Sports Plays Of The Day 3-30

After going 3-3 to hold my figure at plus 2750 mellamonies I have a whole bunch of picks today.  I got both Elite Eight Games.  I got 3 each for MLB and NBA.  In addition and I hate days like this but I got 4 system Hockey picks today.  Trust the system.  All 200 units a piece.  Let’s get started.


Take the Yankees at home vs the Orioles

Take the Indians at the Twins

Take the Cubs against the Rangers


Take the Pacers -2.5 at home vs the Magic

Take the Heat -5.5 at the Knicks

Take the Raptors -7 at the Bulls


Take Texas Tech plus 4.5 against Gonzaga

Take Purdue plus 4.5 against Virginia


System Hockey

Take the Bruins at home vs the Panthers

Take the Lightning at home vs the Capitals

Take the Canucks at home vs the Stars

Take the Kings at home vs the Blackhawks

Do you agree or do you want to debate

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