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The game is finally here.  After 2 weeks worth of deflate gate, Marshawn Lynch’s hats, Richard Sherman’s unborn baby and yet more embarrassment for Roger Goodell we finally get to play the big game.  In what is usually the most over analyzed game of the year these other issues got in the way of 2 straight weeks of non stop talk about the actual game.

To me this game is vey simple to figure out.  From what I have seen during this playoff run the game plans these coaches especially Bill Belichick will go a long way to determine the outcome of this game.  Belichick and the Patriots are masters of changing their offense to exploit the weaknesses of the opposing defenses.  Belichick also knows how to take away parts of the opposing teams offense.  I don’t think Pete Carroll is quite on that level.  What he did at USC means nothing to me when you get the best players.  In Seattle he has players but I will give him credit and his staff credit for maximizing their strengths.

When Seattle is on offense they run completely on the broad shoulders of Marshawn Lynch PERIOD.  Russell Wilson is a game manager as we saw against Green Bay can’t win a game when he is asked to do it by himself.  I expect 8 in the box.  I also expect Darrell Revis to take away completely Doug Baldwin who’s challenge was very ill advised.  Hey Dougie you and Kearse are average at best.  Revis who is not the same after tearing up his knee is still good enough to shut down whatever crap the Seahawks roll out.  I am anxious to see what Belichick has in store for Seattle’s offense.  The Pats Defense will also keep Wilson in the pocket where he is even less effective.  The NFL is a copy cat league and Wilson was completely exposed against Green Bay.  Stopping Lynch is not easy.  Having Revis taking Baldwin out of the game allows the safety to cheat up to help stop the run or even spy WIlson.  But I am sure Belichick has all this figured out and will have some new looks for Wilson to digest.

When New England is on offense who knows what to expect.  They are masters of changing their approach from week to week to exploit the opposing defense’s weaknesses.  They also change on the fly during the game better than any team in the league.  Seattle’s offense is nasty.  We know that but they are not as good as they were last year.  I also saw good offense’s move the ball on them.  Some of the DB’s are a little banged up.  Tom Brady will wait them out.  Make no mistake about it.  This won’t be like next year.  Tom is fearless and won’t get razzled so easily like Peyton Manning did last year.  That’s the difference between the two quarterbacks.  Now the Pats like to throw the ball underneath.  Julian Edelman especially on small passes just like Wes Welker used to do it. Rob Gronkowski vs I guess Kam Chancellor to start will be a big match up.  If Seattle can’t contain him then they will be in a lot of trouble.  What I expect is for Tom to catch the Seahawks sleeping by pounding he run and short passes then taking a shot down the field to Brandon Lafell.  Seattle’s defense had a bend but not break mentality against the Packers.  Had the Pack converted one of those first and goals which led to field goals we are analyzing a much different game here.  Aaron Rodgers had limited mobility and Tom Brady is the best in the business in the QB sneak.  I do expect New England to be able to move the ball.  Can they score touchdowns and make Seattle’s offense one dimensional?

I am not going to praise Seattle’s special teams.  They seem to think they had anything to do with that onside kick.  All they did was fall on the ball.  It should have been caught.  Case Closed.  As for the fake field goal–great call.  Won’t work again.  Belichick will have his team aware of that.


I have been saying for two weeks now that Seattle is lucky to be here.  I also have been saying that Wilson can’t and won’t win this game being the offensive focal point.  Whether or not Seattle admits it publicly they should know they are lucky to be here.  This thing about love and believing in each other makes me want to throw up.  But there is something to be said about a team getting a second shot which makes them dangerous.  Seattle now is in a position they never thought they would be in and that is the fan favorite.  Not full blown fan favorites but a lot of fans now definitely want to see the Patriots get smoked.  The Seahawks are used to being the cocky hated team you want to lose.

Belichick will use all of this to his advantage.  Us vs the world and no one likes us, respects us and all want us to lose.  With that Seattle has all year long started slowly and took over games in the second half.  Green Bay left the door opened oh so slightly.  This is a dangerous game to play today.  Belichick won’t be as conservative as Mike McCarty was last year.  No chance of that.  Mark my words they won’t settle for field goals like the Packers did.  This is a legacy moment for Brady.  And if he comes out and lights up the vaunted Legion of Boom defense then people will forget about deflate gate real soon.  I also wonder is Seattle knows just what this game means.  I am saying that because once this game is over win or lose Wilson is getting a 100 million contract.  The end result will be Seattle loses key players.  It will be the end of an era in a way.  They won’t become a terrible team but they won’t be what they have been the last 2 seasons.  I expect Lynch to be shut down and Revis shutting down Baldwin.  I expect the Pats to score touchdowns and not field goals.  If Seattle turns the ball over like they did against Green Bay this game will get ugly fast.



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