Sports Plays Of The Day 3-24

After yesterday’s monster 7-2 day my figure rose to plus 3450 mella is monies.  In the NCAA tournament the favorites covered 6 out of 8 games and one of those losses was a missed cover by a half point.  The first round had under dogs covering to a 20-12 record.  Now in the second round the favorites started by going 6-2.  I have a mixed bag today picking 4 favorites and 4 dogs plus one NBA game.  Here we go 200 units on each.

Tennessee -7.5 over Iowa

Washington plus 11.5 against UNC

UCF plus 13 against Duke

Buffalo plus 3.5 against Texas Tech

Virginia Tech -8.5 against Liberty

Houston -5.5 over Ohio State

UC Irvine plus 5 against Oregon

Virginia -10.5 against Oklahoma

Bucks -13.5 at home vs the Cavs

Do you agree or do you want to debate

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