. So I would like to see AEW close down the logic gaps. This segment has a big one.

Jake Hager is a Bellator fighter. I was not a fan of his character in the WWE. And I am not a fan of his character in AEW either. Hager finds Cassidy and sits next to him. Now that is something a heel would do especially if he knows he can kick your ass. Hager has a message from Jericho telling Cassidy he wants him at ringside for his match tonight. Hager says you better be there. Cassidy drapes his leg on top of Hager’s lap. LOGIC GAP. Hager should have given Cassidy an open-handed slap across his face at the least for getting disrespected. Instead, he pushes his leg off his lap. Is that something an MMA fighter would do if he was disrespected by a guy half his size?

Tully Blanchard With FTR

Tully must be rusty because I have seen much better promos from him. FTR just doesn’t have any natural charisma. This leads to the next segment which was a disaster.

Kenny Omega Interview

Tony Schiavone is in the ring waiting for Kenny Omega to come out. Omega really needs to dress better. Your on national TV and you look like you are coming in from the beach or sitting by the pool. If you want to be a star, then act like a star and dress like a star. If it was his ring gear I would not have a problem with it. Now like the Bucks, Omega has been described as one of the best wrestlers in the world. That was before he came to AEW.

He has not been booked that way. If you want to be fair about it he has not been the star that everyone says he is. That’s just a fact. Maybe because he is an EVP he does not want it to look like he is booking himself to win. Cody has booked himself strong and he is loved. We have not seen the personality of Omega yet. Again Omega is one of the best wrestlers in the world and he should be booked that way.

Here we have another LOGIC GAP. Schiavone said that Hangman Page cost the Bucks the gauntlet match. No he didn’t. He grabbed Nick Jackson’s leg while Matt was getting pinned. Matt did not try to kick out. I guess because Nick’s leg was being held Matt was not able to kick out. I understand what they were trying to do. I just think it was very poor execution.

Potential Swerve

I smell a potential swerve here. It is obvious they are reforming the Four Horsemen. Everyone feels that it will be FTR and Page with Spears in the group. I thought the same thing except that Page resembles Magnum TA who always was against the Horsemen. Same with Cody so I am starting to feel like it will be FTR and Spears with someone else. But I do expect Hangman and Page to lose the titles and break up at the PPV or on the next TV Show.

I didn’t like this segment. I hate the styrofoam cooler. I hate the chocolate milk stuff. Again FTR does not have charisma.  But I love the storyline. That’s what I want in my weekly TV show. My two favorite stars in AEW are MJF and Hangman Page. What I did like in this segment was the swerve they are trying to pull on the fans. This has been talked about way too much on social media so I think AEW likes to throw a seed of doubt in our minds. FTR dropping the belts in the ring and Omega walking out on Page just adds to the intrigue of this match.

Chris Jericho Interview

Jericho is great on the mic. Always has been and always will be. My problem is Orange Cassidy is not on Jericho’s level. So this whole feud is not believable to me. Orange Cassidy is not a main eventer and he never will be.

Chris Jericho vs Joey Janela

Another match where the winner is predictable. And the post-match fight was even more predictable. Jericho slams Janela’s head into the turnbuckle busting him open. Clearly, this was a blade job. It makes no sense because we had blood in the main event. You really can’t have blood in two matches especially when the main event has it. So Cassidy comes into the ring followed by Sonny Kiss to help out his tag team partner. Cassidy is in the ring by himself after running off Jericho and Hager. Another LOGIC GAP with Hager but whatever. Cassidy goes into his nap sack and pulls out a bottle of Jericho’s champagne, He opens it up and pours it out giving Jericho the thumbs down. I guess that’s cool. It’s not. I didn’t like how they did this go-home segment. And Cassidy needs to learn how to throw believable punches.

Promo For The Broken Rules Match

This is basically a Last Man Standing Match. If Matt Hardy loses he will leave AEW. Sammy with the sign gimmick needs to go away now. It has run its course. I will talk more about this during my ALL OUT Prediction.

Battle Royal Segment

This whole segment was ridiculous and completely overbooked. Everyone and their mother came out with a microphone and started talking over each other. Tazz and Jake both cut bad promos. I expect way more than what those legends gave us. Eddie Kingston’s crew comes out followed by Tully and Spears. This was just a complete waste of time. It seemed like all 21 men who will be in the Battle Royal came out to fight. I know not everyone came out but this was a complete waste of time. And it lasted way too long.

Thunder Rosa vs Serena Deeb

I won’t talk too much about this match but it was the best female match in the history of AEW. And neither of these women is signed to AEW. What does that tell you? AEW needs to sign both these ladies and bring some credibility to the women’s division. No real business was handled here because neither are AEW properties. Thunder Rosa is facing Shida at ALL OUT.

Moxley Promo

I always felt that Moxley was the unsung hero of the shield. So I am happy he is getting his chance to shine now. He has had many great promos since he got to AEW. It’s getting really hard for Mox to top his best work. This promo while being good is not his best. That’s not to put him down either.

Big Swole Segment

We hear for the first time that Big Swole and Britt Baker are having a Tooth and Nail match.  Swole is talking with Schiavone when Reba comes out with a pizza delivery. She is wearing a mask but we all know who it is. Swole calls her out and Britt attacks her from behind with the crutch. Firstly Britt Baker needs to do a better job of hitting Swole with the crutch. Secondly. Rubbing her face in a pizza. Really? Is this funny. I like how they built this matchup for weeks. I hated the pizza spot.

Moxley vs MJF’s Lawyer Mark Sterling

Wardlow accompanies Sterling to ringside. Moxley toys with Sterling before starting to brutalize him. It’s predictable that MJF will eventually show his face during this match. Mox wins and Wardlow attacks Mox. MJF comes out and shows he was faking the neck injury. MJF hits Mox with the ring busting him open. AEW has blood for the second time tonight. LOGIC GAP. MJF saying weeks ago that the neck injury will prevent him from playing with his kids one day got everyone to pop. But the injury does not prevent him from wrestling. Just saying.