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AEW Dynamite Review 10-7

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AEW Dynamite Review 10-7

Why does it take a few seconds into the show for me to get aggravated with AEW? On this AEW Dynamite review I will rate each segment of the show. This show is billed as the Celebration of Jericho’s 30 years in wrestling. So throughout the night, there will be various wrestlers and celebrities talking about Jericho. Right off the bat, Ricky Starks calls Jericho one of the most influential people in the world. I love Jericho but you can’t make that comment. UGH

So I am annoyed really quickly. Then as they do their intro I see Miro playing an arcade game with Kip Sabian and I wonder what he must be thinking now that he is still stuck in a clown angle.

Brian Cage(c) vs Will Hobbs FTW Championship Match

Tazz and Starks are on commentary so that means they will get involved in this match. So despite this being a fake title as Tax explained he created it it’s more of a lifestyle than anything else. Hobbs has an 0-1 record on Dynamite losing to Darby Allin back in August. So he was a  jobber. This match goes close to 10 minutes. I am not sure why. Cage wins and that means the guy they were trying to push just lost.

After the match, Taz says he was impressed by Hobbs and he invites him to be a part of Team Taz. If he says no Cage and Starks will beat the hell out of him. Then we hear one of Tony Khan’s boyfriends music and he comes out to the ring. Cage and Starks exit the ring. Why are Cage and Starks afraid of a man half their size. LOGIC GAP. Just tragic

Thumbs down 1

Lance Archer Promo

I like this promo. Jake did not talk at all. Archer was controlled and spoke directly. He brought up their past. I am looking forward to this match more than I was before. But still, I already know Moxley is not losing the belt.

Thumbs up

FTR(c) vs The Hybrid 2

Ok so the Hybrid 2 has not been on Dynamite in months but here they are getting a title shot. LOGIC GAP. Don’t we have rankings? What’s the sense of rankings if the top teams never get title shots? We see the Bucks watching FTR on TV in the back. But they are standing sideways facing the camera. That’s important to remember for later.

As for the match who the hell cares. FTR was not losing the title to the Hybrid 2. Was it a good match? Yeah. Did it develop a storyline? Yes but a bad one. This match went way too long as usual. After the match, we see the Bucks in the back and they notice a cameraman recording them and they say let’s do out favorite move, and they superkick him. Matt says he does not have his waller and asks Nick to take care of it. Hello, you were facing the cameraman the whole time. How could you not notice it? LOGIC GAP. This could have been handled much better.


Now it goes from bad to worse. Best Friends come out wearing a shirt with FTR inside hot dog buns with the titles around their waist and they call them weiners again. So AEW has tripled down on this and it is not funny in any way. This has to be a rib that we don’t know about because this is just tragic. Best Friends will get their title shot next week and will lose.

Thumbs down 1

MJF Promo

MJF praises Jericho for 30 years. This is interesting because a storyline is building. MJF is gold on the mic.

Thumbs up

Brodie Lee(c) vs Cody TNT Championship Dog Collar Match

This match was always going to be brutal. I expected blood and a lot of physical spots and I got it. Of course, Brandi has to come out to the ring with Cody only to leave before the match starts. Brandi has to get her screen time. Doc Sampson is still employed at AEW. Good for him. So Cody is now the Prince of Pro Wrestling. Brandi is the Queen so wouldn’t Cody be the king? This match is not the main event which I think is a mistake.

I am not going to rehash the whole match but it was very physical. Brodie flung a chair at Arn Anderson. Anderson gets in the ring and Alex Reynolds comes into the ring and Arn gives him a spine buster. Then Brodie hits Arn with the chain. Why are they having Arn do a physical spot in this match?

The ends when Cody wraps the chain around Brodie’s head and hits forearms to his head before giving hin a cross rhodes. Cody regains the TNT title. After the match here comes Brandy for more TV time. Now it’s time for a Cody promo addressed to the marks. Now Cody is saying this is his life’s work while he will drop everything in AEW every time Hollywood calls. It’s ok though that once he gets back he gets his title again. Brodie is buried once again and maybe he leaves the Dork Order.

Cody says he wants to defend the title next week. He was asked who he wants to defend it against. So once again rankings don’t mean shit with this company because Cody is picking his opponent. Here comes Orange Cassidy and he gives the thumbs up and Cody gives it back to him. So Orange Cassidy who had a title shot recently and lost is getting another title shot because he beat 10 from the Dark Order.

Thumbs up for the match and a thumbs down for everything else.

Thumbs upThumbs down 1

Kenny Omega Promo

It’s a little better promo but Omega is corny as hell. In the ring he is a star. On the mic he is not even close. Omega will face Moxley for the belt. Take that to the bank.

Thumbs up

Big Swole vs Serena Deeb

I felt this match was a little off and sloppy at times. But I felt it was because of Swole and not Deeb. These AEW women need so much work it’s ridiculous

Thumbs down 1

Jon Moxley Promo

Moxley really puts Archer over in this promo. This is the first promo where Moxley actually sounds like he will lose the match. But I don’t see it. Mox will drop the belt to Omega at the next PPV.

Thumbs up

Chris Jericho and Jake Hager vs Chaos Project

This match was bad and never should have been the main event. This match was so bad and yet it still went for almost 10 minutes. Jericho starts a promo that sounded like a babyface promo. MJF’s music plays and he says cut my music this is about Chris. MJF brings a clown who has a gift.

As Jericho was about to open the present MJF says to Sammy he swears he will get him his jacket and then tells Jericho that next week he will have a career-defining announcement and he wants Jericho out there with him. Jericho opens the present and it is a picture of MJF. Jericho slams it over the head of the clown and gives him the Judas effect.

He then turns to MJF and says he hates clowns and to never interrupt him again. They stare each other down and then point at each other and laugh. Jericho says good night and some of the heels come out of the locker room. The credits roll and Jericho’s name is attached to every job on the show. The match gets a thumbs down but the promo work gets a thumbs up.

Thumbs down 1Thumbs up


Tony Khan really needs writers and real bookers who have done it before. AEW Dynamite will never get any better with the way it’s going now. We were told that rankings would matter. Well, that is not the case. Orange Cassidy is 11-6 this year. After beating Chris Jericho two out of three matches he got a TNT title shot against Brodie Lee on September 23rd and lost. Now less than one month later he is getting another title shot? I don’t want to hear that it’s an open challenge. This stuff is not real people. Even the open challenges are scripted. Don’t put this shit over because it’s AEW.

The Hybrid 2 has never won a match on AEW Dynamite. They are 3-3 on Dark. They are not ranked but they get a title shot. Last week Jon Moxley gave Eddie Kingston an open contract for a title shot and he picks the Butcher who has never had a singles match in AEW. This has to stop.


AEW Dynamite has long-term storylines they do have them but they are not getting done right. The Young Bucks keep hitting officials and announcers. It is not funny and if they are trying to make them a heel tag team then have them beat up babyfaces. That always works. This Weiney stuff has to go. It’s not funny to anyone except for the Money Mark who made t-shirts. Someone has to tell Khan this stuff is not good. FTR is not funny and they don’t have any charisma. Brian Cage who more than doubles the weight of Darby Allin leaves the ring when Allin enters. Please stop forcing these little wrestlers down our throats as top guys.

Brodie Lee is buried once again. I don’t want to hear about how bad assed he looked in this match. This is the second time Brodie Lee has been buried. AEW has no idea on how to book big men. For this reason I know Moxley will beat Archer next week.

Next Week

Next week on AEW Dynamite we already know Cody will defend the TNT title against Orange Cassidy. Cody won’t lose the title until Hollywood calls him again. So once again Cassidy is getting forced down out throats as a main eventer which he is not.

FTR defends the tag team titles against the Best Friends. Another match where we know who the winner is. Everything is being set up for FTR to face the Young Bucks at maybe the next PPV in a title match.

Also next week on AEW Dynamite is Jon Moxley defending the title against Lance Archer. Moxley will retain the title too. Moxley will drop the belt to Kenny Omega at the next PPV. I can’t see AEW having Archer win the belt only to drop it next month. I should never say never with the money mark in charge.

AEW Dynamite

AEW Review

One Man’s Wrestling Opinion


Ricky Starks vs Darby Allin

We get a Darby Allin promo which was not good. It is obvious Darby is one of Khan’s pets. Khan likes to push the smaller nerdy guys. During the match Brian Cage comes out followed by Will Hobbs. This lasted only a few seconds and did nothing for this match. Yes if you want to say they are building a Hobbs vs Cage program. Cage and Hobbs should be beating down smaller wrestlers leading up to a match. We find out that next week Cage will be defending the fake FTW title against Hobbs. Big deal. Once again I don’t care about the match on my TV shows. I only care about storylines and character builds and vignettes.

This match was ok. Darby went over of course in a 10-minute match. Darby Allin will never be a main eventer. His size and wrestling style is not believable as a top guy. Khan continues to try to force him down our throats. Darby takes way too many risks and is always hurt. I can’t build a company around a wrestler who is not long for the business. So now that Darby went over is this feud with Starks now over? Khan waited this long to have this match which should have been done on a PPV. It’s actually one of the stories they have built well.

Thumbs up


Cody Promo

The AEW fans put over every single thing Cody does or say but I can’t. This promo was very bad. Cody is usually a great promo so he is allowed to have a bad one. Cody is obviously trying to transition into Hollywood and I can’t blame him. Dasha asks him about his injury. Cody quotes an Al Snow comment made to him and I am sure the AEW diehards will say that is the greatest thing I ever heard. Well I have heard that a million times by pro athletes. I even heard it in movies. Check out “The Program” to hear that quote. So please don’t call Cody a prophet. Cody’s babbling shows he is really gone Hollywood.

He never really addressed his injury and he just said Hollywood came calling. So we have Cody putting over his show on TBS which is going to be just another stupid game show like Cannon Ball with the Miz. All these shows suck. Cody talking about being the Ace. Saying that the Ace’s are the champions. Also notice that he never mentions the FTW title. So AEW fans please understand that the FTW title is not real. Cody first says he does not accept Brodie Lee’s dog collar challenge because of his EVP position. He walks away and comes back and gets intense and says no regrets of accepting this match. Sorry people. Cody has had much better promos and this was his worst one since AEW started.

Turns Tragic

Now, this promo turns from bad to tragic. Brodie Lee comes out and they start to brawl. Soon there are like 25-30 people trying to break them up. Cody can’t out brawl a man the size of Brodie Lee. That is a fact. Cody is not very big.  Then we get Brandy coming out and jumping from the top rope onto 5 or 6 guys including Brodie Lee taking them all out. Are you kidding me. That is not believable. Please stop pushing Brandy. She is not a wrestler. They should have caught her and threw her to the ground. Then we have Anna Jay coming out to fight with Brandi who was mugging for the fans that are not there. Nyla Rose attacks a female wrestler for no reason. What a mess.

Much like Cage and Hobbs in the first match all this does is get these people a payday for appearing on TV. I am not any more excited about this match than I was when Brodie made the challenge last week which I knew Cody would accept. Please don’t take the title off Brodie but I think they are. This whole segment was one gigantic clusterfuck and if you don’t think Cody is gone Hollywood then think again.

Thumbs down 1

FTR with Tony Schiavone

FTR saying they did the Best Friends a favor by holding off that match because they were banged up. No one cares about an FTR vs Best Friends match. FTR still has no charisma and personality. Tony asks about the Young Bucks. FTR says they don’t deserve a title shot because they have lost all of their chances. Talks about Dave Meltzer’s star ratings. So tragic. The Bucks give Tony a double kick. Why? Why are they beating up announcers and referees? This makes them tough. FTR says why are you attacking the little guys when we are standing here. 

Thumbs down 1


Nothing special. Very short promo with SCU giving the guarantee they will win the titles in the match. We see Shawn Spears by the curtain smiling and saying good luck. Another four horseman tease and a payday for 3 seconds of work for Spears. Hangman Page is on commentary for this match. Now he comes out dressed nice compared to Kenny Omega coming out in beach clothes. Cash falls and blames Daniels on the outside. Daniels gets sent to the back. Page asking Daniels to get him another drink. Just that line Page had was far better than anything Omega did in his two weeks commentating Page’s matches. Tully interferes to give FTR the win. Good match. Page did nothing outside of that line.

JR announces there is another tournament for a title shot. The final match will be at Full Gear with the winner getting an AEW title shot. So much for rankings. The first three wrestlers announced are Jungle Boy, Rey Phoenix, and Kenny Omega. Page gets sad and leaves. There is so much wrong with this.


Thumbs up

Jericho vs Cassidy

Once again Jericho is the one tasked with trying to put everyone over. All he is doing is devaluing himself. Cassidy in my opinion is just an average wrestler who does flips. There were so many people at ringside that I thought this was a lumberjack match. Jericho wins in a way too long of a match. Inner Circle attacks after the match. Matt Hardy comes in with a chair and he does nothing physical.

Khan still not going to admit he was wrong with how he handled the Matt Hardy situation. During the match while outside of the ring, Jericho was attacked by Luther. No one knows why. After the match, Jericho and the IC beat up Luther and Serpentico with JR trying to put over their tag team record. So two more wrestlers for Jericho to put over. While I hated this at least Jericho is trying to get the boys put over.


Thumbs down 1

Miro & Kip Sabian Segment

My words for the past two weeks will continue regarding Miro. Until he gets out of this awful angle I can’t get behind anything he does. He was talking about Blue Balls and again more of him being a gamer. This guy needs to be booked as a monster not a clown. Billy Mitchell who is a gamer tells Miro he can help him with the Bachelor Party. Tragic

Thumbs down 1

Best Friends Promo

FTR interrupts and says we did you a favor. Calls them mid-carders. Tells them you can ride around in your mommies car and eat your milk and cookies. Then they say Top Guys out. Best Friends fake a punch and FTR cowers away. Then Orange Cassidy grabs the mic and calls them Weineys. Again with Weineys. This is WWE level bad. This was ok until they used weineys again. No grown man or even kids use weineys. Don’t say this is great because it’s AEW.

Thumbs down 1

Orange Cassidy vs Dark Order # 10

This is more of what Cassidy should be doing. He belongs in the mid-card so I have no problems with this. Like I said AEW needs a mid-card title.

Thumbs up

MJF/Inner Circle

Great promo here. MJF is magic on the mic and he should be given 5-10 minutes a week for promos. I don’t even need to see him wrestle. Giving out jackets to the Inner Circle and leaving Sammy’s out tells you something. I have a feeling MJF wants control of the Inner Circle. When MJF leaves Sammy calls him a loser. Jericho said maybe not. Something is cooking and I don’t mind a slow build for this. I would have liked MJF to keep on about Moxley cheating to beat him.

Thumbs up

Britt Baker vs Red Velvet

Britt is the one true star in this division. Her character got over when she was injured. AEW needs to protect her and bring in female wrestlers who can actually wrestle.

Thumbs up

Eddie Kingston Promo

So Moxley gave Kingston an open contract to pick his opponent. Good lord that is tragic. Moxley was so mad at beating Eddie Kingston last week that he gave him an open contract this week. What sense does that make? We already know that Moxley is not losing the title. Kingston brings out the referee who ended his match with Moxley last week.

Kingston is harping on that he did not tap out in that match. Kingston who has been a good promo thus far did not have one of his better promos. Why are the referees such a big part of this show? Please tell me. We should never be discussing referees unless it is a special circumstance like Dave and Earl Hebner years ago with the Hogan vs Andre match. Kingston is set to beat up the ref when Moxley comes out. Kingston says your fighting the Butcher who is standing behind Moxley.

Thumbs down 1

Moxley (c) vs The Butcher

This was a physical match. However, the Butcher has not had any singles matches to this point. Ratings mean nothing when stipulations are always going to be added for title matches like this. So we know that the Butcher is not winning this match. I don’t care how good of a match it is unless it develops business and storylines then I have no interest in it.  Why is Kingston even mad at Moxley? Because he was in the WWE? Shit makes zero sense. AEW really needs writers.


Thumbs down 1


We were told that records would matter in AEW. That is not really the case. We were promised that AEW would be different but looking at what they put on TV every week that is not the case. Brandi Rhodes who weighs at most 150 pounds jumps to the outside and takes out five men including Brodie Lee. Come on man. AEW needs people in that company to take Tony Khan into a room and tell him to stop running this company like he is playing a video game.

Their attempts at comedy are tragic. This show is the same each and every week and I feel like the only person who really protects his business is Cody. And Cody I guarantee will not be around in three years if AEW lasts that long. He can have a good career becoming a B movie actor and appearing in stupid game shows like the one he is judging. He won’t ever reach Rock or Cena heights but he can be another Miz. There is nothing wrong with that.

So this week is the 30 years of Jericho show. Jericho and Hager will be facing Luther and Serpentico. Guess who is winning that match. Cody vs Brodie Lee in a Dog Collar Match. Brodie Lee better be winning this match but my gut says Cody wins the title back or there is a another multi man schmozz causing a DQ. Cage vs Hobbs is interesting only because neither guy can afford a loss. Hobbs has had only one match on Dynamite and it was the Saturday show where he lost to Darby Allin. Yes I didn’t forget that match happened. So he needs a win to start his push. Cage has lost every big match he has had thus far.

AEW Dynamite

AEW Dynamite Review

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AEW Review 9-23

Kip Sabian/Miro vs Sonny Kiss/Joey Janela

So Miro is going with the Most Handsome Man ever gimmick as well as The Best Man. Jr was talking up that Sonny and Janela have an 8-3 record as a tag team. Must be all on Dark which I don’t watch. All the announcers were talking up Miro. His body looks great. He is rusty. Kip & Miro win with the Camel Clutch on Sonny by Miro. Game Over.

Ok, so this match was sloppy and had a lot of botches. Miro rolled his ankle doing a move that the smaller wrestlers do. Once again Miro should not be in a tag team with a mid-carder at best. Furthermore, I will never support Miro until he gets out of this stupid angle. Miro was booked bad with the WWE and he goes to AEW and is booked bad again.

This match was way too long and should have ended the first time Miro got into the ring to show his dominance. But Tony Khan likes his long matches. I need storylines and character building. This had neither. Miro should be booked like a killer and for this reason, this angle will never work for him.

Thumbs down 1

Eddie Kingston Promo

Murderhawk has COVID so Eddie Kingston is getting his second title shot in what two months. He has two wins. Decent promo and once again another shot is taken at the WWE. Can AEW have one show without taking shots at the WWE? Moxley comes out and there is a staredown in the ring.

I am not one of the AEW marks who were screaming in excitement for this match. Don’t tell me that one of those title matches was an open challenge. This is fake. It’s not real life. Don’t tell me he never lost the Battle Royal. He didn’t win it either. Don’t tell me that AEW was thinking fast and put Kingston in this match.

Moxley did not need to defend the title on this show. How about still have the 6-man tag match and put another wrestler in that match maybe even Kingston himself. Instead, we got all of the other members who were supposed to be in the tag match all appear after the match anyway. I just don’t get it.

Thumbs down 1

Hangman Page vs Evil Uno

Kenny Omega on commentary and once again Omega is dressed like he was on the beach or sitting by the pool. Hangman Page should not be having a 10-plus minute match with Evil Uno who is a tag team wrestler. Why is this angle getting dragged out? Turn Omega or Page heel. I am always going to be consistent. I don’t care how good the match is. I need my TV show to be entertaining and to develop characters and storylines. This match did nothing for anybody.

Thumbs down 1

Tony Schiavone With Matt Jackson

Matt saying Nick and him know that they have been edgy lately. They have lost a lot. Kept saying don’t be afraid Tony just do not ask me about FTR. Tony kept on asking about FTR. Matt asked to see his phone and he grabs it and smashes It against the wall. Matt tosses money at him.

The Young Bucks can’t sell this heel turn. Maybe if I was familiar with their work in Japan I can buy it. I just can’t. At least I am seeing some personality out of the Bucks and specifically Matt.

Thumbs up

Orange Cassidy vs Brodie Lee ( C )

Brodie Lee should not be giving Orange Cassidy over 10 minutes in this match. Especially when Cody only got three. Brodie should have won this match in five minutes tops. But Khan loves Cassidy so he is going to continue to force him down our throats as a main eventer. This is not happening. Brodie should have destroyed Cassidy. It is just not realistic to think Cassidy can last more than five minutes. But Khan has a serious man-crush on Cassidy.

Thumbs down 1

Cody Attacks Dark Order/Brodie Lee Promo

Cody is back and he has dark hair. He was wearing a suit with a pocket watch. He beats up the lower level of the Dark Order. Brodie Lee cuts a good promo possibly exposing the goings-on in the locker room of AEW. He challenges Cody to a Dog Collar Match. I really hope Brodie was not a placeholder for Cody until he finished his personal projects.

Thumbs up

Matt Hardy Birthday Celebration

Hardy comes out really selling that knee injury. Private Party is with him. Pretty bad promo by Hardy. The big mystery is who hit Matt Hardy in the knee. Does anyone really care? This is Khan’s way of keeping Matt out of the ring while he waits to be cleared to wrestle. Matt calls Jericho an asshole. Pretty good stuff huh? LOL

The Inner Circle comes out and Jericho cuts a so so promo. Sammy is back. Who gives a shit about your birthday. So now Sammy was out because Hardy took him out. My god Tony Khan. Please stop. You messed up. Stop trying to cover it up. No one is going to forget what happened. The million viewer man. I know he is trolling the fans but still. This is awful.

Private Party is god awful on the mic. I don’t care how good you wrestle. If you can’t cut a promo then you are not over. I almost beat you Jericho not once or twice. Do you want a participation trophy Cassidy? Cassidy vs Jericho next week. I can’t hardly wait. LOL

I expect so much more from both Hardy and Jericho

Thumbs down 1

FTR with Tully Blanchard

What the hell was this? Blanchard is so much better than this. While I enjoy the promos this was not a very good one. So FTR matches will be 20-minute time limits and if it’s a draw then FTR gets the credit for the win. What? People just because it’s different that does not mean it’s good. Brush of Greatness. That’s all I need to say about that. We find out that FTR is facing SCU next week in a title match. SCU is not ranked in the Top Five.

Best Friends come out and man are they bad on the mic. They challenged FTR to a title match and FTR backed down. When was the last time you called someone a weenie? For me that’s easy. I never have. This was a clusterfuck all the way around.

Thumbs down 1

Thunder Rosa/Shida vs Diamante/Ivellise

Again we already know who is winning this match so I already lost some interest in the match. Decent match. AEW’s women’s Division needs a lot of work. When you are featuring a wrestler who is a champion on another promotion then you know your division is bad. Shida already beat Rosa. So where is this really going? AEW fix your Women’s division.

Thumbs down 1

Chris Jericho/MJF Promo

Anything these two do together will be great. As I stated last week, the promos will always be better than the actual match. Jericho’s career is winding down and is showing his age in the ring. MJF is never going to take crazy chances in his matches so that makes these two a good matchup. I wonder if maybe MJF steals control of the Inner Circle and breaks away from Wardlow who needs to start wrestling.

I heard someone already say it. Wardlow and MJF can tell a similar story as HBK and Diesel.

Thumbs up

Moxley ( C ) vs Kingston

I didn’t want to see this match happen in the first place. But it was a decent to good match. Kingston is a brawler and I would be shocked if he ever gets to be the top guy. Despite how good a promo he can cut. Moxley has already beaten guys way bigger than Kingston. The problem is when you have been promoting Moxley vs Archer there is no way Mox was going to lose this match. So I hate that this finish was so predictable.

The end happens when Kingston passes out. He passed out way too quickly. The Lucha Brothers come out and attack Moxley. Will Hobbs makes the save. Then Darby Allin comes out and lays out three bigger guys. And of course, Khan has to play Darby’s music but no one else’s. I know he used a skateboard but how does the smallest guy take out the much bigger wrestlers. Starks comes out and the heels go over strong.

Thumbs down 1


I have three ups and eight downs. This was one of their worst shows of the year. If you liked it then I am glad you did. But I can’t put it over. I love promos and most of them were bad. The matches were too long and did no real business. We were told repeatedly that wins and losses matter. So how does SCU get a tag team title shot before any of the top five teams? Forget the fact that Orange Cassidy got a title shot and he was not ranked.

Eddie Kingston just got his second title shot and he has won maybe two matches and he didn’t win the Battle Royal. This is what I am talking about when I say LOGIC GAP. This is a company being run by a wrestling mark who’s father is a billionaire. Tony Khan was the skinny awkward runt growing up who now wants to push the smaller outcast type of wrestlers like Darby and Cassidy.

The ratings were down again and I think next week they might go a little lower too.