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As the road to wrestlemania approaches the traditional Survivor Series match is very interesting.  Who knows what creative has in store and who knows if there will be a surprise return or run in during the match.  Randy Orton’s name is being thrown around.  With the WWE always expect the unexpected and also if it makes too much sense then that is the route they usually go.  Before we discuss the main event let’s look at the other matches.

And of course yet another PPV where the Champion is not defending the belt.


The undercard is really weak except for the Dean Ambrose-Bray Wyatt match.  There are 2 female matches with one being the traditional survivor series match.  I have no problem giving love to the ladies.  They work hard and should be on the PPV.  I look for Naomi to star in the 8 women survivor series match.  She really is one of the best female wrestlers in the WWE right now and should be pushed.

Female title

As for the title match between AJ Lee and Nikki Bella I expect AJ to win with some outside interference from Brie Bella to further their feud which has been boring and not entertaining at all.  I have said previously that there should be 2 separate divisions with the ladies just like the men.  The Main Eventers should be AJ, Paige, Naomi and the Bellas with the rest of the bunch mid carders.  Maybe bring back a lesser title belt to keep things interesting.

tag team

The fatal 4 way tag team match again who cares really.  There isn’t a lot of teams anyway with the USO’s and Los Matadors with the champs Gold and Star Dust so this division really needs at least 2 more teams to be credible.  Miz and his stunt double Mizdow is brilliantly done and Damien might be one of the only guys on the roster that can sell it.  There will be some nice spots in this match and any of the 4 teams can realistically win.

dean brey

The other big match is Ambrose vs Brey.  Maybe my expectations were too high but I thought the mic work between these two leading up to the match would be better.  Maybe they have just set the bar so high that it is hard to top.  Both being out of their groups and on their own will be beneficial to their careers.  Both have the total package inside the ring and on the mic too.  Both their characters and being developed great in my opinion.  This match will steal the show as it will be both high flying and technical and brawling.  I don’t see a run in either so I think this will lead to yet another PPV match hopefully inside the steel cage at the next PPV.  The Cena/Authority angle has enough goodies already so these guys can play around for a bit.  I look for Ambrose to win a great match but this will not end the war.

survivor series

In the traditional survivor series match it has Team Cena consisting of John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, Big Show, Ryback and Eric Rowan vs Team Authority consisting of Seth Ambrose, Kane, Rusef, Mark Henry and Luke Harper with Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble at ringside and the King and Queen Triple H and Stephanie.  There are major stipulations.  Vinny Mac came back one night and said if team Authority does not win then Trips and Steph would no longer be in charge.  Trips told Team Cena is they lose they will be fired except for Cena.  So where is this match going?  Could Team Authority actually lose and be out of power. Does Randy Orton come back and do a run in.  Does CM Punk come back and do a run in.  What about Shane O Mac?  Triple H did say there is only 2 people that can do this job him and his wife.  Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns–are they healthy enough for a run in for Team Cena.

Ryback is obviously getting pushed again.  I always felt the WWE did him an injustice when they dropped him off the map making him a heel.  We always try to create a second coming of superstars such as Stone Cold which Ryback kind of looks like with the black tights bald head and goatee and his I fight for myself motto.  He is not Austin.  He will never have the mic skills but he should be right where he is as a face.  I would love to see a Ryback-Rusev feud.

Which brings us to Rusev.  Where does he go from here?  He has never lost so you would think that is going to happen in the next few months.  His program with the Big Show appears to be over and supposedly there was a feud with Sheamus on the horizon.  Now that Sheamus is hurt is Ryback next up.  Ryback has been feuding with the authority so who knows where this will go.  Just keep Rusev on TV so We can all see the Ravishing Russian Lana.

John Cena and  Seth Rollins will continue their feud after SS.  Same with Big Show and Mark Henry.  Eric Rowan was the surprise entry.  Does he feud with former Wyatt Family brother Luke Harper or does he go in another direction.

But the big question is who wins.  I will say Team Cena wins and tomorrow night on RAW Vinny Mac makes an appearance and tells the King and Queen how they can get their power back.  I am always hoping for the return of Shane O Mac and this would be a great spot.  Imagine Cena left with one member of Team Authority and we hear “Here Comes The Money”  and out walks Shane O Mac.  The roof will come off the building.  After all Triple H is making lots of enemies(Ryback & Orton) does he make a more consistent return to the ring?

shane o mac

One thing I can tell you for sure is that you are safe watching the Sunday Night Football game until Ambrose/Wyatt and the Traditional Survivor Series main event match comes on.

Do you agree or do you want to debate

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