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AEW Dynamite

AEW Dynamite Review 10-7

One Man’s Wrestling Opinion

AEW Dynamite Review 10-7

Why does it take a few seconds into the show for me to get aggravated with AEW? On this AEW Dynamite review I will rate each segment of the show. This show is billed as the Celebration of Jericho’s 30 years in wrestling. So throughout the night, there will be various wrestlers and celebrities talking about Jericho. Right off the bat, Ricky Starks calls Jericho one of the most influential people in the world. I love Jericho but you can’t make that comment. UGH

So I am annoyed really quickly. Then as they do their intro I see Miro playing an arcade game with Kip Sabian and I wonder what he must be thinking now that he is still stuck in a clown angle.

Brian Cage(c) vs Will Hobbs FTW Championship Match

Tazz and Starks are on commentary so that means they will get involved in this match. So despite this being a fake title as Tax explained he created it it’s more of a lifestyle than anything else. Hobbs has an 0-1 record on Dynamite losing to Darby Allin back in August. So he was a  jobber. This match goes close to 10 minutes. I am not sure why. Cage wins and that means the guy they were trying to push just lost.

After the match, Taz says he was impressed by Hobbs and he invites him to be a part of Team Taz. If he says no Cage and Starks will beat the hell out of him. Then we hear one of Tony Khan’s boyfriends music and he comes out to the ring. Cage and Starks exit the ring. Why are Cage and Starks afraid of a man half their size. LOGIC GAP. Just tragic

Thumbs down 1

Lance Archer Promo

I like this promo. Jake did not talk at all. Archer was controlled and spoke directly. He brought up their past. I am looking forward to this match more than I was before. But still, I already know Moxley is not losing the belt.

Thumbs up

FTR(c) vs The Hybrid 2

Ok so the Hybrid 2 has not been on Dynamite in months but here they are getting a title shot. LOGIC GAP. Don’t we have rankings? What’s the sense of rankings if the top teams never get title shots? We see the Bucks watching FTR on TV in the back. But they are standing sideways facing the camera. That’s important to remember for later.

As for the match who the hell cares. FTR was not losing the title to the Hybrid 2. Was it a good match? Yeah. Did it develop a storyline? Yes but a bad one. This match went way too long as usual. After the match, we see the Bucks in the back and they notice a cameraman recording them and they say let’s do out favorite move, and they superkick him. Matt says he does not have his waller and asks Nick to take care of it. Hello, you were facing the cameraman the whole time. How could you not notice it? LOGIC GAP. This could have been handled much better.


Now it goes from bad to worse. Best Friends come out wearing a shirt with FTR inside hot dog buns with the titles around their waist and they call them weiners again. So AEW has tripled down on this and it is not funny in any way. This has to be a rib that we don’t know about because this is just tragic. Best Friends will get their title shot next week and will lose.

Thumbs down 1

MJF Promo

MJF praises Jericho for 30 years. This is interesting because a storyline is building. MJF is gold on the mic.

Thumbs up

Brodie Lee(c) vs Cody TNT Championship Dog Collar Match

This match was always going to be brutal. I expected blood and a lot of physical spots and I got it. Of course, Brandi has to come out to the ring with Cody only to leave before the match starts. Brandi has to get her screen time. Doc Sampson is still employed at AEW. Good for him. So Cody is now the Prince of Pro Wrestling. Brandi is the Queen so wouldn’t Cody be the king? This match is not the main event which I think is a mistake.

I am not going to rehash the whole match but it was very physical. Brodie flung a chair at Arn Anderson. Anderson gets in the ring and Alex Reynolds comes into the ring and Arn gives him a spine buster. Then Brodie hits Arn with the chain. Why are they having Arn do a physical spot in this match?

The ends when Cody wraps the chain around Brodie’s head and hits forearms to his head before giving hin a cross rhodes. Cody regains the TNT title. After the match here comes Brandy for more TV time. Now it’s time for a Cody promo addressed to the marks. Now Cody is saying this is his life’s work while he will drop everything in AEW every time Hollywood calls. It’s ok though that once he gets back he gets his title again. Brodie is buried once again and maybe he leaves the Dork Order.

Cody says he wants to defend the title next week. He was asked who he wants to defend it against. So once again rankings don’t mean shit with this company because Cody is picking his opponent. Here comes Orange Cassidy and he gives the thumbs up and Cody gives it back to him. So Orange Cassidy who had a title shot recently and lost is getting another title shot because he beat 10 from the Dark Order.

Thumbs up for the match and a thumbs down for everything else.

Thumbs upThumbs down 1

Kenny Omega Promo

It’s a little better promo but Omega is corny as hell. In the ring he is a star. On the mic he is not even close. Omega will face Moxley for the belt. Take that to the bank.

Thumbs up

Big Swole vs Serena Deeb

I felt this match was a little off and sloppy at times. But I felt it was because of Swole and not Deeb. These AEW women need so much work it’s ridiculous

Thumbs down 1

Jon Moxley Promo

Moxley really puts Archer over in this promo. This is the first promo where Moxley actually sounds like he will lose the match. But I don’t see it. Mox will drop the belt to Omega at the next PPV.

Thumbs up

Chris Jericho and Jake Hager vs Chaos Project

This match was bad and never should have been the main event. This match was so bad and yet it still went for almost 10 minutes. Jericho starts a promo that sounded like a babyface promo. MJF’s music plays and he says cut my music this is about Chris. MJF brings a clown who has a gift.

As Jericho was about to open the present MJF says to Sammy he swears he will get him his jacket and then tells Jericho that next week he will have a career-defining announcement and he wants Jericho out there with him. Jericho opens the present and it is a picture of MJF. Jericho slams it over the head of the clown and gives him the Judas effect.

He then turns to MJF and says he hates clowns and to never interrupt him again. They stare each other down and then point at each other and laugh. Jericho says good night and some of the heels come out of the locker room. The credits roll and Jericho’s name is attached to every job on the show. The match gets a thumbs down but the promo work gets a thumbs up.

Thumbs down 1Thumbs up


Tony Khan really needs writers and real bookers who have done it before. AEW Dynamite will never get any better with the way it’s going now. We were told that rankings would matter. Well, that is not the case. Orange Cassidy is 11-6 this year. After beating Chris Jericho two out of three matches he got a TNT title shot against Brodie Lee on September 23rd and lost. Now less than one month later he is getting another title shot? I don’t want to hear that it’s an open challenge. This stuff is not real people. Even the open challenges are scripted. Don’t put this shit over because it’s AEW.

The Hybrid 2 has never won a match on AEW Dynamite. They are 3-3 on Dark. They are not ranked but they get a title shot. Last week Jon Moxley gave Eddie Kingston an open contract for a title shot and he picks the Butcher who has never had a singles match in AEW. This has to stop.


AEW Dynamite has long-term storylines they do have them but they are not getting done right. The Young Bucks keep hitting officials and announcers. It is not funny and if they are trying to make them a heel tag team then have them beat up babyfaces. That always works. This Weiney stuff has to go. It’s not funny to anyone except for the Money Mark who made t-shirts. Someone has to tell Khan this stuff is not good. FTR is not funny and they don’t have any charisma. Brian Cage who more than doubles the weight of Darby Allin leaves the ring when Allin enters. Please stop forcing these little wrestlers down our throats as top guys.

Brodie Lee is buried once again. I don’t want to hear about how bad assed he looked in this match. This is the second time Brodie Lee has been buried. AEW has no idea on how to book big men. For this reason I know Moxley will beat Archer next week.

Next Week

Next week on AEW Dynamite we already know Cody will defend the TNT title against Orange Cassidy. Cody won’t lose the title until Hollywood calls him again. So once again Cassidy is getting forced down out throats as a main eventer which he is not.

FTR defends the tag team titles against the Best Friends. Another match where we know who the winner is. Everything is being set up for FTR to face the Young Bucks at maybe the next PPV in a title match.

Also next week on AEW Dynamite is Jon Moxley defending the title against Lance Archer. Moxley will retain the title too. Moxley will drop the belt to Kenny Omega at the next PPV. I can’t see AEW having Archer win the belt only to drop it next month. I should never say never with the money mark in charge.

AEW Dynamite

AEW Dynamite Review 9-16

One Man’s Wrestling Opinion


AEW’s 9-9 show drew over one million viewers. Can they make it two weeks in a row? NXT is back in it’s regularly scheduled night so AEW does have opposition. While some would argue that last week’s show which was short on wrestling and long on promos/character building etc. had everything to do with the ratings jump. I disagree a little bit. The Matt Hardy situation made the show must-see. Now the Matt Hardy hook is gone. It’s time for the AEW Dynamite Review for 9-16

Jurrasic Express vs FTR

The show opens with Jurrasic Express in the ring. The Young Bucks come out to the ring and double superkick the referee and walk out. AEW is trying to make the Bucks a heel team. The problem is I am not buying it. Plus they look like wimps first kicking Alex Marvez last week and now a defenseless referee this week. How about they beat down a real babyface? That used to be the way to turn heel.

The camera follows the Bucks into the back when surprise Tony Khan is sitting in the gorilla position wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and a fanny pack. Is this really the way your owner should be seen? When Vince is shown backstage he is always dressed up unless he was wrestling that night. And even then he would be dressed up and would change before the match. Khan desperately wants to be one of the boys and probably did not have a lot of friends growing up.

The Bucks toss 10 grand at Khan and have words with FTR before walking away. That is the last we hear from the Bucks on the night? So I guess there is no backstage reporter to try to get some words with them. If you are going to tell me that there isn’t a backstage reporter who was willing to get an interview with them because they are worried about getting kicked—then say it. That would add to the heel turn or try to make it a bit more believable.


I hate when the show starts with video packages or right into a match. Last week’s AEW show started great to me. A good and simple segment outside of the arena that was entertaining and something that planted the seeds to a future program.

OK, so there was nothing wrong with the match. It was good. But the match did nothing to further any characters or storylines. It was a long match where FTR needed to break the rules to win. FTR should be beating this team in five minutes. I would break up the Jurrasic Express. I can’t give this a positive rating because it was just a filler where my championship tag team who is billed as the best team in the world has to cheat to win.

Thumbs down 1

Matt Hardy Injury

This is interesting. Matt Hardy is selling a knee injury with Private Party consoling him. Then we see Chris Jericho and Jake Hager walking by and at first, look concerned. But then they started laughing as Jericho was twirling Floyd his bat around. We did not get an injury update on Matt and maybe this is just to get Matt off TV to heal up instead of admitting Matt is not cleared to wrestle which he admitted to last week.

At least if Matt works a program with Jericho it will be safer for both of them. So I can get on board with this.

Thumbs up

Hangman Page vs Kazarian

Kenny Omega is on commentary for this match. Please Kenny Omega I beg you to show some personality and charisma. I have not seen any of this on TV with you. There might be a glimpse here or there. But I can’t get on board with you as a superstar until I see some charisma.

Now Page has it. I can see it. He had so much momentum before the Pandemic. He has lost that edge. And this angle is going on way too long. I liked the heel Page turn better than what we have now. It looks like they are making Page a face. At least that is what it looks like. Could AEW be swerving us?

The look on his face when Kenny went to the back after the match did him no favors, Then he cried in his beer post-match. I don’t want to see Page this way. He and MJF are the future for this promotion.


As for the match much like the first one, it was good. But it did no real business for either wrestler. It went too long and had too many false finishes. If your trying to build up Page as a singles wrestler then Kazarian can’t have a 15-minute match where he kicks out of most of his big power moves.

The Buckshot Lariat is a sweet finisher. But this match did absolutely nothing for Kazarian. And it hardly did anything for Page as well.

Thumbs down 1

MJF Match & Promo

MJF squashes John Dean is like 15 seconds then cuts a promo. MJF’s promos are can’t miss. He calls out Moxley for cheating against him. He orders Justin Roberts to call him the Undefeated, Undisputed Uncrowned AEW Champion. I like how he is not dropping this. Let’s see where this goes.

Then he says he always was a lone wolf and seeing that there is a lot of factions maybe he needs to join one? Could MJF be forming a faction of his own? Does AEW have yet another wrestler they are looking to debut? MJF should be on the show every week and also should have at least 10 minutes a show for a promo.

Thumbs up

Eddie Kingston & Family

I don’t really know what the end game for this is going to be. But he is preaching family now and said there are three things he wants to say. The first thing is that he never lost the Battle Royal. Just like MJF, I am glad they are not dropping this but we have yet to see any indication of what both will lead to. Additionally, The last two segments had as a key talking point about two wrestlers both getting screwed with nothing getting done to resolve it. Also, can I see Kingston wrestle again?

The second point was to say that we are a family. Not a faction or a stable. We fight with each other but make up and handle business or something like that. Then the Butcher & the Blade throw some random guys into the ring and they get lit up.

The third point is Kingston telling the Blade to get your house in order. That has to mean Allie. So what is this telling us? In my opinion, we will see the restart of the Nightmare Family vs the Butcher and the Blade. Or course the Chief Branding Officer will windup putting herself right in the middle of this. God, she is the worst female wrestler in the company.

Secondly and I hope I am wrong but maybe we see Kingston and the Lucha Brothers crash the 6 man tag team match next week. The Butcher and the Blade can also get involved. I would not like that angle. Way too much going on but would be typical of AEW.

Thumbs up

Jericho and Hager vs Private Party

This is another match that went way too long. I appreciate that Jericho wants to get everybody over but at the expense of him and Hager? These two should not be a tag team. I don’t see the appeal to Private Party? But why do they need to always have these long matches?

Jericho has been a good soldier for AEW since it started. He has put over so many wrestlers who really needed it. The problem is he is so devalued now. I feel he should now be able to feud with whoever he wants.

Jericho takes a nasty kick from Marquez Quinn after the match. He looked out of it.

Thumbs down 1

Thunder Rosa vs Ivelisse

The Women’s NWA Champion is defending her title on AEW. If that does not indicate how bad AEW’s women division is then I don’t know what will. This match was sloppy and slow. Ivelisse for some reason looked like she was throwing power punches in slow motion.

Thunder Rosa predictably wins the match. After the match Diamonte attacks Rosa. Ivelisse joins in. Shida saves Rosa. Shida looks at her NWA belt before giving it back to her and walking out of the ring. There looked like some real blows in this match and the reports are there was something between these two before the match.

Now we are getting a tag team match between Rosa and Shida vs Ivelisse and Diamante next week. The quality of the female matches are better because we aren’t seeing the women who can’t wrestle on Dynamite. Although I didn’t like this match I will give it a good rating. Plus a storyline looks to be developing.

Thumbs up

Miro & Kip Sabian

This was an awful 30-second segment. It is making Miro look like a clown even more. I can’t believe he is letting himself get booked like this. I am curious to know if he was promised anything when he signed with AEW.

Miro should be in the main event angle. If you want to say he just got to AEW so give it time. Ok. But pairing with Sabian who is not even over as a mid-carder is the wrong place for Miro to start.

Thumbs down 1

Jake Roberts/Archer/Taz/Moxley Segment

First, I forgot how small Taz is. He looked tiny compared to the height of Jake and Archer. So now we have Cage and Archer working together.  Roberts promised Taz and Cage the first title shot after Archer beats Moxley in exchange for Cage and Starks tagging with him against Moxley and his two teammates. Does anyone else see what is wrong with this?

Who cares about a 6 man tag match or even winning it. Archer already has a title shot. What is the goal here? Well for starters now I know Moxley will retain the title against Archer. The reason I know is that these deals and partnerships never work out. AEW will never allow two heels to face each other for the title.

Secondly, Archer told Kingston to stop crying. That to me means we will see the Kingston Family get involved in that match next week turning it into some ridiculous brawl.

Mox comes out to no doubt announce who his partners are. But he gets attacked by Cage and Starts who are pretending to be security guards. Here comes Luke Hobbs to save Mox. Mox announces that Hobbs is one of his partners. Then says Darby Allin is his other partner. He says Darby I know your watching at home, get your ass to Jacksonville we have a match.

Darby was probably resting from yet another injury.

There is too much illogical stuff in this for me to put it over. Plus the predictability of the partners. Except for Hobbs.

Thumbs down 1

Parking Lot Match Best Friends vs Santana & Ortiz

I like it when matches take place out of the ring so I was into this from the start. I didn’t like that there were fans surrounding the cars which made up the ring so to speak. But I can get over that.

I liked the spots. I liked the physicality. I can’t believe a match with all four guys bleeding got on TV. Man, there were some brutal spots in this match. The guys definitely took some chances. As far as matches outside the ring go this was very good. I won’t call it the best of all time as a lot of AEW fanboys did. But a very good match. I am going to give this match two ratings because I feel it is warranted. Thumbs up for the physicality and the spots.

Thumbs down for firstly the two wrestlers who are New York street thugs lose a parking lot match to two wrestlers who get rides to the arena in their mother’s car. In no world does that make sense. Secondly, I feel the whole match was just to get Orange Cassidy over. The match ended when Cassidy popped out of one of the trunks and interfered on behalf of the Best Friends helping them win. So the babyfaces got outside interference in this match but the heels didn’t. There is no logic to that. Sue giving the middle finger was a funny spot.

Thumbs upThumbs down 1


So AEW went back to a show of mostly wrestling and the ratings dropped. I still say the only reason the ratings got over 1 million was more because of the buzz surrounding Matt Hardy than being unopposed from NXT. Well, both of those are not happening anymore. We keep saying the same things like what else was on against it or what night is it on. If your TV show is good it will always draw a rating.

We need to stop that already and just admit that there are about 1.5 million Wednesday night fans watching Wrestling which is down about 800K from the night Dynamite debuted. These shows are never going to grow or draw over a million unopposed. Certainly not without the huge hook that Matt Hardy was.

I will say it every week. Orange Cassidy will never be a star. Tony Khan is going to try to force him down our throats. He will be fine as a mid-carder much like a lot of other wrestlers. I want my weekly TV show to have a lot of promos and character building and less wrestling. This show had very little character building and went back to wrestling. Plus the show did not end on a cliff hanger.

Mid Card Division

I really feel the biggest problem I have with AEW is that there needs to be a line drawn between main eventers and mid-carders. Could you imagine a mid-card division with Cassidy, Starks, Darby, and Sammy headlining it? You can’t have these wrestlers facing off against the big boys. If they lose it’s way too predictable. If they win it’s way too unbelievable. There is no shame in creating divisions.

Then you could have this division have longer matches while the big guys having the short matches. Plus with every ex WWE guy they bring in it becomes less believable to put the smaller guys on that main event level. Miro comes in and is bigger than the Sammy’s and the Cassidy’s. Same with Matt Cordona,