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Sports Plays 11-30

Sports Plays 11-30

After going 4-2 on Turkey day to raise my figure to plus 33900 I am back with 15 plays today. All 200 each.


Illinois -9.5 at home vs Northwestern

Michigan plus 9 at home vs Ohio State

Liberty -14 at home vs New Mexico State

Nevada -7.5 at home vs UNLV

Minnesota plus 2.5 at home vs Wisconsin

Auburn Tigers

Auburn plus 3.5 at home vs Alabama

Penn State -40 at home vs Rutgers

SMU -4 at home vs Tulane

Colorado plus 18.5 at home vs Utah

Oklahoma State plus 13 at home vs Oklahoma

Navy -8.5 at Houston


South Dakota State plus 18.5 against Indiana

Mount St Mary’s -8 against Howard


Panthers at home vs Predators

Kings at home vs Jets




1 LSU Tigers 11-0 LW(1) Be careful against Texas A&M.

2 Ohio State Buckeyes 11-0 LW(2) Michigan is due to win one.

3 Clemson Tigers 11-0 LW(3) Virginia awaits in the ACC Championship game.

4 Georgia Bulldogs 10-1 LW(4) Beating LSU will be a tall order.

5 Alabama Crimson Tide 10-1 LW(5) Will the playoff committee shut them out?

6  Minnesota Golden Gophers 10-1 LW(8) Two more wins and they are in the playoffs.

7 Oklahoma Sooners 10-1 LW(7) Seem to be in a good spot to get into the playoffs.

8 Utah Utes 10-1 LW(10) Do not belong in the playoffs.

9 Florida Gators 9-2 LW(UR) Gators are back. Now can they get into a big bowl game?


10 Auburn Tigers 8-3 LW(10) This is team is better than some one-loss teams.

Sports Plays Of The Day

Sports Plays Of The Day

My figure is at plus 34900. Here are my picks for the day. 200 each.


Northwestern -38 at home vs UMASS

Alabama Crimson Tide

Alabama -18 at Miss State

Penn State -14 at home vs Indiana

UAB -15 at home vs UTEP

Auburn Tigers

Auburn plus 3 at home vs Georgia

Ohio State -52.5 at Rutgers

Central Michigan plus 2.5 at Ball State

Virginia Tech -.5 at Georgia Tech

Minnesota Golden Gophers plus 3 at Iowa

Over 67.5 Oklahoma at Baylor


Maryland -20 at home vs Oakland

Virginia -23. at home vs Columbia

North Dakota State -4.5 at Texas A&M CC


Sports Picks 11-2

Sports Picks 11-2

After going 8-5 last Sunday to raise my figure to plus 32700 I am back with 9 plays today. All 200 each.

Liberty -23.5 at UMASS

Michigan -21 at Maryland

Georgia -6.5 at Florida

Illinois -20.5 at home vs Rutgers

Auburn Tigers

Auburn -19.5 at home vs Ole Miss

Over in SMU vs Memphis 71.5

USC plus 4.5 at home vs Oregon

Nevada -3.5 at home vs New Mexico

Knights at home vs the Jets

Pelicans plus 3 at the Thunder

Bucks -3 at home vs the Raptors


NCAA Top Ten Rankings As Of 10-22

NCAA Top Ten Rankings As Of 10-22

  1. Alabama Crimson Tide 7-0 Last Week (1) Need to get Tua healthy for LSU on 11/9.
  1. LSU Tigers 7-0 Last Week (2) Next test is Auburn this weekend.

3.  Clemson Tigers 7-0 Last Week (3) ACC is so bad this year. Hoping they face Virginia in ACC Title game.

4.  Ohio State Buckeyes 7-0 Last Week (4) Huge game vs Wisconsin this week.

5.  Oklahoma Sooners 7-0 Last Week (5) I expect the Sooners to run the table.

  1. Penn State Nittany Lions 7-0 Last Week (6) Two huge games on the horizon.

7.  Notre Dame Fighting Irish 5-1 Last Week (8) Possibly the last test this week at Michigan.

8.  Florida Gators 7-1 Last Week (10) Has had a great year. I expect them to lose to Georgia.

9.  Georgia Bulldogs 6-1 Last Week (9) Can’t lose another game if they want to get to the playoffs.

  1. Auburn Tigers 6-1 Last Week (10) Has the toughest schedule in America.


Minnesota Golden Gophers 7-0 They are undefeated and still have to play Penn State and Wisconsin. I would love to see the Gophers run the table and play for the Big Ten Championship.

SMU Mustangs 8-0 Cincinnati Bearcats 6-1

After SMU’s win last night I really want to see an American Athletic team get an at large bid. Memphis factors into this too.

Sports Bets 10-5

After going 2-3 yesterday to lower my figure to plus 29700 I am back with 9 plays today.

Take Oklahoma -33 at Kansas

Take LSU -27.5 at home vs Utah State

Take Toledo -1.5 at home vs Western Michigan

Auburn Tigers

Take Auburn -2.5 at Florida

TakeNebraska -9.5 at home vs Northwestern

Take SMU -13 at home vs Tulsa

Take UAB -9 at home vs Rice

Take the Twins at the Yankees

Take the Astros at home vs the Rays



After the first month of the season, it is time for my top ten teams plus two bonus teams.


  1. Alabama Crimson Tide 5-0. The best team in the country

  1. Clemson Tigers 5-0. If Clemson loses a game this season they should not make the playoffs.

  1. Georgia Bulldogs 4-0. Should have lost to Notre Dame

  1. LSU Tigers 4-0. As always on a collision course with Alabama.

  1. Ohio State Buckeyes 5-0. Doing just fine post Urban Meyer

  1. Auburn Tigers 5-0. The forgotten team in the SEC WEST

  1. Oklahoma Sooners 4-0. Could they have the Heisman winner for the third straight season?

  1. Wisconsin Badgers 4-0. Can they get over the Ohio State hump this year?

  1. Florida Gators 5-0. The fun will end the next two weeks with games vs Auburn and Georgia.

  1. Notre Dame Fighting Irish 3-1. Should have beat Georgia. They can run the table and get back into the playoff talk.


These teams can’t make the playoffs but could be in the top 10 soon and play in a New Years Day Bowl Game.

Virginia Cavaliers 4-1. Weak remaining schedule in a weak ACC.

Central Florida Knights 4-1. Need to get into a power conference.

Sports Plays of The Day 4-6

After going 3-5 yesterday to drop my figure to plus 1750 mellamonies I am back with 10 plays today.  All 200 units each.  I will start with the final four.


Take Auburn plus 6 against Virginia

Michigan State Spartans

Take Sparty.  Michigan State -2.5 against Texas Tech

Take the Mets at home vs the Nationals

Take the Mariners at the Whitesox

Take the Yankees at the Orioles

Take the Redsox at the Diamondbacks

Take the Angels at home vs the Rangers

Take the Reds at the Pirates

Take the Cardinals at home vs the Padres

Take the Senators at home vs the Blue Jackets.  SYSTEM HOCKEY

Sports Plays Of The Day 3-31

After going 6-6 yesterday to keep my figure at plus 2750 mellamonies I am back with 9 plays today 200 units each.

Take the Yankees at home vs the Orioles

Take the Indians at the Twins

Take the Cubs at the Rangers

Take the Redsox at the Mariners

Take Duke -2 at Michigan State

Take Kentucky -4.5 against Auburn

Take the Bucks -7 at the Hawks

Take the Pelicans -4 at home vs the Lakers


Take the Sabres at home vs the Blue JAckets

Sports Plays Of The Day 3-29

After going 4-5 dropping my figure to plus 2750 mellamonies I am back with 6 plays today.  200 units each

Take the Rockies at the Marlins

Take the Dodgers at home vs the Diamondbacks

Take Houston plus 2.5 vs Kentucky

Take Virginia Tech plus 7 against Duke

Take Michigan State -6.5 against LSU

Take North Carolina -5.5 against Auburnbetting