Sports Plays Of The Day 3-22 March Madness Edition

I went 0-2 on Wednesday night to lower my figure to plus 1650 mella khaleesi’s.  I was not able to put in my picks for yesterday so I am going to make up for it by picking every game today.  Yesterday Underdogs covered 10 out of 16 games.  So if you bet each game individually you made money.  In real terms if you didn’t use a bookie and went to a casino with a sports book the first 6 games on the board were all underdog wins.  Later at night the favorites went on a run.  As I was sitting with friends watching the games we all wondered why don’t we just bet every dog.  Keeping with that theme I am picking 9 dogs and 7 favorites.  But it did give me an idea for a post I will put up later.  So here are my 16 picks for today.  200 units each.

Take Cincinnatti -4.5 over Iowa.

Take Oklahoma plus 1 over Ole Miss

Take Texas Tech -12.5 over Northern Kentucky

Take UC Irvine plus 4 against Kansas State

Take Colgate plus 17.5 against Tennessee

Take Buffalo -5 against Arizona State

Take Wisconsin -2.5 over Oregon

Take Gardner Webb plus 22 against Virginia

Take Utah State -3.5 against Washington

Take Houston -12 against Georgia State

Take North Dakota State plus 26.5 against Duke

Take LIberty plus 6.5 against Mississippi State

Take Iona plus 22.5 against North Carolina

Take VCU plus 1 against UCF

Take Iowa State-5.5 over Ohio State

As much as this pains me cause I have Virginia Tech in a knockout pool with spreads I like Saint Louis plus 10.5 over Virginia Tech

Do you agree or do you want to debate

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