Sports Picks 6-22 Saturday Special

After going 3-4 to lower my figure to plus 9300 mellamonies I am back picking every MLB game today. 200 on each.

Take the Twins at the Royals

Take the Cardinals at home vs the Angels

Take the Cubs at home vs the Mets

Take the Padres at the Pirates

Take the Redsox at home vs the BlueJays

Take the Phillies at home vs the Marlins

Take the Rays at the A’s

Take the Orioles at the Mariners

Take the Tigers at the Indians

Take the Brewers at home vs the Reds

Take the Braves at the Nationals

Take the Dodgers at home vs the Rockies

Take the Astros at the Yankees

Take the Rangers at home vs the Whitesox

Arizona Diamondbacks

Take the DIamondbacksat home vs the Giamnts

Do you agree or do you want to debate

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