Sports Plays Of The Day

After going 4 and 4 yesterday I am still at plus 50 goalposts.  Busy day today with 6 NFL games and 6 MLB  games.  So let’s get started.  50 goalposts each


The spread is high.  But after a tie last week and with a rookie QB coming in the Vikes take it out on Josh Allen and the Bills.

Lay the 16.5 on the Vikes at home vs the Bills.


Can’t see the Bengals starting 3-0 especially with a road win.  Not a huge Cam Newton fan but the Panthers win with defense.

Lay the 3 on the Panthers at home vs the Bungles


Each week Luck gets better and better.  Overall the Colts have work to do.  But the Eagles are finding out it’s hard to repeat and you will get every one’s A game each week.  Wentz returns but he will be rusty.

Take the Colts getting 7 on the road to at least cover in Philly.


After a really bad loss the Pats always rebound with a big win.  Even though they are playing in the Patricia dome Uncle Bill will school his old pupil who will wait another week to get his first win.

Lay the 7 on the Pats on the road in Detroit.


I admit this is more of an anti Dallas pick.  Please don’t be fooled by their performance last week.  Seattle is in decline but guts out a home win today for their first win.

Lay the 1.5 on the Hawks at home vs the Cowgirls


No Fournette no problem.  Mariotta is out and the Jags won’t celebrate their big win vs NE last week.  This team wants home field advantage and won’t take any game for granted.  This one could get ugly.

Lay the 9 with the Jags at home vs the Titans.

Now for baseball.  As I stated yesterday its hard to predict who will be playing to win or not.  In my 6 games 4 are playing for something.  So let’s start with those teams.

Orioles phils

Both the Yanks and Braves won yesterday to clinch playoff berths.  In the Braves case they won the division and will be on cruise control the next week so I like the Phillies today. I feel the Yanks celebrated too much especially since the A’s won’t go away.  As important as home field is in that wild card game I think Buck pulls out all the stops to win this one.

So Orioles on the road vs the Yankees

Phillies on the road vs the Braves

astros a's

Astros have a comfortable lead in the division but want to close this out.  Most likely they won’t  blow a 3.5 game lead in 8 days.  But still they want to finish strong.  A’s who will be in the playoffs are chasing both the Yanks and the Astros and this team keeps winning.

Take the Astros at home against the Angels

Take the A’s at home vs the Twins


I actually think it means alot to Steven Matz to finish the season strong.  Nats are heading towards a possible quick rebuild in the off season.

Take the Mets on the road in Washington


Was there ever a team that did more with less.  Snell has had an incredible year.  Potential Cy Young at stake with his last couple of starts.  Jays are playing out the string.

Take the Rays at home in Toronto


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