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NFL One Liners Week 10

Bills–The Resurrection of Matt Barkley

Dolphins–Sacked by the Pack

Jets–Any other organization fires their coach off that performance.  Only a miracle saves Bowles

Patriots–Cheap organization slapped back into reality by the Titans

Bengals–Fired their defensive coach after the Saints rolled them

Browns–Baker shows the most fire of all the rookie QB’s

Ravens–Must win time to save the season

Steelers–Statement win against the Panthers and not the Bell mess is officially over.

Colts–This team could be really good in a couple of years.

Jaguars–Officially on life support

Texans–Will cement themselves as a serious contender with a win in Washington on Sunday

Titans–Suddenly this team has opened some people’s eyes.

Broncos–Defense is good enough to win games

Chargers–Keeps on staying under the radar

Chiefs–Potential Super Bowl matchup Monday night against the Rams

Raiders–Officially the worst team in the NFL

Cowboys–Shocking win in Philly.  Is Garrett on the hot seat?

Eagles–Must win game at Saints this week

Giants–G Men probably have 2 more wins in them this season

Redskins–The worst first place team in the NFL

Bears–Battle for first place in Minny on Sunday night

Lions–Looking to be a spoiler

Packers–Tough Thursday night game in Seattle

Vikings–Big game against the Bears with banged up receivers

Buccaneers-The battle for a better draft pick bowl in NY against the Giants this week

Falcons–Just when you think they turn the corner they get killed in Cleveland

Panthers–Will that beating in Pittsburgh last Thursday hurt their psyche

Saints–Rolling towards the Super Bowl.

49ers–They play hard every game.  But low on talent

Cardinals–Actually played the Chiefs well defensively

Rams–Where is the defense?

Seahawks–They are in every game

Sports Plays Of The Day

AFter going 4-4 including going 0-3 in BEST BETS(5-13) my figure has dropped to plus 150 pigskins I am back today.

Lay the 6.5 on the Bears at home against the Lions.  Mack is back and they will pound on Stafford all game long

Lay the 16.5 on the Chiefs at home against the Cardinals.  No one has been able to stop the Chiefs offense and neither will the Cardinals

Take the Jets laying the 7.5 at home against the Bills.  Matt Barkley is playing QB.  Nuff Said

Atlanta is playing better.  If they want to be seriosus players this year they must win today.  Lay the 5.5 on the Falcons in Cleveland.

Saints know they have to keep winning to get the top seed.  Bengals will be without AJ Green which is a huge loss.  Lay the 5.5 on the Saints in Cincinnatti.

Oakland has mailed it on and want to make sure they get the top pick.  Chargers are rolling.  Lay the 9.5 on the Bolts in Oakland.

Rams have been flirting with disaster for a few weeks now.  Maybe this loss wakes them up.  Lay the 9.5 on the Rams at home vs the Seahawks.


Jags are playing for the season today.  Fournette is back which should help out alot.  Take the Jags getting 3 on the road against the Colts

After two tough losses on the road the Pack comes home to face Brock and the FIsh.  Impossible spot for Miami today.  Lay the 10 on the Packers at home.

Dallas is floundering and you would think they would just feed Zeke.  But now they have to justify the Amari Cooper trade.  Eagles are bout to get rolling.  Lay the 7.5 on Philly tonight at home vs the Cowgirls.


On the ICE. System Hockey


Take the Panthers at home vs the Senators

Take the Sharks at home vs the Flames

College Basketball

Take UCONN at home laying 13.5 against UMKC

Take ST Mary’s at home laying 10 against Utah Valley

Take Seattle minus 9.5 at home vs Bryant

Take Army in Cameron vs Duke getting 40 points

Take the Buckeyes at home against Purdue Fort Wayne laying 17.5

Take Sparty at home against Florida Gulf Coast laying 21.5

NFL One Liners Week 9

Bills—Should have completely cleaned house

Dolphins—Amazingly just out of a playoff spot

Jets—Golden boy got pounded and now he gets 2 weeks off.  Mental Break.

Patriots—The best sports franchise in the last 15 years


Bengals—Losing Green is a killer

Browns—Latest to try to stop the Chief offense

Ravens—New coach and QB

Steelers—Got pay back against the dirty birds


Colts—This team could be real good in a couple of years

Jaguars—Season is on the line this week

Texans—Is the bye coming at the wrong time?

Titans—Big win for the Titans and Mariota in Dallas.


Broncos—Brutal loss might just have cost the coach his job.

Chargers—at 6-2 flying under the radar

Chiefs—Game vs Cardinals seems like a 30 point blowout.

Raiders—Chuckie hits rock bottom


Cowboys—Even Amari can’t help them

Eagles—Time to make their move

Giants—On off week potential future QB gets arrested

Redskins—How are they 5-3


Bears—Mack comes back for big divisional games

Lions—I think the Vikings just sacked Stafford again

Packers—Another tough loss with a crucial fumble smack in the middle of it.

Vikings—Getting healthy at the right time.


Buccaneers—Fitzmagic can’t save Dirk.

Falcons—Can’t afford losses with so many teams in the NFL playoff hunt.

Panthers—Huge test in Pittsburgh

Saints—Best team in the NFL


49ers—Pounded the hapless Raiders

Cardinals—Can they stop the Chiefs?

Rams—Finally got picked off after flirting with danger the last few weeks

Seahawks—Just not good enough to make the playoffs

NFL One Liners Week 8


Bills—Nate Peterman returns.

Dolphins—Brock or Tannehill.

Jets—Does 90 million buy you the right skill position players.

Patriots—No such thing as a trap game.


Bengals—Almost blew the game last week.

Browns—Most dysfunctional organization in pro sports.

Ravens—Will Flacco be the QB next year.

Steelers—Keep rolling on.


Colts—Colts have money to spend to get Luck toys.

Jaguars—Seems like last year when they man handled the Patriots.

Texans—Look who is in first place.  Watson is a winner.

Titans—Mariotta needs to play better.


Broncos—Elway is searching for his next quarterback.

Chargers—Would be a nice win in Seattle.

Chiefs—Need to shore up the defense.

Raiders—Worst team in the NFL.


Cowboys—Bold move getting Amari Cooper.

Eagles—Huge move in getting Golden Tate.

Giants—Backup QB gets arrested.  Franchise has hit rock bottom.

Redskins—Worst first place team in the NFL.


Bears—Free win this week vs the Bills?

Lions—What does trading Golden Tate mean?

Packers—When you fumble the kickoff in the last 2 minutes of the game preventing 12 from getting a chance to win the game you get traded.

Vikings—Blown out at home by the Saints is not a good sign.


Buccaneers—Is Winston done in Tampa?

Falcons—Every game is a must win now for the Falcons.

Panthers—Hard to believe they are 5-2.

Saints—A win over the Rams would cement the Saints as the best team in the  NFC.


49ers—Developing players for the future.

Cardinals—Should have traded some players for picks.

Rams—Would they still be undefeated if 12 had a chance last week?

Seahawks—If this team makes the playoffs it would be Pete Carroll’s best performance.

NFL Week 7 One Liners

Bills—Team is well coached but headed toward a top 5 pick.

Dolphins—Brock can’t make it two in a row.

Jets—Brutal loss calms down the Jets fans.

Patriots—Always finds a way to win.


Bengals—I think the Chiefs just scored another touchdown on that defense.

Browns—Another tough loss.  All part of the process for Baker.

Ravens—Just a brutal loss.

Steelers—Move into first place on their bye week.


Colts—Please get some talent around Luck.

Jaguars—Trade for Eli and save your season.

Texans—Amazingly they are in first place.

Titans—Vrabel makes a bonehead decision.


Broncos—Beat up the lowly Cardinals.

Chargers—Got a gift in London.

Chiefs—Their offense won’t be stopped.

Raiders—Let the fire sale begin.


Cowboys—Just got robbed by the Raiders.

Eagles—How did they lose that game.

Giants—Is this rock bottom.

Redskins—In first place of this crappy division.


Bears—Need to win this week badly.

Lions—To be 3-3 after how they looked after opening day is a miracle.

Packers—Getting healthy.  Will need all weapons against the Rams.

Vikings—In first place and they have not hit their stride yet.


Buccaneers—Have played bad this year and are still 3 and 3.

Falcons—Beating up the bad teams.

Panthers—Huge comeback in Philly.

Saints—Saints-Rams will be a fun game to watch.


49ers—A healthy Jimmy G and McKinnon along with a top 5 draft pick.

Cardinals—Leftwich just needs to build with Rosen/Johnson/Kirk.

Rams—Back to dominating after a couple of close games.

Seahawks—Still hanging around the playoff picture.

NFL Week 6 One Liners

Bills—Tough break with Allen.  Season is now a waste.

Dolphins—Brock Osweiler.  Go figure.

Jets—Combined record of opponents in games won 5-12.

Patriots—We have seen this game before from the Pats.


Bengals—Real tough home loss.

Browns—Baker now seeing the down side of being a rookie QB.

Ravens—Dominant defensive performance against the Titans.

Steelers—Huge win as they brace for the conclusion of the Bell story.


Colts—Can you please get Luck some talent to work with.

Jaguars—Best defense in the NFL?  HAHA.

Texans—Nate Peterman gifts them a win.

Titans—Titans need to put their last game into the toilet.


Broncos—Elway already scouting the college quarterbacks.

Chargers—Wait til Bosa comes back.

Chiefs—If only this defense would play a little better.

Raiders—Is there a fire sale starting?


Cowboys—Where did that performance come from?

Eagles—Playing the Giants is the best medicine.

Giants—The Eli era needs to end now.

Redskins—Next 5 games are all very winnable.


Bears—Championship teams don’t lose games like that.

Lions—Will drown now that the black and blue division is back.

Packers—Rodgers does it again.

Vikings—Still looking for a signature performance but good to win back to back games.


Buccaneers—Who will be the next head coach in Tampa?

Falcons—Almost blew the game.  Have shot to win 2 in a row on Monday night.

Panthers—Just an over rated team.

Saints—Tough road game in Baltimore on Sunday.

49ers—Are playing hard with a backup QB.

Cardinals—Just getting Rosen much needed experience.

Rams—Wasn’t pretty again but still won.  Gurley is an absolute beast.

Seahawks—Will beat bad teams.  Won’t beat good teams.

NFL Week 5 One Liners

Bills—Jekyll & Hyde season continues.

Dolphins—Clock has struck midnight for the fish.

Jets—Got a chance to win 2 in a row

Patriots—Changing of the guard game this coming Sunday?


Bengals—Time to start  believing in this team.

Browns—2 and 1 in Baker’s games.

Ravens—Crashed down to Earth in Cleveland.

Steelers—Much needed win before the Bell distraction comes to town.


Colts—A Colts receiver just dropped another pass on Luck.

Jaguars—Chiefs manhandled them.

Texans—Deshaun Watson won’t last the season if he keeps getting hit like that.

Titans—Let down game in Buffalo.


Broncos—This loss was not only on Case Keenum.

Chargers—When was the last time the Bolts were over .500 this early in the season.

Chiefs—Unstoppable.  Best team in the NFL?

Raiders—No showed against the Chargers.


Cowboys—Is Jerry finally getting tired of Jason Garrett.

Eagles—Eagles are facing a must win game this Thursday against the Giants.

Giants—Amazingly only one game out of the playoffs.

Redskins—Pitiful performance in an impossible Monday night spot.


Bears—Oh is they hadn’t blown that game vs the Packers in week 1.

Lions—Mason Crosby gift wrapped the win on Sunday.

Packers—Big trouble in GB.  Crosby had the worst game by a kicker I ever saw.

Vikings—Badly needed to beat the Eagles but there is still problems.


Buccaneers—Winston Part two.

Falcons—Officially done.

Panthers—Very fortunate to win against the Giants.

Saints—I thought Peyton was going to let Brees break every record Monday night.


49ers—The injury bug keeps biting this team.

Cardinals—Josh Rosen gets his first win as a starter.

Rams—Lost their top two wideouts and won barely.

Seahawks—Played hard but lost.  .500 team at best.

Sports Plays Of The Day

After a 6-5 day raised me to plus 150 golden domers I am back with another 12 plays today crossing 3 sports.  So here we go.

I am not a believer in the Dolphins.  I don’t really believe in the Bengals either but I am going with the home team today.  Lay the 6 on the Bengals at home vs the fish.

It’s dangerous when you expect nothing from a team like I do with the Jets.  But rookie QB and a bad head coach makes me pick Denver despite their flaws.  Lay the point on the Broncos at the Jets.

Raiders should have lost last week and usually the Chargers lose these kind of games early in the season but this year they are winning them.  Lay the 5 on the Bolts at home vs the Raiders

I guess you keep riding as team until they derail you.  The Rams look unstoppable this year especially on offense.  The Seahawks have no defense and their offense is shoddy at best.  Lay the 7.5 with the Rams in Seattle

Lions are just not a good team but will play tough at home vs Green Bay.  The Pack is getting points so that is what I like.  Take the Packers plus 1 in Detroit to win outright

This is a case when you expect nothing from a team and they surprise you.  That is today with the Giants.  Take the Giants getting 6.5 in Carolina to win outright.

This is a watch the fireworks pick here of the over in this game.  At 57.5 this is as high of an over as I could remember for an NFL game.  Pittsburgh plays no defense and the Falcons have so many defensive starters out they can’t stop anybody.  Oh and both teams can really score points.  Take the over of 57.5

In an odd couple of picks I am going with two hockey teams that lost last night to rebound and win tonight on the road

So take the Rangers to win at Carolina for a NY sweep

Take the Maple Leafs to win in Chicago.

I thought this series would go 5.  That was my prediction.  The Brew Crew won the first 2 games at home and now the series switches to Colorado.  I like the Rockies bats to wake up and have one of those old fashioned slug fests today in Colorado.  Take the Rockies to win at home vs the Brewers and also take the over at 9.5.

I picked the Dodgers to win this series but I felt the Braves would play better than this.  Maybe some home cooking will help them out.  I like the Dodgers to close this out tonight behind Walker Buehler in Atlanta.

NFL Week 4 One Liners

Bills—The Packers lumped them up pretty good.  Makes you wonder where that Vikings game came from.

Dolphins—You didn’t think they were going to go undefeated.

Jets—Everyone sees now that Todd Bowles is a terrible head coach

Patriots—Back on track again?


Bengals—Possibly a playoff team?

Browns—Browns games certainly are interesting this year.

Steelers—Time to panic in the Steel City?  Bell to return a distraction?

Ravens—Maybe they are just a very good team.


Colts—Please get Andrew Luck some help.

Jaguars—Marone stuck it to the Jets for past issues.

Texans—Wouldn’t Le’Veon Bell look good on this team

Titans—Solid start.  Must get Mariotta on track.


Broncos—Tough loss on Monday night.  Case Keenum needs to be better.

Chargers—Typical Charger performance against a team they should beat easily.  At least they won the game.

Chiefs—OMG.  If the Jags can’t stop this team then no one is going to.

Raiders—Chuckie gets his first win.  Can’t believe how good Mack is playing?


Cowboys—Can beat the bad teams.  Can’t beat the good teams.

Eagles—Super Bowl hangover continues.  Could easily be 0-4.

Giants—Giant mess has the fans looking at college prospects.  OBJ about to blow?

Redskins—After 4 weeks Skins in first place


Bears—Are the Bears for real?

Lions—Patricia could be the last Belichick assistant to get a head coaching job.

Packers—How bad is Rodgers knee?

Vikings—Staring at a 3 game losing streak this Sunday at the defending champs.


Buccaneers—Winston is back but won’t be able to save the season.

Falcons—Can’t even spell Defense right now.

Panthers—Time for the Panthers to make strides in the conference.

Saints—If not for FitzMagic Saints could have a stranglehold on the division.


49ers—CJ Beathard is playing for his football life.

Cardinals—Let Rosen take his lumps and build for the future.

Rams—My god did Goff shred that great Vikings defense.

Seahawks—Earl Thomas just proved why NFL players hold out.

Sports PLays Of The Day

After a brutal day of going 1-6 to drop my profit to 50 leprechauns I am back with 6 NFL picks and a couple of MLB picks.  Let’s start with the NFL.

Last week no one thought the Vikings would lose at home to the Bills.  This week we have the same scenario with another AFC East team.  But the Jags are coming off a bad loss and will be angry.  They will pound on the Jets golden boy QB and win this game easily.  Lay the 7.5 on the Jags over the Jets.

In two words.  C J Beathard.  Chargers two losses are against two unbeaten teams.  Lay the 10 on the bolts at home vs the Niners

This is more of a bet against Fitz Magic and the Buccaneers.  The cracks started last Monday night and continue today against a  better defense.  Khalil Mack has been dominant as a Bear.  Lay the 3 on the Bears at home vs the Bucs

Can’t see the Pats losing 3 straight and also can’t see the Dolphins go 4-0.  Only question is will the Pats cover the 6.5.  This is one of those convincing win days that we see the Pats have over the years.  Lay the 6.5 on the Patriots over the Dolphins

I like the over of 52.5.  Saints Defense has been no existent this year.  The Giants might have found something.  Yeah the Saints are different outside of the dome.  But I can see both teams score in the 30’s today.

With the Atlanta offense clicking and their defense so banged up I do see a very high scoring game here between the Falcons and the Bengals.  Take the over of 53.

Kudos for MLB for having all games start at the same time today just so the drama is kept.  We have 4 teams playing for the division.  With all 4 in the playoffs there is a little less drama.  But winning the division keeps you away from the one and done wild card game.

This would be my one sure fire lock.  The Tigers are playing out the string.  The other games are big rivalries and the Nats I feel will play hard.  Take the Brew Crew to beat the Tigers at home.

And the Cubbies will beat the Cardinals who won’t lay down and just because I want to see a one game playoff tomorrow.  Take the Cubs at home over the Cardinals

The Nats will play this one hard.  Although Scherzer should pitch today and he is not.  Very disappointing.  The Rocks have been not and win this one at home vs the Nationals

So that leaves one more team to make a second one game playoff tomorrow.  Not so fast Lee Corso

If you don’t think the Giants will go all out to derail the Dodgers from winning the division your not paying attention.  The Giants beat the Dodgers in SF.