Super Bowl Review


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What a Super Bowl.  After a slow start this game turned into a classic with a wild 4th qtr especially the last 5 minutes.  Then we saw the bad side of the sport which we will get into later.

The first 3 quarters only had a few moments.  The Pats dominated the first quarter but didn’t score.  Tom Brady threw a pick in the end zone costing his team 3 points.  Russell Wilson did not complete his first pass until the second quarter.  Both teams traded touch downs in the second quarter with the last having Seattle go for the TD with 6 seconds left in the half instead of settling for a field goal.  Seattle took control over the game in the third quarter scoring 10 points and picking off Brady for a second time.  Seattle ran off 17 straight points from the second quarter through the third quarter.  Led by Julian Edelman and Brady the Pats score a touch down to close to within 3.  Seattle goes 3 and out on the next possession and the Pats take over with 6:52 remaining and the ball on their own 36 yard line.  Now for 7 minutes of excitement.

Brady scored a TD in 5 minutes with Edelman scoring the touch down with 2:06 left in the 4th quarter.  With 1:14 left in the game Wilson completes a miracle pass to Jermaine Kearse who caught the ball on his back after bouncing around a few times.  Now the debate begins.  Marshawn Lynch runs for 4 yards to the 1 yard line.  The clock is running and Bill Belichick is not using his time outs.  Seattle is taking their time.  On second and goal from the 1 instead of feeding the beast they put the ball in the air and interception game over.  But the Pats still needed to run out the clock from their own one yard line.  Seattle goes off sides and that ends the game. In a effort to try to get the QB to fumble the snap Seattle’s defense starts a brawl which was disgusting, classless and an embarrassment.  What should we expect from Seattle.  They don’t win with class and they sure won’t lose with class.  Adversity shows your true colors.  Last night was a test for Seattle and a lot of them failed.

Now for the notes of the game.

1.  Why the hell is Seattle not feeding the beast and running the ball for the TD which we all assume he gets and instead taking the ball out of their best players hands.  On top of that they wasted 40 seconds when they could have run the ball more than once if needed.

2.  With a “Legal” football Brady threw for 325 and 4 touch downs.  Let’s end this deflate gate now.

3.  RIchard Sherman.  Your a smart guy and you know how to market yourself.  Darrelle Revis dominated Doug Baldwin.  His only catch was one where the referee picked Revis out of the play.  To make the 24 sign with your hands shows the world you really are a moron.

4.  Seattle you absolutely can’t let yourselves get drawn offsides after that interception at the end of the game.  No way no how.  You need to let the Patriots move the ball out off the one on their own.

5.  Seattle showing their true colors by pointing fingers.  Irwin  is blaming the offensive coordinator Dan Quinn.  Quinn s blaming Ricardo Lockette.  The whole world is blaming Pete Carroll who did tae ownership as well as Sherman and Wilson.

6.  The best defense ever just gave up 14 points in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl.

7.  It won’t matter now but Belichick would have taken heat for not using any timeouts with less than a minute remaining.



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