Sports Plays Of The Day 5-2

After going 3-4 to drop me to 258-247-7 today I have 10 plays including all playoff games and a boxing and Kentucky Derby prediction.

In the big fight I like Manny P

In the NHL


Take the Rangers at home over the Capitals

In the NBA


Take the Clippers at home over the Spurs

In the MLB

Redsox 2

Take the Redsox at home over the Yankees


Take the Whitesox at the Twins

Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs

Take the Cubs at home over the Brewers


Take the Astros at home over the Mariners

dodgers 2

Take the Dodgers at home over the Diamondbacks


Take the Tigers at the Royals


Take the Phillies at Marlins


take the Mets at home over the Nationals

In the Kentucky Derby

Win Firing Line

Place Carpe Diem

Show Upstart

Do you agree or do you want to debate

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